Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dharana Tip

If anyone else is trying Dharana and (obviously) having difficulty, Lon Milo DuQuette apparently recommends trying a shape without color for beginners, so a triangle or square outline for instance and have it hover in front of you. Sounded like a plan and so it was done. It went a lot better, instead of having most of the meditation triangle-less at all, it was there for most the time. I am not even bothering noting how many times I lost it, as all I have it focused for is one second or two each time and that for about fifteen minutes at a time. Progress but slow, fine with me, I'm high as a kite anyway afterwards!

A sidenote, the dog next door is howling continuously - and Rodney Orpheus recommends meditating without music, something I only do usually when feeling courageous but have been doing steadily for a while now. I went to see this dog and the poor thing, it's cramped by fences into a little corner of a huge yard, I would howl too, so no more resentment towards the dog. The dog apparently represents latent parts of the subconscious in symbolism by the way. I started my meditation outside - Dogwilling - and behold, it was quiet for the duration. Now to find a way to free this dog from its predicament, hmm! Stay tuned.

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