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Doug Stanhope: Go Home

Doug Stanhope Go Home part 1 & The rest

Unfortunately Doug doesn't know how bad Great Britain has gotten too.
But it's still freaking hilarious.

When we reach a Higher Dimension of Consciousness

"When we look at the causal world, it is rigidly bound by cause and effect. But when we reach a higher dimension of consciousness we find that the rigid walls of matter melt. Space and time lose their rigidity, and there is a mingling of the past, the present, and the future.

Looking at the whole thing from this point of view, what we think about the universe - the laws, the effect and cause - is a product of our own consciousness. In our dimension of consciousness, the world is not illusory. It is real. But in the next higher state of consciousness it loses its solidity."
Gopi Krishna

Reporters getting owned

If they reported on some more interesting stuff instead of numbing the public,
this karmic shit wouldn't happen :p

Daily Dedroidify: Science!

Daily Dedroidify: Never forget that 'reasonable' science was founded... by an Angel... in a dream...

The following is from Terence Mckenna's Tree of Knowledge:
"...Till recently, I thought that that was the end of the story but there is a coda that is very amusing, if nothing else. In that Hapsburgian army, there was a young soldier of fortune, only 19 years old, still wet behind the ears, knowing nothing, happily soldiering and wenching his way around Europe while he decided what to do with himself and his name was Rene Descartes, a Frenchman. Descartes, in his later years, reminisced about his period as a soldier in this army and I like to think that it was Descartes who actually murdered Maier. One of my ambitions is to write a play or a novel in which these two confront each other in a back alley of burning Prague and carry on a debate about the future of Europe before Michael Maier falls to the sword of Descartes. That may be apocryphal, but what is not apocryphal is that this Hapsburgian army, having laid siege and destroyed the alchemical kingdom, began to retreat across Europe that Fall and by Mid-September was camped near the town of Uolm in Southern Germany. By a strange coincidence, Uolm is the birthplace of Einstein some hundreds of years later.
But on the night of September 16th, Descartes had a dream and in this dream an angel appeared to him, this is documented by his own hand, and the angel said to Descartes, "The conquest of nature is to be achieved through measure and number." And that revelation lay the basis for modern science. Rene Descartes is the founder of the distinction between the res verins and the res extensia, the founder of modern science, the founder of the scientific method that created the philosophical engines that created the modern world. How many scientists, working at their workbenches, understand that an angel chartered modern science? It’s the alchemical angel which will not die. It returns again and again to guide the destinies of nations and peoples toward an unimaginable conclusion."

mainstream science is like pop music

This post is not attacking science, this page is attacking materialist science which is serving as the New Inquisition against anything that doesn't support their fundamentalist materialist belief system. We are aiming to join mysticism and science again as they are one and the same.

"Magicians and scientists are, on the face of it, poles apart. Certainly, a group of people who often dress strangely, live in a world of their own, speak a specialized language and frequently make statements that appear to be in flagrant breach of common sense have nothing in common with a group of people who often dress strangely, speak a specialized language, live in ... er ..." :p
Terry Pratchett

Robert Anton Wilson about the The New Inquisition: Our dogmatic materialist mainstream scientific community.
DAB: One of your recent books is The New Inquisition: Irrational Rationalism and the Citadel of Science. Maybe you could tell us a little bit about this book.
RAW: I coined the term irrational rationalism because those people claim to be rationalists, but they're governed by such a heavy body of taboos. They're so fearful, and so hostile, and so narrow, and frightened, and uptight and dogmatic. I thought it was a fascinating paradox: irrational rationalists. Later on I found out I didn't invent that. Somebody else who wrote an article on CSICOP, that's the group they all belong to: Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. Somebody else who wrote about them also used the term irrational rationalism. It's a hard term to resist when you think about those people.
I wrote this book because I got tired satirizing fundamentalist Christianity, I had done enough of that in my other books. I decided to satirize fundamentalist materialism for a change, because the two are equally comical. All fundamentalism is comical, unless you believe in it, in which case you'd become a fanatic yourself, and want everybody else to share your fundamentalism. But if you're not a fundamentalist yourself, fundamentalists are the funniest people on the planet. The materialist fundamentalists are funnier than the Christian fundamentalists, because they think they're rational!
DAB: They call themselves skeptical.
RAW: Yes, but they're not skeptical! They're never skeptical about anything except the things they have a prejudice against. None of them ever says anything skeptical about the AMA, or about anything in establishment science or any entrenched dogma. They're only skeptical about new ideas that frighten them. They're actually dogmatically committed to what they were taught when they were in college, which was about 1948-53, somewhere in that period. If you go back and study what was being taught in college in those days as the latest scientific theories, you find out that's what these people still believe. They haven't had a new idea in 30 years, that's all that happened to them. They just rigidified, they crystallized around 1960.
(Taken from a 1988 Interview)

a: "It's nonsense," b: "It is not important," c: "I always said it was a good idea," and d: "I thought of it first." Arthur C. Clarke explains the four stages in the way scientists react to the development of anything of a revolutionary nature.

Robert Anton Wilson on Science and Mysticism
"In (Gordiano) Bruno's day the 3 terms were divided up differently, you had science and mysticism on one side, and religion on the other side. Science and mysticism are alike in their struggle against religion. They were both based on experience and respect for the individual. The idea of science and mysticism was go out and discover for yourself. Find out what works, find out how the universe is actually structured and how you relate to the structure of the universe. And so there were basically 2 areas of scientific exploration, the external and the internal. But they were both pursued by the same method, the experimental method."

Mass Psychology and Education. The Impact of Science on Society: Part 1, 2, 3, 4

"See first, think later, then test. But always see first. Otherwise you will only see what you were expecting. Most scientists forget that." Douglas Adams

System of a Down: Science has failed our world

"Science fails to recognize the single most potent element of human existence!
letting the reigns go to the unfolding is faith, faith, faith, faith!
System of a Down

This is just an excerpt from the Science page at

Let's Trip

Larry Carlson:
The High Voltage Living Creatures
warning: Not for the epileptic & seizure prone.

Now doesn't that entice you?

If you look at this long enough you might... :p

Robert Schmidt on "Coincidence, Synchronicity, Seriality"

Robert Schmidt on "Coincidence, Synchronicity, Seriality"

From The International Fortean Organization (INFO)


"Now now, dear man, this is not the time to be making enemies." (on his death bed when a priest asked him to 'renounce satan')

"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd."

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

"It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets."

"Chance is a word void of sense; nothing can exist without a cause."

"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."

"Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do."

"It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection."

"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong."

"No snowflake in an avalanche ever felt responsible."

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

"Common sense is not so common."

Prabhupada on Impermanence

Prabhupada on Impermanence

Saul Williams - Not In Our Name (The Pledge of Resistance)

Saul Williams - Not In Our Name (The Pledge of Resistance)

Check out the man's music too! (for instance Mr Nichols with Coldcut)

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Blind Kid Uses Sound to See

Best Video of the Year - Blind Kid Uses Sound to See

DMT experience

DMT experience

John Townley on "Cause and Coincidence"

John Townley on "Cause and Coincidence"

A discussion of Paul Kammerer's "Seriality", which is similar to Jung's "Synchronicity" (meaningful 'coincidence'), except that Seriality is not acausal.

From the Wiki: He postulated that all events are connected by waves of Seriality. These forces would cause what we would perceive as just the peaks, or groupings and coincidences. Kammerer was known to, for example, make notes in public parks of what numbers of people were passing by, how many carried umbrellas, etc. In reviewing the book, Albert Einstein called the idea of Seriality "Interesting, and by no means absurd."

From The International Fortean Organization (INFO)

Utopia, Ecotopia

Ecotopia article by Forbes

"The two groups growing dramatically now in America are ecovillages, which are usually rural or semi-rural, and cohousing, which tends to be in or near cities," says Bill Metcalf, a sociologist at Griffith University in Australia who studies communalism and has lived in two intentional communities.

