Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wu-Tang Clan - Rules

Wu-Tang Clan - Rules

[starts at 26th second - Ghostface Killah]
Who the fuck knocked our buildings down?
Who the man behind the World Trade massacres, step up now
Where the four planes at huh is you insane bitch?
Fly that shit over my hood and get blown to bits!
No disrespect, that's where I rest my head
I understand you gotta rest yours too nigga, my people's dead
America, together we stand, divided we fall
Mr. Bush sit down, I'm in charge of the war!

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Corbeau said...

Did you already link "cant go to sleep" by Wu-Tang Clan?

There are lot of jewels in it.
At least from the point of view(s) we both seem to take.

take care