Tuesday, January 8, 2013


What a freaking catch at the library! Having a short attention span I started 3 of the 4 books. Wheel of Time started off a bit slow but has a nice setting so far. I'm doubting wether to stop it and find an English version though, dutch really is so bad for storytelling for me because I speak a west-flemish dialect that regards dutch as a... well, rather unmanly weak-sounding language. Despite that I did enjoy reading the dutch translations of Tolkien by Max Schuchart, though finding 3 typos in the first 2 chapters really didn't help this version of this book.
Robert Graves started his book on Greek Mythology by explaining his new opinion that ambrosia and nectar were most likely psychedelic mushrooms and that he parted on some psylocybin himself, which obviously made me like from the start. I learned a ton on early matriarchies (yikes!) and that names of Gods were titles given to different rulers, really fascinating stuff!
In addition I learned to play my first written music on keyboard from a booklet (Casio Learn Book A!) I had since I was 12, I knew keeping it around would serve a purpose someday! Blueee Spanish Eeeyes! And finally found out what the different notes mean what when written down - I'm also in awe of how retarded my music teachers were in high school, if this book can explain it so simply I have no idea why we couldn't have learned this back then easily instead of the contrived shit they had us deal with. Guess it was part of the "no useful stuff teaching" program in schools.

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