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Terence Mckenna: What is to be done? (Conclusion)

Another negative and this is a slightly more difficult to follow, requires a little- it's insidious: We shouldn't watch, watching is some kind of voyeuristic sadomasochistic peculiarity that we are permitting ourselves because we think there are too many of us to do, but I don't think this is true. I think watching is an incredibly disempowering thing. Millions of people live half awake larval lives watching six and a half hours of tv a day, and as long as they stay in their homes, you know, shopping by phone and fax, everybody is happy. But they participate not at all in the society. They're the marks and they consume. They consume the media, entertainment, the clothes, styles, the brands. They are the morons who are keeping this system running. And I assume that largely the people here tonight are not, we're the people who grind out all this stuff. I mean I feel I do this, I write books, I produce ideas, they are grist for the market place. Harper and Banton don't care what I'm saying, what they care about is how the books are selling. You know, product nr 32 45 A sub F how is it doing in the market place?

Do not watch, because when you're watching you're not at the center of things, largely what I'm talking about here is reclaiming experience. Reclaiming experience. This is what's been taken from us. This is why the new music and dance culture is so important, this is why drug culture is so important, this is why the celebration of sexual minorities is so important. This is all about coming to grips with who you really are, and how you really feel, and then experiencing it.

You know, you are not owned. It is not he or she or it that you belong to and we have been told that we have to fit in, we have to make sense... this is not true. We are creating a world that celebrates diversity, that celebrates the uniqueness of every person. The complexification of our species is a process directly dependant on the complexity that we each bring to the process, the diversity that is spreading through society is a concomitant to the boundary dissolution, and I really believe that science's inability to make sense of human beings in the world as part of nature, to make sense of our love, hate, aspiration, fear. The failure to make sense of this, is the failure to come to terms with the transcendental aspect of reality. We are the best evidence there is that something extraordinarily unusual is happening on this planet and that it's not something that will go on for millions of years.

It began about 20.000 years ago. It's a self-advancing, self-expanding, self-defining process and it takes no prisoners, you know. There is no going back, there is no going back from the momentum that history has imparted to the human imagination. There is only a going forward in what is called a forward escape through art, through design, through management and integration. We have to push the art pedal to the floor. We have never designed our society, we have never managed our societies or our lives, we have never tried to make what we were serve an aesthetic agenda, and that's why we've created a mess. In the absence of an aesthetic agenda, what we've created is Animal House on a global scale.

So now it's time to pay the piper. And just in closing, the catalyst now, is a combination of technology, solid state technologies and pharmacology. The world that we are leaving behind, the world that failed us was a world of ideologies and mechanical technologies, and the ideologies one by one are going down the tubes. Marxism, Freudianism, fascism, they one by one will be discredited. They cannot sustain, and the mechanical technologies cannot be sustained. They pollute, they dehumanize, they wreck the planet. What is coming into place is a world where drugs replace ideology. That's why drugs are so terrifying to those who oppose them. That's why they say: "You want to escape. You want to take drugs to escape!" That's right! You want to escape, you want to escape fascism, communism, socialism, existentialism, phenomenology, positivism. All of this stuff, you want to escape ideology into the felt presence of the body which means drugs and sex and syncopated music.

And... and parallel to this development and happening in different sectors of society, is the hardwiring of our imagination. The building of databases that we can access instantaneously that make the human past co-present with the now, the boundary dissolution that I'm talking about is the division between past, present and future. This is what it means to end Newtonian time. It means the past, the present and the future become a co-extensive domain, where everyone then awakenes to the fact which was always there to be observed. That there is not simply one past. There is nothing called the past. I have a past. You have a past. It's not the same past.

Consequently the future's we are going to are different. We create our own realitites as a species and as an individual and so what we are passing through here in the now, in this lecture, in the 20th centure is a moment of community. A gam, as melville would say, a gam is where 2 sailing, 2 whaling ships meet at sea. That's what we have here, a gam. A moment of dialogue, and then we each go back to our own private idahos. But the thing to take back to those private idahos, is that awareness that human history secures the central importance of human beings. We are part of a universal adventure. What happens to us decrees the fate of a vast set of universal processes and circumstances. we are not ephemeral, irrelevant, to each other or to the greater whole, this is the truth of psychedelics that aboriginal societies have always known and it's the truth that we have to sacrifice in order to make the prodigal journey into matter. But the prodigal journey into matter has now been concluded. We've found the top quark. We've shut down the super collider. Now we need to go back to the problesm of the human soul and there isn't much time, but the tools that have been put into our hands are the most powerful tools there have ever been.

The Gaian connection into the vegetable mind of the planet that we are trying to mirror and hardwire on a human scale. Nature is full of interest and affection for humanity, it's up to us to discover that humanity in ourselves. Because we have gone so sour along the rational path, and connected us with the bunch of the rest of nature. This is a process that is happening, it's a birth. It can go with ease because we help it from this side, or it can be traumatic because we resist and as McLuhan said, insist on driving the automobile's history using only the rear view mirror. That's no way to proceed, we need to wake up, smell the coffee, turn on the lights, get loaded and to direct the human future toward a mirroring of aspirations such that we are pleased then to turn the enterprise over to those who follow us.

Well, that's that I think... *audience laughter*

Part 1 here. Podcast here at C-Matic.

Alex Jones & Joe Rogan - It's Just a (Float Tank) Ride

Alex Jones & Joe Rogan - It's Just a (Float Tank) Ride

Joe Rogan about DMT, dreams, Terence McKenna, dimensions and more interesting stuff.