Most of these new groups are communal to varying degrees--some ecovillages pool everything they own and earn, while so-called "cohousing dwellers" typically have private homes and incomes while sharing some spaces, resources and domestic tasks. In addition to the desire to live green, community dwellers want more connection with the people around them--and not the digital kind.

And here's a photo thingy

If I can't find a decent job or start something worthwile, I might pack my bags and find me one of these, so anyone with experience or information about them please share in the comments.

Dr. Richard Boylan

Someone suggested to post this, I heard him before but forgot about his work. It's kind of far out even for me. I like all this starseed talk, entities and dimensions. All great, though I need some kind of evidence sooner or later and I haven't seen any evidence from anyone talking about starseed. Which is kinda freaking ridiculous considering the years they have been talking about it.

Richard Boylan on Coast to Coast

All vids of the interview and more

Official site (oldschool)

Daily Dedroidify: Yoga Asanas

Daily Dedroidify: Yoga Asanas
the Union of body, mind & spirit.

Yoga entails mastery over the body, mind, and emotional self, and transcendence of desire.

Daily practice is beneficial for improved health, emotional well-being, relaxation and calmness, mental clarity & awareness, flexibility, energy and joy in living.

"Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one's being, from bodily health to self-realization. Yoga means union - the union of body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul. Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day-to-day life and endows skill in the performance of one's actions."
B.K.S. Iyengar, Astadala Yogamala

More to read, videos & links at the Yoga Asanas page

"A Slave's Day in the Life" B-17: A Mini-Epic

"A Slave's Day in the Life" B-17: A Mini-Epic

The Wacky Adventures of a 17-Year Old Sex Slave (<- warning: not for everyone)
All episodes

"Artists use lies to tell the truth. Politicians use them to cover it up."

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Rites of Saturn

Rites of Saturn

Amazing vid including the Kali Yuga or Iron age, Lord of the Rings symbology: the Ring destroyed is Saturn's ring (!), Illuminati victims, Pluto and more.

Was filmmaking genius Stanley Kubrick 'snuffed' in retribution for symbolic exposé of the Illuminati in "Eyes Wide Shut"?

Illuminati Symbology in Eyes Wide Shut

A very interesting post at

Conspiracy talk at Secret Sun

Very interesting post at Secret Sun:
Terry Melanson of raised this very important issue in the comments to yesterday's posting.
"So what you seem to be saying, as far as I can tell, is that these "Followers of Horus," the secret priests of the secret society of Shemsu Hor which, according to Egyptian records, existed before time was recorded, are the real string-pullers even today. They have constructed all the competing hermetic and kabbalistic occult doctrines and have been the real "Unknown Superiors" alluded by the Elus Cohen, the Strict Observance, the Golden and Rosy Cross, and Theosophy. And further, that it is these Shemsu Hor who are behind the pervasiveness of sun symbolism?"
Here on the blog I feel free to speculate, but when I publish I feel obliged to stick to established fact. That being said, it's my opinion that the Freemasons were very, very busy in the 19th Century creating any number of movements for purposes I can only speculate on.

Christopher goes on to talk about the (possible) Masonic roots of Mormonism, Christian Science, Rastafarianism and Transcendentalism. Ralph Waldo Emerson! Noooooo :p

Read it all here at the Secret Sun.

What is Non-Duality?

What is Non-Duality?

The Temptations - Ball Of Confusion

The Temptations - Ball Of Confusion

The Truth According To Wikipedia

The Truth According To Wikipedia

Here's Andrew Keen bitching on the Colbert Report

Andrew Keen says people steal on the internet all the time.
People are not stealing, copying = not stealing. They're spreading information.
The reason they are is because the Mainstream Media is doing a piss poor job of that, they actually do the opposite. The Mainstream Media doesn't spread information, the MM informs.

There's nothing wrong with amateurs to me:
"The word amateur comes from the Latin root meaning 'to love.' The conventional interpretation is that the amateur pursues his calling out of love, while the pro does it for money. Not the way I see it. In my view, the amateur DOES NOT LOVE THE GAME ENOUGH. If he did, he would not pursue it as a sideline, distinct from his 'real' vocation. The professional loves it so much he dedicates his life to it. He commits full-time." Andrew Keen

What about the Renaissance Man? Someone who is great in many fields, take Jacque Fresco for instance. I value those way over the narrow minded professional.

"An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field." Niels Bohr

One of his most ridiculous arguments is that we need professional objective journalists instead of bloggers. LOL, I think that the unprofessional agenda-propagating actors we have as journalists now needed the bloggers, many of them biased, to come to the rescue or the information vacuum would have sucked up our reality in a black hole.

I do agree with him that money is an issue in all this, I'd like to get paid for my many hours on the internet too servicing others, especially cause I loathe the system and am having trouble finding a job I can actually fathom doing and not just being a cog in some insignificant broken Machine.

Where do you draw the line?

Belgian Oil Prices
In the year 2000 1 US Dollar = 1,2 Euro
1 barrell crude oil costed 60 Dollar.
1 barrell crude oil costed 72 Euro.
at the pump we payed 0,82 Euro for 1 liter of Diesel.

In the year 2008 march, 1 US Dollar = 0,65 Euro
1 barrell crude oil costs 110 Dollar.
1 barrell crude oil costs 70,1 Euro (Oops ??!!...)
at the pump we pay 1,25 Euro for 1 liter of Diesel...

If 1 barrell of crude oil is cheaper now in Euro than it was in 2000,
Then why are we paying 50% more for a liter of Diesel!?

Katt Williams

Katt Williams: on Gas, Weed and other funny stuff

American Justice System in Crisis? (Duh)

American Justice System in Crisis? (Duh)

Visit to make your voice heard. Shocking tale of the first major test-case of the PATRIOT Act. An embarrassed Justice Department is still trying to keep Dr. Sami Al-Arian in jail despite being acquitted of charges.

Yes this film is playing worldwide! for location and times

Daily Dedroidify: Ken Wilber's Integral Theory

Daily Dedroidify: Ken Wilber's Integral Theory

Integral theory refers to the systematic holistic philosophy developed originally by Ken Wilber, and more recently incorporated with the Spiral Dynamics theory of Don Beck. It is an all-encompassing evolutionary theory that addresses all aspects of consciousness studies (as well as such diverse fields as ecology and politics.)

Integral theory builds upon the ideas of previous integral thinkers like James Mark Baldwin, Jürgen Habermas and Jean Gebser, but also contains many new elements. Wilber intends to break away from metaphysics to develop a theory of spiritual evolution that is acceptable to the modern secular world.

What's posted here is only a small excerpt from the Ken Wilber page.

"There's more to evolution than a little DNA." Stuart Davis

"The mystics ask you to take nothing on mere belief. Rather, they give you a set of experiments to test in your own awareness and experience. The laboratory is your own mind, the experiment is meditation." Ken Wilber

Fulcrums (comparable to 8 Circuit model)
1 hatching of the physical self
2 birth of the emotional self
3 birth of the conceptual self
4 birth of the role self
5 the worldcentric or mature ego
6 Bodymind integration of the centaur - Realms of the superconscious
7 Psychic - Shamanistic - Animistic
8 Subtle - Saintly - Diety & Archetypes
9 Causal - Sagely - Non-Dual
10 Integrated Reality of all levels, states, conditions, transcends all, includes all (not really seperate of 9)

"The integral approach is committed to the full spectrum of consciousness as it manifests in all its extraordinary diversity. This allows the integral approach to recognize and honor the Great Holarchy of Being first elucidated by the perennial philosophy and the great wisdom traditions in general... The integral vision embodies an attempt to take the best of both worlds, ancient and modern. But that demands a critical stance willing to reject unflinchingly the worst of both as well." Ken Wilber

Spiral Dynamics is a theory of human development introduced in the 1996 book Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Chris Cowan. The book was based on the theory of psychology professor Clare W. Graves and Ken Wilber has popularized these ideas in a series of books. It will help you understand how and why the hell people are acting like they do.

