Thursday, April 14, 2011

NLP Testimonial from a satisfied client

"I tried for years to find someting to help me control a persistent memory that would not leave me in peace when trying to relax, sleep or even just shutting my eyes a while. My whole life was affected by this keeping me constantly lethargic, preventing me from doing the things that I had loved to do before, my confidence and general well being was shattered by something from the past. I had counselling, a psychiatrist that visited on a weekly basis, hypnotherapy then eventually relented and gave in to a doctors request that I try so many different medications I couldn't list them all here. For me none of this worked and I gave up hope of ever finding anything that would and just lived with the limitations it placed on me.

It was through a general discussion about sleep and meditation and my inability for either that NLP was mentioned to me. I agreed to give it a try without knowledge of what this was or how it was going to help and obviously no expectations for it to work as so much had failed in the past. I have to say I was immediately amazed at how much I could possibly be in control of something that had been in control of me for so long. From the very first session I learned that by simply using the techniques being passed to me I could remove the fear and anxiety that had plagued me for so long, I can close my eyes now and relax, I can go to bed without begging for sleep to come to me, I can finally sit in a silent room with nothing but my own breathing to hear. I wake feeling refreshed and there is no nagging worry there, I feel totally unburdened and relaxed and know I can face the day with energy.

I can never thank you enough for providing me with the tools to be able to do this and I know I can apply this technique to so many other things in my life. Thank you so much for giving me my peace back."
S. from England

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