Da Vinci's Parachute

Da Vinci's Parachute
"Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open."
James Dewar

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Terence McKenna: What is to be done? (First 3 steps)

"So what is to be done? I think the answer to this is not only nothing, but considerably less than nothing. *audience laughter* And what I mean by that is, that the real solutions to our problems lie in a series of negatives. Do not believe. Ideology has poisoned this planet. Ideology is bankrupt. It's a skin game. It's a shell game. It's only for marks. And marks! It is beneath your dignity as a body, to get mixed up in ideology. I mean after all, where is it written large that talking monkeys should understand the nature of being anyway?
So belief is an incredible copout on intellectual truth seeking, because belief precludes believing in its opposite. And so this is a self-limitation, you've become your own cog (/cop?), and the ideologies of the 20th century are so shoddy and hobbled together OR toxic to human values, they're not worth believing in anyway. So deconditioning ourselves from belief... some people call it cynicism, I call it good sense! I'm not a cynical person, but I know shit from shinola and I don't expect people who don't, to get a lot of respect from the rest of us...

OK, don't believe. The next thing which comes out of that and is an even stronger prohibition, don't follow. Following is a tasteless position to find yourself in. Pets follow, vice-presidents follow and bad acts follow. So why follow? All of these gurus, geishas, roshis and rishis are simply flim flam artists. They've had thousands of years to get these cons together and run them on you. Believe me I know I'm a recovering catholic. You have to fight your way free of belief, and then do not follow. Do not follow, it's an obsolete tasteless thing, and there's no human dignity in it whatsoever.

Then a harder one, a more radical one, the one that might get me shot. Do not in some profoundly metaphysical sense, consume. Do not consume. For obvious reasons, and then not so obvious reasons. The obvious reasons are that the fetish for objects made of matter is wrecking the planet. If everybody on Earth had what the people on the front row here have, there wouldn't be enough metal, glas, plastic and petroleum in the planet to provide that kind of lifestyle for the billions of people who now aspire it. None of this stuff brings happiness anyway. I recently had the experience of having my 75 Ford Grenada blow up on me in the middle of the night, and so I had to buy a new car. So I went down a year and up a brand and I got a 74 BMW and it cost me 2 grand. And I guarantee you once you have the little thing on the steering wheel, the quaternity sign, you don't need the 90.000 model. What we should all do, is buy antiques, don't consume anything which hasn't already been made.

There's a lot of shit that's been made going all over the place, I seen it in Manhattan going for a bundle. What we need to do you see, is re-tool our values, so that what is new is odious, tasteless, déclassé, embarassing, and not be found in the better homes. *audience laughter* The older things are, the better they are. Here's a 50 year old chair, fine. Here's a 500 year old chair, how much better! We need to cease to consume. And I'm somewhat facetious in suggesting that we all become aficionados of chippendale furniture and that sort of thing, that isn't the plan either. But the endless fetishism for consumer objects is wrecking the planet.

Excerpt from this podcast at C-realm. Will post more of this tomorrow! Speaking of "following', I wish Blogger would really change the name of that "followers" widget.

Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (Today's Youth) Symbolism

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig: Buma in mijn Zak

Translated: Today's youth (Jeugd van Tegenwoordig): Buma in my pocket. Buma is the name of royalties artists get from airplay in the Netherlands, and means 'money and coke' in this song. Despite the next symbolism and the message of this song, this band has great original lyrics with a lot of made up dutch slang & really fun music in the "Netherhop" (dutch hip hop) scene.

Rising Sun
The Three lights of the band members converge, first as a triangle

Eye in Triangle pyramid manifests out of nothing

Capstone eye severs and lights up
even more
Their first album was called "Pearls for the Swine"

The second album "The Machine",
which apparently is the Ocean of Consciousness.

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig - Hollereer

Interesting symbols there
Followed by masonic checkers.

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig: Watskeburt? (What's going on)

"People talk siriusly, but they don't know (about) anything!"

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Black Light in the Attic Podcast: Doug Stanhope & Lorenzo

"Well this week we present you with two interviews. The first is comedian Doug Stanhope and we caught him after two days of straight ritalin and vodka... yeah. Then our friend Lorenzo (the Podfather! from the Psychedelic Salon) comes back into the Attic to discuss more Burning Man stuff. All I've got to say about this one is: Send the Postcard."

"Indubitably! Step in. Then bury yourself." Black Light in the Attic

Lilith's Temptation Island

You may remember this Hidden Agendas post (with more links there) on Lilith. Check out this and this pic. (update: Check out CK's blogs too for more Lilith, memestream indeed!)
This is Veronique De Cock as Lilith in a recent Belgian Temptation Island promo poster.

Cool city names. How about this one?

Couldn't find a pic of the real sign so cooked this up, pretty cool city name in Belgium. The french name is Waremme. Borg in dutch/flemish is also: Bail, guarantee, surety.
If you know any other cool city names, drop 'em in the comments!

Terence McKenna's Last Trip

Some excerpts from this 5 page article:
"Within 36 hours of his seizure, 1,400 messages poured into McKenna's email in-box. The flood is testament to his underground stature."

"The psychedelic experience is not the equivalent of a dust bunny under your psychic bed," says McKenna. "It's a product of the fractal laws that govern the world at an informational level. There is no deeper truth."

The Net, says McKenna, is "an oracle," fostering an unprecedented dialog between human beings and the sum total of human knowledge.