  • overview
  • overview
  • overview (dutch)
  • Spiral Dynamics wiki
  • Clare W.
  • wiki

  • "In other words, the real problem is not exterior. The real problem is interior. The real problem is how to get people to internally transform, from egocentric to sociocentric to worldcentric consciousness, which is the only stance that can grasp the global dimensions of the problem in the first place, and thus the only stance that can freely, even eagerly, embrace global solutions." Ken Wilber

    here's one overview, you need to read several links to do the theory justice though

    "Global consciousness is not an objective belief that can be taught to anybody and everybody, but a subjective transformation in the interior structures that can hold belief in the first place, which itself is the product of a long line of inner consciousness development." Ken Wilber

    "We move from part to whole and back again, and in that dance of comprehension, in that amazing circle of understanding, we come alive to meaning, to value, and to vision: the very circle of understanding guides our way, weaving together the pieces, healing the fractures, mending the torn and tortured fragments, lighting the way ahead - this extraordinary movement from part to whole and back again, with healing the hallmark of each and every step, and grace the tender reward." Ken Wilber

    Lines of Development
    Cognitive - Kinesthetic - Spiritual - Aesthetic - Musical - Karmic - Interpersonal - Moral - Worldview - Psychodynamics - Needs - Psychosexual - Values - Affective - Logical-Mathematical - Self-identity - ...

    The Lines of development are several areas of intelligence to increase so one evolves towards higher consciousness. Over two dozen have been observed. You don't have to excell in all of the lines, however research has shown some crosstraining accelerates development.
    So to say "I don't have time to develop several" isn't correct, actually you should say "I don't have time to NOT develop several." eg. people observed who just did vipassana meditation, did not accelerate as quickly as people who did vipassana combined with bodybuilding.

    One can be highly developed cognitively (cerebrally smart) without being highly morally developed (as in the case of Nazi doctors). However, Wilber acknowledges, you cannot be highly morally developed without the pre-requisite cognitive development. So not all of the developmental lines are ontologically equivalent.

    These lines are developped at levels pre-conventional (egocentric), conventional (ethnocentric), post-conventional (worldcentric), integrated (cosmocentric)

    Recommendations by Wilber
    Cognitive: Different points of view, philosophy, etc
    Spiritual: Meditation eg. Vipassana
    Psychodynamics: Unconscious shadow issues
    eg. Psychotherapy, Rebirthing technique, Sedona Method
    Kinesthetic: Body Training: eg. Yoga, Bodybuilding, Pilates, Tai Chi
    research has proven that a trained body sets back the Aging markers,
    not only that but too much running increases the Disease markers of the body
    so keep in shape but don't push it.

    Some clarification on some Lines
    Aestethic: self-expression, beauty, art, felt meaning
    Cognitive: awareness of what is
    Emotional/affective: full spectrum emotions
    Interpersonal: how i socially relate to others
    Moral: awareness of what should be
    Needs: Maslow's needs hierarchy
    Psychosexual: eros (gross to subtle to causal)
    Self-identity: who am i, loevinger's ego development
    Spiritual: spirit as unfolding, not just as ground or highest stage
    Values: what's most important, clare graves & spiral dynamics

    "The Realization of the Nondual traditions is uncompromising: There is only Spirit, there is only God, there is only Emptiness in all its radiant wonder. All the good and all the evil, the very best and the very worst, the upright and the degenerate— each and all are radically perfect manifestations of Spirit precisely as they are. There is nothing but God, nothing but the Goddess, nothing but Spirit in all directions, and not a grain of sand, not a speck of dust, is more or less Spirit than any other." Ken Wilber

    Read & learn much more at the Ken Wilber page.

    Internet Novelty

    Researchers think they have mapped the traffic patterns of the internet. It shows the ebb and flow of novelty through the medium of the internet. Read the entire - inspirational - post at A Kean Eye. Also if you haven't already, check out Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero Novelty theory.

    Death Philosophy

    When Death met the philosopher, the philosopher said, rather excitedly:
    “At this point, you realise, I’m both dead and not dead.”

    Natural Born Killers

    Mickey: Of course the only thing that kills the demon... is love.

    Fan: Now don't get me wrong, we don't like mass murder and shit, yeah we value human life, but hell if we were serial killers we'd so totally be Mickey and Mallory.

    Dwight McClusky: Mickey & Mallory Knox are without a doubt the most twisted depraved pair of shitfucks it has ever been my displeasure to lay my god damn eyes on. I tell you these two motherfuckers are a walking reminder of just how fucked up this system really is.

    Mickey: At birth, I was cast into a flaming pit of scum forgotten by God.

    Wayne: No one is born evil, Mickey. It's something you learn.

    Mickey: You'll never understand, Wayne. You and me, we're not even the same species. I used to be you, then I evolved. From where you're standing, you're a man. From where I'm standing, you're an ape. You're not even an ape. You're a media person. Media's like the weather, only it's man-made weather. Murder? It's pure. You're the one made it impure. You're buying and selling fear. You say "why?" I say "why bother?"

    Mickey: Mister rabbit says, "A moment of realization is worth a thousand prayers."

    Natural Born Killers trailer

    Wayne Gale: So tell me Mickey? Any regrets? I mean, three weeks, fifty people killed... not too cool Mickey.
    Mickey: Fifty-two, but I don't a lot of time with regret. That's a wasted emotion.
    Wayne Gale: Seriously you must have some regret. Rack your brain.
    Mickey: Well, I wish that Indian hadn't got killed.
    Mallory: [archive footage of the Indian's death] Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!
    Wayne Gale: [looks at some files] One of your last victims.
    Mickey: Man had a rattlesnake in the corner...

    Mallory: You killed life!

    Mickey: The whole world's comin' to an end, Mal!
    Mallory: I see angels, Mickey. They're comin' down for us from heaven. And I see you ridin' a big red horse, and you're driving them horses, whippin' 'em, and the're spitting and frothing all 'long the mouth, and the're coming right at us. And I see the future, and there's no death, 'cause you and I, we're angels...
    Mickey: I love you, Mal.
    Mallory: I know you do baby, and I've loved you since the day we met.

    Wayne Gale: Repetition works, David. Repetition works, David.

    Old Indian: Once upon a time, a woman was picking up firewood. She came upon a poisonous snake frozen in the snow. She took the snake home and nursed it back to health. One day the snake bit her on the cheek. As she lay dying, she asked the snake, "Why have you done this to me?" And the snake answered, "Look, bitch, you knew I was a snake."

    Mickey: It's just murder. All God's creatures do it. You look in the forests and you see species killing other species, our species killing all species including the forests, and we just call it industry, not murder.

    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    People be dissing fruit?

    The Truth About Fruit! Health Food or Candy? Nutrition by PsycheTruth

    Haha, people are dissing fruit, calling it Nature's Candy and full of sugar!
    But I just bought some fruit today and Nathalie says I did good.

    Led Zeppelin plagiarized, aww...

    lol, if anyone didn't realize it yet, most of the wretched pop, RNB and other shit music polluting the airwaves now is recycled.
    Read the Youtube vid info for the full story.

    part 1 and part 2

    Also check these links

    Psycanics: The 10 Stages of Human Consciousness

    I don't like their language very much, seriously.
    But still interesting, check it out.

    PKD: The Penultimate Truth excerpts

    World War III is raging - or so the millions of people crammed in their underground tanks believe. For fifteen years, subterranean humanity has been fed on daily broadcasts of a never-ending nuclear destruction, sustained by a belief in the all powerful Protector. But up on Earth's surface, a different kind of reality reigns. East and West are at peace. And across the planet, an elite corps of expert hoaxers preserve the lie.

