Friday, April 6, 2012

Remembering No Lust for Result

I was wondering today about the less than stellar results my near-daily rituals are having for more than the last month of my novice Magickal career. I realized I had forgotten about Lust for Result, it's a no-no in Magickal work and guess what I have done rituals for, everything I most desired in all areas of one's life and have trouble keeping out of my mind. So next up in the experimental, trying to find stuff I don't care about to manifest. One has to beg: what's the freaking point of manifesting stuff we don't care about?!? Well what's the point of any experiment, to see if something works. Meanwhile I can work on detachment. In any case I am really enjoying rituals, it's hard to come up with new ones this early on my path but that's part of the fun.

What I can say is that my crown chakra has been felt swirling strongly for several weeks now whenever I am engaging in spiritual exercises, I have been told this is some form of spiritual growth so I'm very pleased with that. It feels really great, before this the only chakra I have felt often was my third eye but this was at the most random of times and felt odd like several knocks. The crown swirling lifts me up and happens at times I can understand. If anyone else has any more information about this I'd love to hear it. I am balancing meditations on kundalini and opening the third eye with grounding meditations and reiki on the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras as those need most work balancing. I'm mostly focusing on vipassana and dharana meditations, and having so much oh so much trouble visualising that blessed triangle but the feeling after the meditation is very interesting, it's more intense than vipassana even though the dharana meditation lasts only half of the duration of vipassana.

Tomorrow I will explore some Undoing work just to see if it helps me at all, I really need to get some emotional blocks out of the way. I haven't gotten any replies about the Undoing work and while I very much enjoy Hyatt's writings his video and audio work doesn't resonate with me at all for some reason.Yet I find that resistance is always very interesting and the doors that scare or leave us numb very often lead to the most interesting experiences.

I also wanna share Phil Hine's website again, there's so much free tidbits of wonderful information on there I really appreciate his work and recommend people to take a look around there.


Lonnie said...

I have two recommendations for you. Two blogs you should be reading.

This one is written by Jason Miller, of Strategic Sorcery.

This one is brilliant, and probably the best on the web. Period.


Dedroidify said...

Thanks a lot can't wait to check these out :)