"The Internet is an oracle for anyone in trouble," McKenna explains, using his illness as an example. "Within 10 minutes I can be poring through reams of control studies, medical data, and personal reports. If anything, my cancer has made me even more enthusiastic about the idea that through information, people can take control of and guide their own lives."

The most prominent feature of the room are the 14 large bookcases that line the walls, stuffed with more than 3,000 volumes: alchemy, natural history, Beat poetry, science fiction, Mayan codexes, symbolist art, hashish memoirs, systems theory, Indian erotica, computer manuals. Deeply attuned to the future of consciousness, McKenna remains a devoted Gutenberg man. "The majority of my fans could not conceive of this room," he says. "They would have no idea that a printhead could push so hard against electronic culture."

McKenna derives great pleasure from pushing the envelope of the human mind, but he is equally turned on by technology. On the one hand, the house, which was only finished last year, is completely off the grid, irrigated with rainwater collected in a large cistern up the hill, and powered by solar panels and a gas generator. There are no phone lines. At the same time, Ethernet connections are built in everywhere, even out on the deck. The computers in his office - a 7100 Power Mac, a dual-processor NT, a G3 PowerBook, and Silness' PC laptop - jack into cyberspace at 2 Mbps through the 1,500-pound high-gain dish on his roof. Using spread-spectrum radio technology, McKenna's dish swaps packets with a similar rig on the roof of CTI, his ISP, 30 miles north. The $20,000 system carries voice traffic as well. His plan was to eventually stream lectures over the Net, thus eliminating the need to travel in order to "appear" at conferences and symposia.

McKenna normally spends four or five hours a day online, devouring sites, weeding through lists, exploring virtual worlds, corresponding with strangers, tracking down stray facts. Sometimes he treats the Net like a crystal ball, entering strange phrases into Google's search field just to see what comes up. "Without sounding too cliché, the Internet really is the birth of some kind of global mind," says McKenna. "That's what a god is. Somebody who knows more than you do about whatever you're dealing with."

In McKenna's mind we are not just conjuring a new virtual language. We are also, in good old shamanic style, conjuring the ineffable Other. McKenna argues that the imagery of aliens and flying saucers - which spring up in numerous tripping reports as well as in pop technoculture - are symbols of the transcendental technologies we are on the verge of creating. In other words, we are producing the alien ourselves, from the virtual world of networked information.

"Part of the myth of the alien," says McKenna, "is that you have to have a landing site. Well, I can imagine a landing site that's a Web site. If you build a Web site and then say to the world, 'Put your strangest stuff here, your best animation, your craziest graphics, your most impressive AI software,' very quickly something would arise that would be autonomous enough to probably stand your hair on end. You won't be able to tell whether you've got code, machine intelligence, or the real thing." McKenna thinks this is coming soon, within the next 10 or 20 years.
Which means that McKenna is as prepared as anyone can be for the final journey into the dark. As he points out, "Taking shamanic drugs and spending your life studying esoteric philosophy is basically a meditation on death." McKenna calls death the black hole of biology. "Once you go over that event horizon, no messages can be passed back. It represents a limit case in the thermodynamics of information. So what is it?"

McKenna chuckles. "The best answer I've gotten yet is out of Don DeLillo's Underworld, where the nun discovers that when you die you become your Web site."

Like many people staring unblinkingly into the black hole, McKenna has opened up a great deal in the months since his diagnosis. "I'm much more in tune with the Buddhist demand for compassion," he says. "The real dilemma is how to build a compassionate human civilization. If we betray our humanness in the pursuit of civilization, then the dialog has become mad."

In his heart, though, McKenna remains an optimist. "When I think about dying, the thing that surprises me is how much of the future I regard as history, but I don't want to miss it. I want to know how it all comes out. I would like to know how the universe came to be, if extraterrestrials exist, where biotech is going, where the Internet is going. Because this is it. We are on the brink of a posthuman existence. So what's it gonna look like? What's it gonna feel like?"

Facing his end, McKenna admits that he doesn't "have a lot riding on my vision of things." But the visions are precisely what make him such an inspiration to so many. Every day another talking head auditions for the role of visionary, trying to convince us that their speculations about the future are true. But real visionaries are more than just futurists. Their power lies less in prophecy than in giving us new perspectives on a constantly mutating world, perspectives that manage to be simultaneously timeless and new. Real visionaries are always dodgy characters, because they embrace strange, heretical, even dangerous ideas. Terence McKenna is a real visionary.

Read it all at Wired's: Terence McKenna's Last Trip (5 pages!).

Karma Police

Radiohead - Karma Police

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Karma Global Limited

I saw this brand name on a toaster in a sandwich place today
"Karma means INTENTION then ACTION every time you do a Good KARMA it comes back to you."
From the site ;)
this symbol was on it too, an inverted eye in triangle

Six Word Stories: Sci-Fi

Six Word Stories: Sci-Fi
“We went solar; sun went nova.”
—Ken MacLeod

“Hello Son,” it said, tentacles waving.
—G. Sulea

“The Earth? We ate it yesterday.”
—Yann Martel

“From torched skyscrapers, men grew wings.”
—Gregory Maguire

Main Bee Hive

That's what NASA calls this image, the main bee hive... of satellites ;p

Synchromystic All-Stars on Red Ice & Stormy Weather

CK posted these at Secret Sun and it's new sister blog, The Solar Satellite:
"I had a mind-bending Skype-a-thon last week with Aeolus Kephas of the Stormy Weather podcast and the first of two installments is up now."
update: part two is up.