    Carol said, "I made an aud(io) tape of Yancy's (the supposed leader of the society) speech. The part I was there for, anyhow."
    "Those other spools of aud tape in that cabinet?"
    "All of Yancy. Former Speeches. Dating back over the past year."
    "Is that legal to do?"
    "As a matter of fact it is legal. I looked it up."
    Relieved, he said, "Sometimes I think you're nuts." Her mind was always off in some odd direction, flashing and echoing in its fullness and baffling him eternally; he could never keep up with her, and so his awe of her continually grew. "Explain," he said.
    "Have you noticed," Carol said, "that Yancy, in his speeches in late February, when he used the phrase coup de grâce, he pronounced it gras. And in March he pronounced it-" From the steel-doored cabinet she brought forth a chart with entries, which she now consulted. "March twelfth. Pronounced coo de grah. Then, in April, on the fifteenth, it was gras again." She glanced up alertly, eyed Nicholas.
    "Then," Carol said, inflexibly, "on May third in a speech, he once more used the term. That memorable speech in which he informed us that our destruct of Leningrad completely-" She glanced up from her chart. "It could well be the coo de grah. No s.
    Back to his earlier pronunciation." She restored the chart to the cabinet, then, and relocked the cabinet. He noted that it took not only a metal insert key but the pressure of her fingerprints; even with a duplicate key - or her key - the cabinet would remain closed. It would open only for her.
    Carol said, "I don't know. But it means something. Who fights the surface war?"
    "Leadies." (robots)
    "And where are the humans?"
    "What is this, Commissioner Nunes (Commissioners who control the ant tanks, the underground tanks) all over again, interrogating people at bedtime when they ought to be-"
    "They're in ant tanks (underground tanks)," Carol said. "Below surface. Like us. Now, when you apply for an artiforg (artificial organs) you are told they're available only to military hospitals, presumably on the surface."
    "I don't know," he said, "or care, where the military hospitals are. All I know is that they have the priority and we don't."
    Carol said, "If Leadies are fighting the war, what are in the military hospitals? Leadies? No. Because they send damaged leadies down to shops, our shop for instance. And a leady is a metal construct and it has no pancreas. There are a few humans on the surface, of course; the Estes Park Government. And in Pac-Peop, the Soviet. Are the pancreases for them?
    He was silent; she had him completely.
    "Something," she said, "is wrong. there can't be military hospitals because there aren't civilians or soldiers who've been maimed in the fighting and who need artiforgs. Yet - they won't release the artiforgs to us. To me, for instance, for Souza; even though they know we can't survive without Souza. Think about it, Nick."
    "Hmmm," he said.
    Carold said quietly. "You're going to have to come up with something better than 'Hmmm,' Nick. And soon."

    Ye shall know the truth, Adams thought, and by this thou shalt enslave. Or as Yancy would put it, "My fellow Americans. I have before me a document so sacred and momentous that I am going to ask you to-"

    Time, Nicholas thought, It's as if a force that grips us all in a one-way path of power, a total power on its part, none on ours, has for him divided; he is moved by it and yet simultaniously, or perhaps alternately, he seizes it and grips it and he then moves on to suit his own needs.

    "Gottlied Fischer," he said aloud. "The idea for Yancy originated with him; so the crisis is actually in the past." And he who possesses the ability to travel in time has accss to the past, he realized. There is a junction, a connection, Between David Lantano, who or whatever he is, and Gottlied Fischer, back in 1982 or '4 or right up to Fischer's death; but no later than his death... and probably slightly before Fischer began his work on the Yancy Prinzip, his variation on the Führer Prinzip: his new solution to the problem of who shall lead, since, if men are too blind to govern themselves, how can they be trusted to govern others? The answer is der Führer, as every German knows, and Gottlieb Fischer was a German. Brose then stole the idea from Fischer, as we all know, and turned that idea into an actuality, the dummy, one in Moscow and one in New York, bolted to the oak desk, programmed by the computer which in in turn is fed speeches by well trained elite idea men.

    Joan Minninger: Make your Mind work for You

    Interesting book so far focusing on the multi-mind approach, a model with five minds, to decrease inner conflicts and find out what you really want. The first one is The Executive one, the encouraging decision maker which is the boss over 4 others: WORK

    Wondering, curious, inventive, experimental, playful, possibilities, creative
    Organizing, rational, realistic, practical, clear, getting jobs done
    Reactive, emotions and feelings, intuitive, motivation
    Knowing, collects data from senses & processes it in information

    Sometimes the information from the minds can be really conflicting, so if you hold regular 'board meetings' where you evaluate each mind's advice you can make more informed decisions.

    Anything that helps!

    Eight Weeks to Optimum Health by Andrew Weil, M.D.

    Check it out here: Including projects, diet, supplements (I wouldn't freaking advise those but hey - if you need vitamins, eat vitamin rich foods :p), mental, exercise, mental & spiritual, breathing exercises.

    God is an Astronaut: All Is Violent All Is Bright

    God is an Astronaut: All Is Violent All Is Bright

    "I don't believe in killing whatever the reason!"
    John Lennon

    Daily Dedroidify: Alan Watts "I am".

    Daily Dedroidify: Alan Watts "I am"

    "It is obvious to any informed student of the history and psychology of religion that Jesus was one, of many, who had an intense experience of cosmic consciousness- of the vivid realization that oneself is a manifestation of the eternal energy of the universe, the basic "I am." But it is very hard to express this experience when the only religious imagery at your disposal conceives that "I am" as an all-knowing and all-powerful monarch, autocrat, and beneficent tyrant enthroned in a court of adoring subjects. In such a cultural context, you cannot say "I am God" without being accused of subversion, insubordination, megalomania, arrogance, and blasphemy. Yet that was why Jesus was crucified.

    In India people would have laughed and rejoiced with him, because Hindus know that we are all God in disguise-playing hide-and-seek with himself. Their model of the universe is not based on the political states of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Persians, whose awesome dictatorships still hold sway through the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions, even in the Republic of the United States. In Hinduism the whole universe is like the Holy Trinity - one as many, and many as one. (And, of course, the Hindus are the despised of the earth, having been reduced to utter poverty by Muslims and Christians.)

    But they must realize that Christianity would seem ever so much more valid if it would stop insisting on being an oddity. Christianity has universality, or catholicity, only in recognizing that Jesus is one particular instance and expression of a wisdom which was also, if differently, realized in the Buddha, in Lao-tzu, and in such modern avatars as Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna, and, perhaps, Aurobindo and Inayat Khan. (I could make a very long list.)
    This wisdom is that none of us are brief island existences, but forms and expressions of one and the same eternal "I am" waving in different ways, such that,
    whenever this is realized to be the case, we wave more harmoniously with other waves."

    "But at any rate, the point is that God is what nobody admits to being, and everybody really is."
    Alan Watts

    Alan Watts Streaming Vids

    LSD History Comic

    Full comic here

    Thanks Technoccult

    Wednesday, April 9, 2008

    Horizon: How Does Your Memory Work?

    Horizon: How Does Your Memory Work?

    You might think that your memory is there to help you remember facts, such as birthdays or shopping lists. If so, you would be very wrong. The ability to travel back in time in your mind is, perhaps, your most remarkable ability, and develops over your lifespan.

    Horizon takes viewers on an extraordinary journey into the human memory. From the woman who is having her most traumatic memories wiped by a pill, to the man with no memory, this film reveals how these remarkable human stories are transforming our understanding of this unique human ability.

    The findings reveal the startling truth that everyone is little more than their own memory.

