Saturday, August 1, 2009

Acid Owls

Nardwuar vs Robert Anton Wilson

Nardwuar asks Robert Anton Wilson, "You're Robert Anton Wilson, aren't you, Robert Anton Wilson?"

Nardwuar: Who are you?
Robert Anton Wilson: Okay, I’m Robert Anton Wilson to my readers, Bob Wilson to my friends, and "that old crank" to my neighbors.

Robert Anton Wilson, are you a witch?
Was that "a witch" or "a bitch?"

A witch! Robert Anton Wilson.
Which kind of witch?

You know a witch. You’ve done a few readings in Victoria. That’s like the witching capital of Canada. Are you a witch, or did you gravitate there?
I have been a witch I probably still am a witch.

What happened to Timothy Leary’s head?
Well, there are various versions of that, the accepted version is that he gave up on cryonics, and had his whole body cremated. But there’s a myth or a legend going around, or a rumour that may be true, for all I know. And that was all put on to prevent the authorities from interfering with his plans to commit suicide when the cancer got too painful, and have his head preserved, and so actually it was only his body that was cremated. The head was preserved, secretly. I don’t know whether that’s true or not; as I say, it’s a rumour. There’s another rumour going about, that the Fed.'s have seized his ashes because of a high quality of controlled substances in his ashes, and nobody knows what the street value might be.

Robert Anton Wilson, are you a CIA agent?
Ahh, if I were, I would deny it.

Are you an agent of disinformation?
Absolutely, and information.

So how come you haven’t been knocked off? Doesn’t that lead to the fact that you are a CIA agent, or that you are an agent of disinformation, Robert Anton Wilson?
Well, I tell you that Mae Brussell accused me of being an agent of the Rockefeller conspiracy. And I confessed that it was true, and I that my cellar is stacked high with gold bars that are brought every month, by David Rockefeller, personally. And I’m sure, up until her death, that she went around showing that letter to prove to people that I had confessed. People who want to believe such things are perfectly free to believe them. Woof, woof, woof.

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