"Henrik and Fredrik at Red Ice Creations Radio have been tapping into the Synchromystic goldmine for recent shows. The latest has Freeman discussing his Obama-Akhenaten theory (of course, I absolutely see Obama as the new Tut, but Freeman is always awesome on the symbols). And exploring the nether regions we have Ben Singleton of the essential Pseudo-Occult Media and Todd Campbell from the fearless Through the Looking Glass."
I really enjoyed CK's interview, here's one of many gems:
AK: What qualities do you like about others the most?
CK: Curiosity.
AK: What quality do you dislike about others?
CK: Certainty.
AK: Hmm, good answer.

Illusion & Reality (Esoteric Agenda Excerpt)

Illusion & Reality (Esoteric Agenda Excerpt)

I really enjoyed parts of Kymatica, the Esoteric Agenda sequel. So posting this clip of the first one.

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The Beatles: YEllow Submarine

The Beatles: YEllow Submarine

Last night my buddy just started this movie out of the blue (or yellow), and wow, I thought this movie was about clean cut Beatles joking wholesomely in a black and white submarine movie, LOL! It was a psychedelic masterpiece! YES! Will do a full screenshot and symbolism post on this in the near future! In the meantime, be sure to watch it first without all those spoilers.

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28 Years in the Synchrosphere of Reality

Happy Bday to me! 28 years young. I posted some varied vids today including my favorites Alan Watts, RAW and Terence. Any donations you could help me out with on this occasion are very much appreciated during these rocky Earth times.

Besides the vids, here are some pickings from the synchrosphere: Mercury's Garden has an excellent Wonder Woman 9/11 find. Aferrismoon tackles planes and lost. Alienpunk posts some Marley on Mind Control. Conspiracy Grimoire has an interesting teaser for an Oz-Scars octagon post and a great interview excerpts post of Alan Moore. The Blob always has fun posts and Secret Sun is still generally blazing! And if you haven't already check out Labyrinth of the Psychonaut's collaboration with Ezra from HOWMusic(k) & its side-blogs.

Alan Watts - Wholeness

Alan Watts - Wholeness

Kevin Kelly and Ken Wilber - Exploring the Technium

1a: Technology, Evolution, and God

The rest is here at the Integral Naked YouTube channel

Wired magazine's own "Senior Maverick" talks with Ken Wilber about some of the ideas behind Kevin's blog The Technium, which explores the various ways humanity defines and redefines itself through the interface of science, technology, culture, and consciousness.

As he describes in his blog, Technium is a word he coined "to designate the greater sphere of technology—one that goes beyond hardware to include culture, law, social institutions, and intellectual creations of all types. In short, the Technium is anything that springs from the human mind. It includes hard technology, but much else of human creation as well. I see this extended face of technology as a whole system with its own dynamics." The Technium exists at the interface between science, technology, culture, and consciousness, exploring the various ways humanity has defined and redefined itself through the ages. Within the Technium, technology is not regarded merely as the lifeless artifacts created by a particular species, but as a living matrix of innovation—the infusion of consciousness into inanimate matter, which in turn shapes our personal and cultural experience of the world.

The universe, we are told, is winding down. Nothing escapes the remorseless grasp of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics—and with each passing moment, our world, our solar system, indeed our entire galaxy slowly approaches its inevitable heat-death. But this is not the full story, for while the universe is winding down, it is also winding up, bringing forth new forms from old, adding new layers of complexity where there was once only an empty vacuum. It is what Alfred Whitehead called the "creative advance into novelty," referring to a distinct "tilt" of the universe toward more complexity, more significance, and more wholeness. From atoms, to molecules, to single-cell and multi-cellular organisms, to the reptilian brain, mammalian brain, and the human neocortex—the universe is abound with inexhaustible creativity, pushing deeper and wider towards its own limitless potential. Entropy and evolution: these two "arrows of time" exert their pull upon everything that ever is, was, and will be—one pulling us up toward the eternal light, the other pulling us down toward the infinite black....

Robert Anton Wilson: The Winner Script

Robert Anton Wilson: The Winner Script

Jarvis Cocker - Cunts are Still Running the World

Jarvis Cocker - Cunts are Still Running the World

Terence Mckenna - Capitalism vs Democracy

Terence Mckenna - Capitalism vs Democracy

Denver International Airport Conspiracy

Denver International Airport Conspiracy

Alex Jones on G.I. Joe and singing through Kid Rock

Alex Jones on G.I. Joe and singing through Kid Rock

Gets pretty funny after the break.