    Dr. J. Craig Venter: A DNA-Driven World

    Dr. J. Craig Venter: A DNA-Driven World

    Gene pioneer Dr. J. Craig Venter gives the 32nd Richard Dimbleby Lecture. One of the principal scientists who decoded the human genome is about to create the first artificial life form on Earth. So what does the future hold in A DNA-Driven World?

    BBC - History of Magic - Mentalism

    BBC - History of Magic - Mentalism part 1of6

    BBC - History of Magic - Mentalism

    Mystery Appreciation

    Check out the Mystery Appreciation blog

    This blog is about enlivening appreciation of the mystery experience. It is about humans, and our constant companion: the oddly unknown. Here, the object of mystery is secondary to the experience of mystery.

    I do not write about little mysteries like JFK or D.B. Cooper. I write about mysteries that touch on giant questions, and are ongoing as we speak. For example, a UFO might drop out of the sky (and they do) anytime. This mystery is moving. 70% of Americans believe in UFOs...But it's all behind closed doors. This is a special time, a strange time, a time of repressive fear and public contradiction to public intuition. Social studies meets science fiction meets reality, only here at Mystery Appreciation.

    Steampunk Home

    The Steampunk Home
    I love me some Steampunk, please post all your Steampunk links and media in the comments :). I should really check the rest of the steampunk anime Last Exile.

    Daily Dedroidify: Scapegoat the Mass Media

    Antero Alli - Scapegoat the Mass Media!

    Many are the ways to scapegoat the mass media. For starters, turn off the TV. Break trance. Create your own media. Make trance. Produce more media than you're currently consuming. Reimagine everything you see on TV. Stop your cocooning. Get out into the streets again. Talk amongst yourselves. Listen to international news on a short-wave radio. Really listen to each other. Make a movie with your friends. Start a newsletter. Get your imaginations back. Take an artist out to lunch. Stop mainlining the online. Make real connections with people. Turn off the TV. Break trance. Make trance. Create your own media. Do it now.
    Imagination death precedes death of soul.

    Modern-Day Scapegoats
    The rise of mediarchy, and how you can declare independence
    by Antero Alli

    RAW: The joy of Art; Art is Seduction

    Steven Jacobson Mind control Neuro-linguistic programming

    Steven Jacobson Mind control Neuro-linguistic programming

    Tuesday, April 8, 2008

    Futuretalk: another conversation with David Wilcock (disinfo alert)

    Futuretalk: another conversation with David Wilcock (Project Camelot)

    Some hopeful comments about Obama, though hey Project Camelot is rumored to be disinfo. Shit Wilcock even says Obama isn't in "their" pockets, I mean geez pay attention. Interesting topics, though what's the use with this level of disinfo.

    Derren Brown shares his talents

    Derren Brown shares his talents

    Following Hugh Jackman Through the Atlantean Stargate

    Jake Kotze has another amazing synchromystic megapost up on: Following Hugh Jackman Through the Atlantean Stargate

    at The Blob: Run do not walk blog

    I loved the Juno Symbolism, I can't believe how much symbolism I'm still missing in movies. Still getting the hang of the synchromystic vibe, but very much enjoying it!

    Free Visual Distortions

    Free Visual Distortions

    Keep watching for a minute or so, then look around.

    Cindy Sheehan Salutes Ron Paul and Exposes Obama

    Cindy Sheehan Salutes Ron Paul and Exposes Obama

    New Header?

    Hey folks, the coming days I will be experimenting with some new headers, so don't be surprised if things look weird up there sometimes hehe. I really like Stargate (enlightenment, 2012, etc) symbolism so anything wide stargate-related would be fitting. Or anything relating to de-droid-ifying, de-robotizing, etc. All suggestions are welcome :)

    For the time being I'll put this Farscape Wormhole pic up. It fits ok, you see the spirit from the Prometheus Rising cover at the right rising up and then you see the Farscape ship - underneath the word "explore" - going through the wormhole, a symbol for diving into the unconscious, interdimensional travel, 2012, enlightenment and probably even more :)

    Synchromystic Bloggers

    Woot, some blogs in there I haven't seen yet. Can't wait to dive in.

    Check 'em out here at
    Also check out this Forum at RedIceCreations

    The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance.

    Class is in Session

    Daily Dedroidify: Believe Nothing!

    Daily Dedroidify: Believe Nothing!

    ...I began to develop a strong suspicion that there was, somewhere in space-time, another Adept of Brain Change, or perhaps a School of Adepts, helping and guiding me. This is not at all unusual. In most human societies, historically, the shamans have used similar brain-change drugs and soon became convinced they have "allies" [for instance Animal Guides, which are archetypical forces aswell] helping them. Even a man with such a long and orthodox scientific career as Dr. John Lilly confesses that he thought he had super-human "Guides" on some of his LSD voyages.
    My teachers seemd to have a damned peculiar sense of humar at times. At one point I was almost totally convinced that my teachers were a school of extraterrestrial adepts resident in the double-star system of Sirius. Strange coincidences - or Jungian synchronicities - then accumulated around me, supporting this theory.
    Later, a "psychic reader" told me I was "channeling" the spirit of an ancient Chinese sage. Coincidences or "omens" supporting this model then obligingly appeared.
    Then, another "psychic" told me I was channeling a medieval Irish bard. More synchronicities followed.
    This sort of things always happens to people who mess around with Cabala (even if they don't use Acid) [Or those who mess around with consciousness alteration and conscious evolution in general]
    The late Dr. Israel Regardie, a psychotherapist and Cabalist, often distinguished two ways of looking at this phenomenon, when it happens to you. The objective theory, as he called it, assumes an external reality to these "entities." The subjective theory, on the other hand, assumes the "entities" exist only in our brains, as anti-selves or Jungian archetypes or something of that sort. Dr. Regardie believed you will get the best results when you are not committed to either theory but just open yourself to whatever happens.
    Somewhere along the way I got concerned with the direction all this was taking and decided to safeguard my sanity by choosing the subjective theory (it's all in my head), and ruthlessly repressing any tendency to speculate further about possible objective theories (there are super-human forces at work here...). In terms of the neurological model then current, I explained everything as my over-developed left brain learning to receive signals from my usually "silent" right brain. (We now know that this left brain/right brain model does not quite explain everything, and Karl Pribram's hologram model of consciousness seems more inclusive.)
    Robert Anton Wilson: Cosmic Trigger 2: Down to Earth

    Some other thoughts, maybe our unconscious is so powerful that we can let it guide us (another useful metaphor is maybe we are all God like in the Hindu sense that if we want can lead our unconscious, or Higher self, or God, etc etc to guide us out of the maze we got ourselves into), this comes in whatever forms we prefer consciously or have imprinted unconsciously and can change if we so 'intend' it. Intention and Archetypes are powerful stuff! Maybe the subjective side of reality as we filter it with our nervous systems is much more powerful than we now think after the one-sided objective materialistic age which has obviously not made us happy to our fullest potential. Sometimes it seems help from 'outside' no matter how strange is required for our growth. The moral of the story however is BELIEVE NOTHING; It is the highest form of intelligence =)

    "Nothing is true, everything is permitted."
    Hassan-i Sabbah

    "In this book it is spoken of the Sephiroth, and the Paths, of Spirits and Conjurations ; of Gods, Spheres, Planes and many other things which may or may not exist. It is immaterial whether they exist or not. By doing certain things certain results follow ; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophic validity to any of them."
    Aleister Crowley - Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae, reprinted in Magick

    Monday, April 7, 2008

    Marketing to Apes

    Marketing to Apes 1of2 and 2of2

    How do we know a false smile from the real thing? What does the grooming habits of chimps tell us about selling beer? The direction of a glance or the way a hand lays on a table in an ad can signal meanings to which we are hard-wired to respond. Each of us gives and responds to thousands of nonverbal messages daily. This presentation, presented by John Harrington and Gavin Johnston, will show you how a good brand capitalizes on signals that go back to our most primal instincts.

