Monday, May 23, 2011

Another happy NLP testimonial (revisited)

I asked S. from England to reformulate her testimonial cause something very interesting happened that didn't get the attention it deserved, she saw and felt her trauma as a deep pink entity in front of her and got the sense she could remove it entirely by repeating the NLP sensory exercise we were doing, and so she did! What's interesting is with NLP, when the client thinks they are more empowered and more in control of what they are trying to remove or replace, then the exercise is taken a step further to assure total success with it. When we initiated the last step, she saw and felt the trauma, and then with the exercise drained it away, we could not do the exercise again as there was no trauma left to treat!
"After having such total success with my first NLP session, I agreed to my friends kind offer of helping with a second trauma that I had experienced some time ago. This had affected me the most of the two and with other methods of help I had tried in the past it had seemed to have somehow got all confused in my mind (hard to explain) but I was feeling the emotion of it and having panic attacks but totally unable to visualise the specifics of the incident. It made it hard for me to cope with it because the feelings of panic would come quite suddenly and without warning and I had absolutely no control. It wasn't disturbing my sleep much but was disturbing my waking day a lot. I would often not go out and mostly felt unsafe if I was alone whether at home or outdoors. I had little to no trust of anyone including friends and it became, again just a way of life that I coped with but it was impacting on me and preventing me from moving on with stuff that I knew I needed to do. I wasn't sure if my friend could help because I was unable to visualise this but of course he could.

It was hard for me to attempt this at first but I was soon put at ease. The most amazing thing was that at the decisive phase of the process, I felt overwhelmingly safe and absolutely certain that I could now go on to deal with this and was finally ready to move on. At the end when I thought it was over and felt more in control of it, my friend said "ok do it again", suprised I thought ok, this is reinforcement now and continued. Then suddenly, there it was, right there in front of me, so obviously there and I had somehow given it a colour, it was the deepest pink and it was my trauma and I knew without doubt that I could now change it and remove it entirely, I destroyed it completely, total annihilation!. I can't express well the feeling I got from watching and feeling this emotional nightmare being drained away and obliterated entirely from deep inside me and remember repeatedly saying "It's gone!!!" with this huge smile on my face, I was so happy :) It really was an amazing moment, feeling completely calm and at peace, totally relieved that I had finally been able to remove this whole thing that had deprived me of so much in life.

Again, I am eternally grateful, thank you so much for putting the pieces back together and helping me :)"

S., England

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