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The Philosopher's Stone in the Sword of (Sort-of) Truth

Zedd pulled out a a stone, he threw it on the ground before him and Richard. He stood up and circled his fingers above the little stone until, suddenly, it grew into a bigger stone.
"Zedd! That's your cloudrock!"
"Actually, my boy, it's a philosopher's stone. My father gave it to me a long time ago."
The wizard moved his fingers faster and faster until it emitted a light, sparks and whirling colors. He kept stirring, mixing the light. There was no sound, only the pleasant smell of springtime rain. Finally the wizard seemed satisfied.
"Step onto the stone, my boy."
Initially insecure, Richard stepped into the light. It tingled and felt warm against his skin, as if laying in the summer sun without clothes after swamming. He bathed in the warm, safe feeling, surrendered to it. He let his hands move sideways from his body, until they were horizontal. He moved his head backwards, took deep breaths and closed his eyes. It felt miraculous, as if he was floating in water; only he was floating in light.
Rejuvination flowed through him. His spirit felt connected with everything surrounding him. He was one with the trees, the grass, the insects, the animals aorund him, the water, the air; he did not feel like a separate being, but a part of the whole. He understood the interconnectedness of everything now in a new way, saw himself as lowly and all-powerful. He saw the world through the eyes of all the creatures around him. It was a shocking, beautiful insight. He allowed himself fluttering up with a bird soaring above him, saw the world through his eyes, hunted mice, hungry, needy, saw the campfire below, the sleeping people.
Richard allowed his identity to spread out on the winds. He became everyone and nobody, felt the heat of their needs, smelled their fear, tasted their joy, understood all their desires and then let it all melt to nothing until where he stood there was an emptiness, alone in the universe, the only living being, the onl thing that even existed, then let the light flow through him, light that brought forth the others who had used the same stone, Zedd, his father, and the wizards before them, uncountable years, thousands of years, everyone. Their essence flowed through him, shared itself with him. The tears streamed down his cheeks because of the wonder of all of this.
Zedd's hands jumped forward and released its magical substance. It whirled around Richard and glistened like a liquid until he found himself in the center of the cyclone. The glistening concentrated its whirling and gathered around his chest. With a twinkling sound like that of a crystal chandelier in the wind, the dust rose away into the heavens as if it climbed up a kite and tookt he sound along with it while rising, higher and higher, until it reached the cloud. The cloud took on the magical substance and was lit from within by brewing colors. On the horizon lightning flashed, wild, expectantly.
At once the lightening stopped, the light in the cloud subsided and disappeared, and the light from the wizard's stone retreated inside until it faded out entirely. Suddenly it was quiet. Richard was back and was just standing on a rock. He looked at Zedd's smiling face with big eyes.
"Zedd," he whispered, "now I know why you're on that rock all the time. I've never felt something like that all my life. I had no idea."
Zedd smiled knowingly. "You're a natural, my boy... You felt at home like a duck in the water. You've got all that's needed to become a great wizard." He leaned forward, happy. "Now try to imagine doing it naked."
"Does that make a difference?" Richard asked surprised.
"Of course. Clothes hinder the experience. Zedd put his arm on Richard's shoulder. "Once I'll let you try it."
"Zedd, why did you let me do that? It wasn't necessary. You could have done it.
"How do you feel now?"
"I don't know. Different. Relaxed. Clearer in my head. I think less overcome, not so depressed."
"That's why I let you do it, my friend, cause you needed it. You had a rough night. I can't change the problems, but I could help to make you feel better. "
"Thank you, Zedd."
"Go to sleep, it's my watch now." He winked at Richard.
"If you ever change your mind and want to become a wizard, it would be my honor to welcome you into the brotherhood."
Zedd held up his hand. From the darkness the piece of cheese he threw away earlier floated back to him.

Sounds exactly like an entheogenic trip to me, like this one, what is not on the page is before the trance set in, I become naucious and stumbled to my bed, where I just had to take off all my clothes with eyes already closed, and then I started to melt.
Excerpt translated to english freely from the dutch version of Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind (which is translated by Max Schuchart, who also translated the Lord of the Rings books by Tolkien into dutch).

Hip Hop and the Occult

This is an entire playlist with conspiracy related Hip Hop vids, including a series of vids on Rihanna's Umbrella vid which I haven't seen yet. Some vids have annoying Christian overtones, and some are very amateuristic. Gee and ya wonder why the "sheeple" won't "wake up" when the already aware have trouble finishing a lot of these kinda vids, I only post these with an introductory text like this ;p. Anyway, some interesting stuff here if you can filter the BS out.

50 Cent knows a little something

N*ggaz be hatin', they don't know what they facing.
I'll be in court throwing signs like I'm a mason.
N*gga witness against me, I'm a erase him.

Hip Hop and the Occult: p38 A Broken Oath p1 & p2

Snoop Dogg and Puff Daddy's looks on their faces are telling. But check out Diddy's eyes, they go into the Visual and Auditory Remembered cues more than once, meaning he is remembering what he did while BIG is denying it.

Hip Hop and the Occult: p1 Confessions from the Inside

About Jay-z, Kanye West, Nas and more, with Alan Watt.

Here is Common & Pharell - Universal Mind Control, been looking for the actual video to get online for weeks and tired of waiting for it to pop up:
This is that new shit. Keep them standin in line.
That Universal Mind Control, now move your behind.
You know you like it, it's calling your name.
N*gga, this is that new shit and it don't feel the same.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gorki - Ode an die Freude

Freude schöner Götterfunken. Tochter aus Elysium.
Wir betreten Feuertrunken. Himmlische dein Heiligtum.
Deine Zauber binden wieder was die Mode streng geteilt.
Alle Menschen werden Brüder wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

(lyrics by Friedrich Schiller)

Friedrich Schiller Quotes 2

O who knows what slumbers in the background of the times?

O the idea was childish, but divinely beautiful.

Great souls endure in silence.

An die Freude (Ode to Joy; or Hymn to Joy) (1785)
This poem is most famous as providing the inspiration for Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, and the lyrics to the choral portion of that work:
Joy, thou spark from Heav'n immortal,
Daughter of Elysium!
Drunk with fire, toward Heaven advancing
Goddess, to thy shrine we come.
Thy sweet magic brings together
What stern Custom spreads afar;
All men become brothers
Where thy happy wing-beats are.