    Björk: Wanderlust

    Björk: Wanderlust

    Great video and lyrics.

    John C. Lilly: Beliefs Unlimited

    Excerpt from 'Center of the Cyclone' p127 and on.

    The next exercise was the "Beliefs Unlimited" exercise in which one attempted to move beyond one's current belief structures. We listented to a tape programmed in a repetitive fashion (5 presentations each time) to maximize absorption. The directions for listening to the tape were to lie in a comfortable position on the floor with the lights very dim and to just allow the metaprogramming to enter one's biocomputer.

    Beliefs Unlimited.
    In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true either is true or becomes true within certain limits, to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are beliefs to be transcended.
    Hidden from one's self is a covert set of beliefs that control on's thinking, one's actions, and one's feelings.
    The covert set of hidden beliefs is the limiting set of beliefs to be transcended.
    To transcend one's limiting set, one establishes an open-ended set of beliefs about the unknown.
    The unknown exists in one's goals for changing one's self, int he means for changing, in th euse of others for the change, in one's capacity to change, in one's orientation toward change, in one's elimination of hindrances to change, in one's assimilation of the aids to change, in one's use of the impulse to change, in one's need for changing, in the possibilities of change, in the form of change itself, and in the substance of change and of changing.
    The unknown exists in one's goals for changing one's self, in the means for that change, in the use of others in the changing, in one's capacity for changing one's self, in one's orientation toward changes, in the elimination of hindrances to changing, in one's assimilation of the aids to changing, in one's impulses toward changing one's self and undergoing changes, in one's needs for changse, in the possibilities for change, in the form of the changes tehmselves, an din the substance of the changes and of changing itself.
    There are unknowns in my goals toward changing. There are unknowns in my means of changing. There are unknowns in my relations with others in changing. There are unknowns in my capacity for changing. There are unknowns in my orientation toward changing. There are unknowns in my assimilation of changes. There are unknowns in my needs for changing. There are unknowns in the possibilities of me changing. There are unknowns in the forms into which changing will put me. There are unknowns in the substance of the changes that I will undergo, in my substance after changes.
    My disbelief in all these unknowns is a limiting belief, preventing my transcending my limits. My disbelief in these unknowns is a belief, a limiting belief, preventing my transcending my limits.
    By allowing there are no limits; no limits to thinking, no limits to feeling, no limits to movement. By allowing, there are no limits. There are no limits to thinking, no limits to feeling, no limits to movement.
    That which is not allowed is forbidden. That which is allowed, exists. In allowing no limits, there are no limits. That which is forbidden is not allowed. That which is not allowed is forbidden. That which exists is allowed. That which is allowed, exists. In allowing no limits, there are no limits. That which is not allowed is forbidden. That which is forbidden is not allowed. That which is allowed, exists. That which exists is allowed. To allow no limits, there are no limits. No limits allowed. No limits exist.
    In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true either is true or becomes true. In the province of the mind, there are no limits. In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true or becomes true. There are no limits.

    The Mind is a powerful tool, are you using yours wisely?

    "What we perceive as reality is only a canvas waiting for us to draw upon it any picture we want. Anything is possible, from bending spoons with the power of the mind to the phantasmagoric events experienced by Castaneda during his encounters with the Yaqui brujo don Juan, for magic is our birthright, no more or less miraculous than our ability to compute the reality we want when we are in our dreams." Physicist Michael Talbot

    Evolution Now! - Quantum Physical message for humanity

    "To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour." William Blake

    Thanks very much Càm

    Illuminati Ultimatum (disinfo?)

    Project Camelot Interviews Benjamin Fulford - Part 1 of 3

    YouTube link to other 2 parts

    I hope what he says about the Asian Secret Societies is true, though if there are powerful benevolent secret societies in China they don't seem to be very influencial in Chinese Government considering what's all going on there considering Falun Gong, Tibet, housing and pollution just to name a few.

    The Onion: China #1 air polluter

    The Onion: China #1 air polluter

    News reports say the air in China for the Olympics will 'not be hazardous to the athletes their health', but it could and probably will impact their performances (lol). Some athletes will probably even wear those little smog masks, how Olympian they will look! Go China! :p

    These Olympics are gonna suck balls, oh well nothing new there.

    Step 654654 for dystopian suck future: Olympic athletes wearing breathing masks.

    Oh right, FREE TIBET! Dammit...

    Daily Dedroidify: Clinging to Belief

    Daily Dedroidify: Clinging to Belief

    "Truth is a great mirror shattered by time into a hundred thousand pieces, allowing everyone who has a piece to declare that they have The Truth." Sufi Gabril Kahlil

    "God is a symbol of God." Paul Tillich

    "Religion is a defense against the experience of God." Carl Gustav Jung

    "The attitude of faith is the very opposite of clinging to belief, of holding on." Alan Watts

    "The materialist fundamentalists are funnier than the Christian fundamentalists, because they think they're rational!" Robert Anton Wilson

    "Whenever people are certain they understand our peculiar situation here on this planet, it is because they have accepted a religious Faith or a secular Ideology (Ideologies are the modern form of Faiths) and just stopped thinking." Robert Anton Wilson

    "Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort,
    or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence." Robert Anton Wilson

    "In (Gordiano) Bruno's day the 3 terms were divided up differently, you had science and mysticism on one side, and religion on the other side. Science and mysticism are alike in their struggle against religion. They were both based on experience and respect for the individual. The idea of science and mysticism was go out and discover for yourself. Find out what works, find out how the universe is actually structured and how you relate to the structure of the universe. And so there were basically 2 areas of scientific exploration, the external and the internal. But they were both pursued by the same method, the experimental method."
    Robert Anton Wilson

    "In heaven there is no religion, thank God." Gandhi

    "Take care of the people, and God almighty will take care of himself."
    Kurt Vonnegut

    "True spirituality should have the result of making a person calmer, happier, more peaceful, so engaging in training or a method of bringing about inner discipline within ones mind is the essence of a religious life, an inner discipline that has the purpose of cultivating these positive mental states." Tenzin Gyatso

    "It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God.
    It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg." Thomas Jefferson

    "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." Epictetus

    "When I'm watching the news and my daughter walks in and choose to ask: 'Why were all those people on the floor, sleeping, covered in red?' I told her, that they were looking for God, but found religion instead." De La Soul

    "All around one the True Believers trudge by, mouths grim, brows furrowed, ulcers and worse eating at their innards. This desperate company of oddfellows (Thoreau) live in what psychologists call 'cognitive dissonance.' Because their reality-maps are, one and all, too small to cover the vast, eerie, amusing world in which we live, they are perpetually frustrated: the world does not live up to their fixed beliefs. They are all convinced that there is something radically wrong with the universe itself, or with the rest of humanity, and they never suspect that the real trouble is in their own rigid and robotic nervous systems." Robert Anton Wilson

    There is a parable of Blind men and the elephant, one felt the side of the elephant and said it was a wall, the second felt the tip of a tusk and was convinced it was a spear, the third said it was a snake as he felt the trunk, the fourth had grabbed a paw and said it was a tree trunk, the fifth who felt an ear said it was a fan and the sixth who had the tail said it was like a rope. All started arguing about who had told the truth. While each knew a part of the image, none knew the whole. The moral of the story is that reality may be viewed differently depending upon one's perspective, and argueing about it is ridiculous since no human knows the entire truth.

    It's always more interesting to talk to someone who keeps looking for the truth than to someone who's sure they've found it.