It is through beauty that we arrive at freedom.

Nothing, it is true, is more common than for both Science and Art to pay homage to the spirit of the age, and for creative taste to accept the law of critical taste.

While the womanly god demands our veneration, the godlike woman kindles our love; but while we allow ourselves to melt in the celestial loveliness, the celestial self-sufficiency holds us back in awe.

The Greeks put us to shame not only by their simplicity, which is foreign to our age; they are at the same time our rivals, nay, frequently our models, in those very points of superiority from which we seek comfort when regretting the unnatural character of our manners. We see that remarkable people uniting at once fullness of form and fullness of substance, both philosophising and creating, both tender and energetic, uniting a youthful fancy to the virility of reason in a glorious humanity.

Man is made of ordinary things, and habit is his nurse.

There's no such thing as chance;
And what to us seems merest accident
Springs from the deepest source of destiny.

Time is man's angel.

They have founded the whole structure of their happiness on these very illusions, which ought to be combated and dissipated by the light of knowledge, and they would think they were paying too dearly for a truth which begins by robbing them of all that has value in their sight. It would be necessary that they should be already sages to love wisdom: a truth that was felt at once by him to whom philosophy owes its name.

Der Krieg ernährt den Krieg. (War nourishes war.)

In thy breast are the stars of thy fate.

The empire of Saturnus is gone by;
Lord of the secret birth of things is he;
Within the lap of earth, and in the depths
Of the imagination dominates;
And his are all things that eschew the light.
The time is o'er of brooding and contrivance,
For Jupiter, the lustrous, lordeth now,
And the dark work, complete of preparation,
He draws by force into the realm of light.
Now must we hasten on to action, ere
The scheme, and most auspicious positure
Parts o'er my head, and takes once more its flight,
For the heaven's journey still, and adjourn not.

The dictates of the heart are the voice of fate.

No cause has he to say his doom is harsh,
Who's made the master of his destiny.

Rarely do we arrive at the summit of truth without running into extremes; we have frequently to exhaust the part of error, and even of folly, before we work our way up to the noble goal of tranquil wisdom.

The universe is a thought of God. After this ideal thought-fabric passed out into reality, and the new-born world fulfilled the plan of its Creator—permit me to use this human simile—the first duty of all thinking beings has been to retrace the original design in this great reality; to find the principle in the mechanism, the unity in the compound, the law in the phenomenon, and to pass back from the structure to its primitive foundation. Accordingly to me there is only one appearance in nature—the thinking being.
The great compound called the world is only remarkable to me because it is present to shadow forth symbolically the manifold expressions of that being. All in me and out of me is only the hieroglyph of a power which is like to me. The laws of nature are the cyphers which the thinking mind adds on to make itself understandable to intelligence—the alphabet by means of which all spirits communicate with the most perfect Spirit and with one another. Harmony, truth, order, beauty, excellence, give me joy, because they transport me into the active state of their author, of their possessor, because they betray the presence of a rational and feeling Being, and let me perceive my relationship with that Being.

I speak with the Eternal through the instrument of nature, — through the world's history: I read the soul of the artist in his Apollo.

Each state of the human mind has some parable in the physical creation by which it is shadowed forth; nor is it only artists and poets, but even the most abstract thinkers that have drawn from this source. Lively activity we name fire; time is a stream that rolls on, sweeping all before it; eternity is a circle; a mystery is hid in midnight gloom, and truth dwells in the sun. Nay, I begin to believe that even the future destiny of the human race is prefigured in the dark oracular utterances of bodily creation.

Dare to err and to dream. Deep meaning often lies in childish plays.

Be noble minded! Our own heart, and not other men's opinions of us, forms our true honor.

Full of wisdom are the ordinations of fate.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friedrich Schiller Quotes

Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (10 November 1759 - 9 May 1805) was a German poet, historian, and dramatist, usually known as Friedrich Schiller. During the last few years of his life (1788–1805), Schiller struck up a productive, if complicated, friendship with already famous and influential Johann Wolfgang Goethe, with whom he greatly discussed issues concerning aesthetics, encouraging Goethe to finish works he left merely as sketches; this thereby gave way to a period now referred to as Weimar Classicism. They also worked together on Die Xenien (The Xenies), a collection of short but harshly satirical poems in which both Schiller and Goethe verbally attacked those persons they perceived to be enemies of their aesthetic agenda.

Some really awesome quotations, I'll post more of him in the future. Can't wait to get some of his works from my library. He also has an interesting freemasonic history, or not. Quotes:

Folly, thou conquerest, and I must yield!
Against stupidity the very gods
Themselves contend in vain. Exalted reason,
Resplendent daughter of the head divine,
Wise foundress of the system of the world,
Guide of the stars, who art thou then if thou,
Bound to the tail of folly's uncurbed steed,
Must, vainly shrieking with the drunken crowd,
Eyes open, plunge down headlong in the abyss.
Accursed, who striveth after noble ends,
And with deliberate wisdom forms his plans!
To the fool-king belongs the world.

I feel an army in my fist.

The voice of the majority is no proof of justice.

Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales told to me in my childhood than in any truth that is taught in life.

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.

Live with your century but do not be its creature.

Did you think the lion was sleeping because he didn't roar?

To save all we must risk all.

What one refuses in a minute
No eternity will return.

Virtue is no empty echo.

Appearance should never attain reality,
And if nature conquers, then must art retire.

Pain is short, and joy is eternal.

I am better than my reputation.

Life is only error,
And death is knowledge.

What are hopes, what are plans?

The dignity of mankind is in your hands; protect it!
It sinks with you! With you it will ascend.

Threefold the stride of Time, from first to last!
Loitering slow, the Future creepeth —
Arrow-swift, the Present sweepeth —
And motionless forever stands the Past.

On the mountains there is freedom!
The world is perfect everywhere,
Save where man comes with his torment.

Only through Beauty's morning gate, dost thou enter the land of Knowledge.

Don't let your heart depend on things
That ornament life in a fleeting way!
He who possesses, let him learn to lose,
He who is fortunate, let him learn pain.

On the mountains there is freedom!
The world is perfect everywhere,
Save where man comes with his torment.

Ziggy Marley: Natural Mystic (Bob Marley Tribute)

Ziggy Marley: Natural Mystic (Bob Marley Tribute)

I'm gonna post a few songs related to the blog, but also ones I'm playing/learning on guitar. This is the version (there are so many) that most closely resembles the mp3 I had of Bob, which died in the first computer crash. RIP. (I will find it again!)

There's a natural mystic blowing through the air
If you listen carefully now you will hear
This could be the first trumpet, might as well be the last
Many more will have to suffer
Many more will have to die - don't ask me why

Things are not the way they used to be
I won't tell no lie
One and all have to face reality now
Though I've tried to find the answer to all the questions they ask
Though I know it's impossible to go livin' through the past
Don't tell no lie
There's a natural mystic blowing through the air
Ya can't keep us down
Listen carefully now you will hear

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Dedroidify Power Supply

The power supply of my backup pc just died too, just before a 10 day hard work period at my mom's to pay off some of my debt. Seeing the humor of it right now, things can only get better from here... Typed this on my Ipod Touch, last piece of working tech on which i can only type short posts. The good news is I have one draft (fixed!) I can schedule for tomorrow, lol. 2009... I hope my birthday on the 26th this thursday helps turn my luck around.

Lightning fast update: And it did even sooner, got my hands on a power supply near-instantly, installed it right away and to my amazement for the first time a power supply died I don't have to reinstall windows and everything is still operational, and this is like what, the sixth time this has happened to me in my long computer history. Let's hope this one lasts! Awesome! I have the Power!

update 2: Thank you Justin!

Mr. Spock Quotes

Mr. Spock, half human (mother), half vulcan (father). Spock did not originally have the logical manner that would be associated with the character, this instead being a trait of the character Number One (Majel Barrett) who was dropped in developing the second pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (1966). This episode presents a more fully-formed Spock, with his trademark logic. Nimoy liked the character's newly logical nature, observing that the character is "struggling to maintain a Vulcan attitude, a Vulcan philosophical posture and a Vulcan logic, opposing what was fighting him internally, which was human emotion."

So in other words, Spock has a fully functional circuit 3, which is more than you can say for half our planet.

"Nowhere am I so desperately needed as among a (Earth-)shipload of illogical humans."

"My guess (2nd circuit emotional) doctor, would be meaningless. I suggest we refrain from guessing and find some facts. (3rd circuit rational) Spock out."

Kirk: You didn't really think I was going to beat his head in, did you?
Spock: I thought you might.
Kirk: You're right.

Kirk: Well, Mr Spock, if we can't disguise you, we'll find some way of explaining you.
Spock: That should prove interesting... (later:)
Kirk: My friend is obviously Chinese. I see you've noticed the ears. They're... actually quite easy to explain.
Spock: Perhaps the unfortunate accident I had as a child...
Kirk: The unfortunate accident he had as a child, he caught his head in a mechanical ... rice picker.

Kirk: At times you seem quite human.
Spock: Captain, I don't think that insults are within your prerogative as my commanding officer.

"I have never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question."

Kirk: Well, there it is - war. We didn't want it, but we've got it.
Spock: It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.

"After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true."

"Judging by the pollution content of the atmosphere, I believe we have arrived at the late twentieth century."

Spock: To hunt a species to extinction is not logical.
Gillian: Whoever said the human race was logical?

"Are you sure it isn't time for a colourful metaphor?"

McCoy: I'll tell you one thing, Spock. You never cease to amaze me.
Spock: Nor I, myself.

"I am what I am, Leila, and if there are self-made purgatories, then we all have to live in them. Mine can be no worse than someone else's."

Gillian: Are you sure you won't change your mind?
Spock: Is there something wrong with the one I have?

Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected. In this case, I should think "interesting" would suffice.

"What we require now is a feat of linguistic legerdemain and a degree of intrepidity."

"What you want is irrelevant, what you have chosen is at hand."

"Logic, logic, logic. Logic is the beginning of wisdom, Valeris, not the end."