    "The difference between a cult and a religion is the number of members and the size of the bank account." Robert Anton Wilson

    "Whoever cannot find a temple in his heart, the same can never find his heart in any temple." Mikhail Naimy

    "The data stream has been corrupted, return to first principles." Terence McKenna

    "The discovery of this reality is hindered rather than helped by belief, whether one believes in God or believes in atheism. We must make here a clear distinction between belief and faith, because, in general practice, belief has come to mean a state of mind which is almost the opposite of faith. Belief, as I use the word here, is the insistence that the truth is what one would “lief” or wish it to be. The believer will open his mind to the truth on the condition that it fits in with his preconceived ideas and wishes. Faith, on the other hand, is an unreserved opening of the mind to the truth, whatever it may turn out to be. Faith has no preconceptions; it is a plunge into the unknown. Belief clings, but faith lets go. In this sense of the word, faith is the essential virtue of science, and likewise of any religion that is not self-deception." Alan Watts

    What I personally find hilarious is that atheists and new agers think their BS (belief system) is different from a religion.

    Religion is for people afraid of going to hell.
    Spirituality is for people who have been there.

    If there's only one God, stop fighting about the name!

    God is too big to fit into one religion.

    God: Religion is easy, I'm talking about faith. You're gonna help me change that.
    Jerry: Me? But I don't even belong to any church!?
    God: Neither do I!
    (from the movie Oh, God 1977)

    A unified 'religion' would not bring about peace, but stupidity.

    Derren Brown: Voodoo

    Derren Brown: Voodoo

    Atheist, sceptic & mentalist Derren Brown challenges the beliefs of a New Age believer with the use of a Voodoo Doll. Starts out great with "we all get stuck in our belief systems, however sensible we think they are..."

    Sunday, April 6, 2008

    We Are CHANGE confronts Zbigniew Brzezinski

    We Are CHANGE confronts Zbigniew Brzezinski Part 1of2 and Part 2of2

    Who is Zbigniew Brzezinski, among many other things - one of Barack Obama's foreign policy advisers for the presidential campaign of 2008.

    Soylent Green

    Soylent Green Trailer

    Soylent Green (full movie link) is a 1973 dystopian science fiction movie depicting a bleak future in which overpopulation, global warming, and the resulting severe damage to the ecology have led to widespread unemployment and poverty.

    Real fruit, vegetables, and meat are rare, expensive commodities, and much of the population survives on processed food rations, including "soylent green" wafers

    The film overlays the genres of science fiction and the police procedural as it depicts the efforts of New York City police detective Robert Thorn (Charlton Heston, R.I.P.) and elderly police researcher Sol Roth (Edward G. Robinson) to investigate the brutal murder of a wealthy businessman named William R. Simonson (Joseph Cotten). Thorn and Roth uncover clues which suggest that it is more than simply a bungled burglary.

    The film is loosely based upon the 1966 science fiction novel Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison

    Brit spies confirm Dalai Lama's report of staged violence

    Just in case you wondered why 'Tibetan monks' were so violent in Lhasa...

    Can Myspace get you arrested?

    Can Myspace get you arrested?

    The Moses Code Trailer

    The Moses Code Trailer

    The folks behind "The Secret" have a new movie out. They can get carried away, but thankfully there's a dude on the YouTube comments calling for repentance and turning to Jesus :p

    Alien Dreamtime - Terence McKenna DMT rap

    Alien Dreamtime - Terence McKenna DMT rap

    Daily Dedroidify: Language

    Daily Dedroidify: Language
  • Random Quotes
  • E-Prime: abolishing 'to be'
  • Alan Watts on nouns & things
  • Alan Watts on symbols & meaning
  • Unconscious mind does not process negation
  • Terence Mckenna: evolution of language
  • Terence Mckenna on visible language (vid)
  • Sanskrit: What is Maya?

  • Just a teaser post with excerpts. So I included the sublinks here too.


    You change all the lead sleeping in my head (to gold)
    as the day grows dim I hear you sing a golden hymn
    the song I've been trying to sing!
    Arcade Fire

    The only thing that you keep changing is your name,
    my love keeps growing still the same.
    Arcade Fire

    "Animals only suffer physical pain; humans suffer both physical pain and an additional psychological pain from the thought (verbal construct), 'I should not have to suffer this.' This causes us to struggle for social progress, better medicine etc. but it also causes us to feel the same bitter sense of 'injustice' or 'wrongness' when there is nothing concretely that can be done to ease the pain. In short, without language we'd have less suffering and no progress."
    Robert Anton Wilson

    "The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words."
    Philip K. Dick

    "By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth."
    George Carlin

    "Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about."
    Benjamin Lee Whorf

    "Language helps form the limits of our reality."
    Dale Spender

    "The aim of the work of Aristotle and the work of the non-aristotelians is similar, except for the date of our human development and the advance of science. The problem is wether we shall deal with science and scientific methods of 350 B.C. or of today. In general-semantics, in building up a non-aristotelian system, the aims of Aristotle are preserved yet scientific methods are brought up to date."
    Alfred Korzybski

    "'Is', 'is'. 'is' - the idiocy of the word haunts me. If it were abolished, human thought might begin to make sense.
    I don't know what anything 'is'; I only know how it seems to me at this moment." (The Historical Illuminatus as spoken by Sigismundo Celine)
    Any proposition containing the word "is" creates a linguistic structural confusion which will eventually give birth to serious fallacies.

    E-Prime is abolishing all forms of the verb "to be" from the English Language.
    Why? Because nothing 'is' and everything changes.
    A conversation tends to get a lot less aggressive & retarded when you say for example 'it seems to me...' instead of 'it is'.
    When you say something 'is', it only 'is' according to you - so why not say it like it 'is' ;) and express yourself more consciously?

    1A. The electron is a wave.
    1B. The electron appears as a wave when measured with instrument-l.

    2A. The electron is a particle.
    2B. The electron appears as a particle when measured with instrument-2.

    3A. John is lethargic and unhappy.
    3B. John appears lethargic and unhappy in the office.

    Alan Watts on 'nouns & things'

    And so what I would call a basic problem we've got to go through first, is to understand that there are no such things as things. That is to say separate things, or separate events. That that is only a way of talking. If you can understand this, you're going to have no further problems. I once asked a group of high school children 'What do you mean by a thing?' First of all, they gave me all sorts of synonyms. They said 'It's an object,' which is simply another word for a thing; it doesn't tell you anything about what you mean by a thing. Finally, a very smart girl from Italy, who was in the group, said 'a thing is a noun.' And she was quite right. A noun isn't a part of nature, it's a part of speech. There are no nouns in the physical world.
    There are no separate things in the physical world, either. The physical world is wiggly. Clouds, mountains, trees, people, are all wiggly. And only when human beings get to working on things--they build buildings in straight lines, and try to make out that the world isn't really wiggly. But here we are, sitting in this room all built out of straight lines, but each one of us is as wiggly as all get-out.

    from 'The Nature of Consciousness'

    Alan Watts on 'symbols & meaning'

    Matter comes from the Sanskrit word 'matr' which means to measure. Lay out say the foundations say for a building, so we get to 'maya', and maya is generally translated illusion, although it also means magic, creative power.

    The word illusion, switch over, we get that from Latin and that comes from 'ludere;' to play (note from webmaster: and survives in english as 'lewd' :p). Let's pretend that we matter, haha! And so also from the root matr, you get 'mitar,' that is also to measure, you get 'meter' in Greek, 'mater' in Latin, which means mother, the mother of Buddha was called Maya. Marie, 'ma' again is the mother of Jesus, ma ma ma ma ma!

    But 'ma', you see, is a matter of form, pattern. The Chinese call the basic principle of nature 'li', and the character for 'li' means the markins in jade, the fibre in muscle, the grain in wood. So organic pattern. And that what's going on, and there's no stuff involved, what stuff is, is a pattern seen out of focus, where it becomes fuzzy, like kapok, kapok is the stuffing of a cushion, and that stuff is seen like goo, but when we examine the kapoc closely, we find structure, that's what you'll find and there never will be anything else. Crazy because it completely flouts our common sense!

    We say but surely, when philosophers beat tables that are in front of them, and they say it is there, bang, you know. It must be something that is stuff that is substantial. The only reason you can't move your hand through a table because the table is moving too fast. Haha. It's like trying to put your fingers through an electric fan, only it's going much faster than an electric fan. Anything solid is going so fast, that there is no way to get this trhough it. That's all. So you say what is it that's going so fast, well that question is based on a grammatical illusion, the grammatical illusion is that all verbs have to have subjects. Can you imagine anything more weird than the idea that a verb or an action or event, must be set into motion by a noun. A non-event or thing.

    What's the difference between a thing and an event, I can't for the life of me tell! We say this is a fist, that's a noun. What happens to it when I open my hand, this thing is unaccountably dissapeared, so I should call this a fisting, and this is a handing. It may also be a pointing. So we could devise a language such as that of the Nuku Indians, where there are no nouns, there are only verbs. Chinese is very close to that. I think the superimposition of the idea of noun and verb on the Chinese language is a western invention. I can't think of any Chinese word for a noun.

    But all those languages of Indo-European origin have nouns and verbs in them. They have agents and operations, and that's one of the basic snags when we divide the world into operations and agents, doers and doings. Then we ask such silly questions as 'who knows,' 'who does it,' what does it,' when the what that's supposed to do it is the same as the doing! You can very easily see that the whole process of the universe may be understood as process. Nobody's doing it because when you go back to doing it, you go back to the military analogy the chain of command, the boss who goes bang, and the object to base, it's a very crude idea, very unsophisticated, so if you can bear it we have suddenly eliminated a spook. And the spook was called stuff.

    from 'Symbols and Meaning'

    The Unconscious Mind does not process Negation
    Choose your words wisely!

    The mind focuses on what it directs its attention to. Words and languages have been manipulated to suit governmental control over the populace.

    When you repeat to yourself: I will NOT fail, I will NOT fail, I will NOT fail!
    What are you focusing on? On what you're negating, thus in this example: failing! Instead we should learn to say and think what we DO mean.

    For instance, I saw another bulletin about the Anti-War movement... the absolute failure of what's called "The Anti-War Movement" to accomplish anything is simply on its focus: Anti-War, the mind only sees War.
    Mother Theresa wouldn't join an anti-war protest once, she said if you start calling it a peace-protest then I might join.

    Let's take a look at some of the ten commandments, at what they state - how they are actually processed:
    Thou shalt not make for thyself an idol - go ahead
    Thou shalt not make wrongful use of the name of thy God - please do
    Thou shalt not murder - imagine murdering someone
    Thou shalt not commit adultery - look at that chick!
    Thou shalt not steal - take it
    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor - you could though
    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house - you already do by me bringing it to your attention
    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife - same same

    Imagine if these lines were replaced by the positive reverse and how that would chime through history.

    Let's take a look at warnings:
    For instance, a WWE commercial says: PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!
    the DON'T is in red, seemingly to emphasize, but actually the mind sees PLEASE TRY THIS AT HOME clearer. Consider a slippery floor warning sign, it shows someone falling!

    Now you can analyze the crap you're bombarded with daily much better in the media and on the street, soaps, shows, advertisements, the news always cleverly use the power of suggestion for many purposes to make you feel insecure, sick, unfulfilled, unpopular, and all that other shit you don't like so you can go spend money on whatever shit they're selling to make you feel better.

    The truth is you only need to learn more about language, your psychology, learn about mind expansion, practice mind expanding practices daily instead of watching TV, and peace and fulfillment will come with ease, at no cost. (and screw all these organisations that are charging heaps of money to teach you any meditation or technique, there are excellent ones that are free and won't take monthly wages!)

    Terence Mckenna on the evolution of language

    Part of what makes it difficult for us to think about language clearly in english, is that this word language is used by us to mean spoken language and it also means the general class of linguistic activity as in computer language, body language, so forth and so on.

    And to think clearly about language we need to have a clear distinction between spoken language and the general syntactical organisation of reality. Language, because that is old, honeybees do it, dolphins, termites, octopi they all do it different ways, there is much of language in nature. In fact you could argue that all of nature is a linguistic enterprise because the DNA essentialy is a symbolic system. Those codons which code for protein are arbitrarily assigned, assigned in other words by convention, there is no chemical relationship between the codons and the proteins they code for - anymore than there is a relationship between an english word and the thing it intends, those are just conventionalised by probability over time. So language is deep in nature.

    What is not deep in nature, is speech, speech is as artificial as the water wheel, the bicycle pump, the tesla coil and the space shuttle. Somebody figured this out, somewhere. So well then to say this is hard to understand, this is hard to picture how it could happen. Well here's how I think how it happened. It's that, all kinds, all non-genetic behaviours, which are called - reasonably enough ethogenetic behaviours are nevertheless, they're not simply expressions of free will. They are under the control of a looser system of rules, than the genetic rules which are chemical and absolute, the ethogenetic behaviours are under the control of syntactical constraints, in other words we need to expand the concept of syntax from the rules which govern the grammer of a spoken language to the rules which govern the behaviour of any complex system.

    So for example, before speech among human beings I think it was probably very touchy feely, if you watch monkeys you see this, they touch eachother, they stroke, they grunt, they groom, they goose, they push, they do all of these things. The repertoire of this kind of behaviour if you're good at it, may be on the order of having 4 or 5000 words in your vocabulary.

    Well when we watch primates do this kind of behaviour we don't think of it as a language, but in fact it is, it's a gestural language. A couple of years ago some research was done when people took preverbal infants, and they thaught them standard american sign language before they could speak. So these little tiny children could sign pick me up, please change me, where's daddy, I'm hungry, I wanna watch tv, before they could ever utter a word. Well now what we're always told about spoken language is it's this miracle and we're genetically hardwired for it, well these experiments seem to imply we're even more genetically hardwired for standard american sign language which is something very few of us will ever learn to use, what does this mean? Well it means that the gestural capacity is deeper than the ability to verbalise and hence probably older, so I think there was a gestural language as complex as standard english probably in place before everyone uttered a word.

    What the psychedelics seem to suggest is you can get so hyped up on tryptamines that your body goes into some kind of almost convulsive shock and the normally accoustically modulated processing of language flows over into the voice box and you begin to literally articulate syntax. You begin to make a noise which is a tracking noise for this ongoing syntactical stuff that's organising gestural intent and it's like going from carving in stone to colour tv. You are a listener, it immediately transfers loyalty to this much more spectacular form of behaviour, and so it's like literally that the words burst forth full blown based on a platform of gestural syntax that have been maybe million of years in its formation, it was just this ability to redirect the energy of syntactical intent through the body, so instead of coming out of the end of the fingers, it came out of the end of the tongue flapping in the airstream and this thing happened.

    It's amazing to me that the straight linguist, if you go to an academic university and study linguistics, will teach you that language is no more than 35 to 40.000 years old. That's like yesterday, I mean: fire is half a million years, chipped flint a million and a half years, language 35.000 years old. Language is everything we are, everything we do you can't think without it, you can't do anything without it. And yet if it's that new, than what it represents is simply a technology, a form of media that squeezed out other forms of media. It's not hard to see why after all it works in the dark, that's good. It allows politics, you can make speeches to large groups of people, and it's well, it's just very portable. It's the cleanest technology ever put in place.

    When you think about it it's one of the weirdest abilities human beings exibit, when you go forward to reading you realize this is an animal in some kind of informational tizzy, I mean the idea that you would make marks in clay which signify tongue noises which signify designated objects so that these pieces of clay could be lugged hundreds of miles so that other people can reconstruct your thought by looking at these pieces of clay. This is bizarre for animal behaviour, this is absolutely, how they managed to do that?!

    From the lecture: "Into the Valley of Novelty"

    Language is a funny thing :p

    This was just a teaser post. More at the Dedroidify Language Page.