Terence Mckenna - Hope

Terence Mckenna - Hope

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Use Your Head

"How could someone fight at his side? Darken Rahl wants to rule all, be master of them all. How could they fight for him?"
The wizard leaned against the rock and looked over the hills as if he saw more there than there was. His tone was full of sorrow. "Because Richard, lots of people need to be ruled to be able to live. In their selfishness and greed, they see free people as their oppressors. They want a leader that will cut the bigger plants so the sun will reach them. They feel no plant can become bigger than the smallest one, so all plants get light. They'd rather receive a guiding light, no matter the fuel, than to light a candle themselves."
Some think that when Rahl wins he will smile at them and they will be rewarded, and so to win his favor they are as ruthless as him. Some are simply blind for the truth and fight for the lies they hear. And some notice, when that guiding light is burning, that they are chained, and then it's too late." Zedd stroked his sleeves smooth alongside his arms and sighed. "There have always been wars, Richard. Every war is a murderous battle between enemies. And yet no army ever went to the battlefield with the idea that the Creator had chosen the side of their enemy."
Richard shook his head. "It makes no sense."
"I'm quite certain Rahl's followers think us to be monsters, capable of anything. They will hear endless stories about the ruthless cruelty of their enemy. I'm sure that none of them knows much about Darken Rahl, except what has been told to them by Darken Rahl himself."
The wizard frowned, his intelligent eyes sharp. "Maybe it's a twisted display of logic, but that doesn't make it less threatening or lethal. Rahl's followers only have to crush us, they need not understand anything else. But if you want to win, against a stronger enemy, you will have to use your head."

Excerpt from Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth: Wizard's first rule. Translated from dutch.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Perception is Everything

Zedd led them to the edge of the grass. They walked between the long shadows of the trees to the place where two little thorns grew, one as thick as Richard's fist, the other as thin as Kahlan's.
He turned to Richard. "Draw the Sword." The special, ringing, metal noise filled the late noon air when he drew it. Zedd leaned further forwards. "Now I will show you the most important aspect of the sword, but to do that you have to give up your position as Seeker for a short while and allow me to name Kahlan the Seeker."
Kahlan looked suspiciously at Zedd: "I don't want to be a Seeker."
"Only for this demonstration, my dear." He gestured Richard to give her the sword. She hesitated before she took it with both hands. The weight was unbearable and she lowered the tip on the grass. Zedd waved his hands above her head: "Kahlan Amnell, I name you the Seeker." She kept her eyes on him with the same suspicious look. Zedd put his finger under her chin and lifted her head. His eyes were wild. He brought his face closer to hers and spoke with soft voice.
"When I left the Midland with this sword, Darken Rahl put these two trees here with his magic. To mark me, to be able to come and get me when he chooses to. The same Darken Rahl that had your sister killed." Her expression became darker. "The same Darken Rahl that is following you, to kill you like he did Dennee." Hate was rising in her eyes. She clenched her teeth so the muscles in her strong jaw became visible. The Sword of Truth rose from the ground. Zedd went to stand behind her. "This tree is his. You have to stop him."
The sword flashed through the autumn air with a speed and power that Richard barely held possible. A loud cracking sound went through bigger tree, as if a thousand branches broke at once. Splinters flew everywhere. The tree seemed to be momentarily suspended in air, and then fell with a boom (boom, flemish/dutch for tree ;p) next to what was left of it in the ground.
Richard knew he would have needed at least ten good axe strikes to do the same.
Zedd let the sword glide out of Kahlans hands. She sank to her knees, and put her hands in front of her face. Immediately Richard squatted next to her to support her.
"Kahlan, what's the matter?"
"I'm ok." She put a hand on his shoulder and he helped her up. Her face was pale, but she tried to smile anyway. "But I distance myself from my position as Seeker."
Richard turned to the wizard. "Zedd, what is this for nonsense? Darken Rahl didn't put that tree there. I've seen you water those trees and care for them. If you'd put a knife to my throat, I would say that you planted them to remember your wife and daughter."
Zedd smiled only mildly. "Very good, Richard. Here is your sword. Now you are the Seeker again. Now you cut down the small tree, my boy, and I will explain."
Frustrated Richard took the sword in both hands; he felt the anger surge through him again. He directed the sword with a powerful swing up towards the remaining tree. The tip of the sword cut through the air whistling. Just before the sword hit the tree, it suddenly stopped, as if the air around it had become too thick to let it through. Richard stepped back amazed. He looked at the sword and tried again. Once more the sword stopped. The tree wasn't hit. He looked at Zedd in a fury who was grinning with folded arms.
Richard put the sword away. "Ok, what's going on."
Zedd innocently raised his eyebrows. "Have you se how easily Kahlan cut through the big gtree?" Richard frowned. Zedd smiled. "He could have been made of iron. The sword would have gone through it just as easily. You are stronger than Kahlan and you couldn't even scratch the little tree."
"Yes, Zedd, I noticed that."
Zedd's forehead wrinkled as if he was amazed. "And how is that, do you think?"
Richard's frustration melted away. This was the way in which Zedd always taught him, by letting him give the answer himself. "I would say that it had something to do with the intention. She thought the tree was evil, I didn't."
Zedd stuck a bony finger in the air. "Very good, my boy!"
Kahlan reacted nervously. "Zedd, I don't get it. I destroyed the tree, but it wasn't evil. It was innocent."
"That, my dear, is what this demonstration is about. Reality is not relevant. Perception is everything. If you think it is the enemy you can destroy it, wether true or not. The magic interprets only your perception. It will not harm someone you deem innocent, but it will destroy everyone you see as an enemy, within limits. Only what you believe is the determining factor, and not if those beliefs are true.
Richard was somewhat overwhelmed. "That doesn't leave any room for mistakes. What happens if you're not sure?" Zedd lifted an eyebrow. "I'd better be sure, my boy, otherwise you could get a heap of troubles. The magic could read things from your mind where you are not even conscious of. It could be dual. You could kill a friend, or not kill an enemy.

Excerpt from Terry Goodkind's The Sword of Truth 1: Wizard's First Rule.