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Interpreting Media (NLP)

I'll add a pretty long text here, if people wanna learn about language and consciousness this will be quite interesting:

NLP is a broad field and not all of this is NLP - some of it could just be called dialectics - the political bullshit twisting of language :p And the media don't care about winning arguments, as long as they can give "their version" as much as possible so people with new ideas look as out there as possible. They win. There can be some truth in the media, as long as they can twist it ;)
Other good examples are Ron Paul's last debate where the other candidates look like they're bored and paul is crazy. Or the kid who lost his dad in 9/11 who went on bill o'reilly - the kid was prepared though, he practiced so he had short clear sentences to dish out between o'reilly's bullshit.

That's why it's important to learn as much about consciousness and language as possible. The more you know, the more you understand, the more you see through lies and disinfo. The better you can communicate.

It's all about the power of suggestion in the media, continuously, it's thought control.

Neurolinguistic Programming is a toolbox of modalities, language systems, techniques and visualisations to improve your inner world so you get along better with yourself and others in the outer world. I've taken basic and master courses of NLP and it's really worth looking into to. I've helped people get rid of anxiety attacks and lessened people's ADHD issues with NLP. These vids show NLP as kinda negative so I wanted to highlight the more positive aspects too. The NLP language in these vids is used for "teh evil" though you can use these language patterns for good too. For instance to implant useful and inspirational memes for people, to make them look at something different. For instance in NLP courses, the teacher will actually use language patterns so you learn faster and easier ;-) Fascinating stuff. Also check out Design Human Engineering, the next step after NLP.

(I will also post a series of posts on circuit 5 healing modalities on my blog soon daily.)

By the way, always pay attention to people's language in all media in general.
You can see right through the illusion, it's like you put on the "they live hoffman sunglasses" that show the subliminal programming. It also makes watching the shit a lot easier and more fun ;p

Did anyone see the Waco: The Revelation vids, in the hearings and testimonies nearly all government officials lied, twisted and bent the facts to make them come out cleaner in every piece of speaking I heard. One woman even had the audacity to say THE TANK WAS NOTHING MORE THAN A GOOD RENTAL CAR. :p
Now you'd think, how much effect can this have? Well all government officials came out 'clean' and nobody went to the streets, that's the effect it has.

It's again about belief, not reason though. Most people who watch the media believe in consensus reality, that's why they can allow people who investigate reality for real on tv and use their techniques because that way they show there is still some illusion of free press where everyone gets a 'voice'. Because with their techniques people will revert to their original belief system and not accept the new information. it's a 2nd circuit emotional response to a perceived threat to the belief system.
I've discussed 9/11 with people into consciousness, who cannot be pursuaded, even if you explain the psychology of belief systems extremely polite, and list all the evidence and former false flag operations. They can stil reject it. It's incredible, again, this is why my motto is believe nothing, explore everything.
As soon as you believe something you will filter out most if not all information that does not fit with that belief system. You can have temporary opinions relative to the information you have digested until now, when new information comes you can let it in with opinions. Not with beliefs...

Even "people who took the red pill" get stuck in belief systems (I call those people, people who took the purple pill ;p), for instance I met a kinesiologist recently who believed in everything his teachers told him, but rejected anything I told him he had no 'associations' for yet. They will literally say "I don't believe that". This is also why conspiracy researchers attack each other, because they dish out info that does not fit the others belief system while they're theories might have enough evidence to make it a reasonable opinion (but not a belief).

This calls for what RAW calls: reality tunnel seduction, the cunning use of language & art to implant memes (thoughts that perpetuate themselves) you want spread. For instance I have learned the best way to get people talking about what you want them to, is to say: "I heard this theory..." You don't act like you believe it (and for best effect make sure you don't believe anything hehe) and say it casually and jokingly. But when people hear intriguing stuff they're not used to, they will pass it on, "believe me" :p In contrast, if you preach your faith in a new belief you acquired people will get turned off very easily and you will react emotionally making pretty sure they will reject the information and probably you too.

The 2nd circuit emotional belief defending response is pure divide & conquer. This is why I keep stressing "believe nothing" so people in the truth movement will look at each others ideas are interesting instead of true/wrong/lies and learn more and stop the division.

A united people can never be defeated. Unfortunately for us, the powers that be & the media are united, and a lot of us are still divided by belief.

The last thing I have to say is this guy AdamPants2007, he has real interesting vids that I really like and posted before. But I made the big mistake of thinking I'd found someone kindred who was looking for the truth. Adam is one of those guys who believes he already has it ;-). So he will filter out anything that doesn't fit his belief system either. If you want an exercise in seeing robot behaviour, address some points in his vids you have criticism on politely while praising other parts and see how he reacts. (figure of speech, I'm not asking you to do this :p) I didn't know wtf was going on when I read his reply :p

So don't be surprised when Adam makes you go wtf in one of his vids :p For instance, in the first vid he says Colbert is an expert at misdirection, etc. Only colbert does it for parody, to make the kiddies realize how the media does their bullshit! Only, in a nation with a withering education that's not that simple... for instance, did anyone of you see posts like I did on imdb and other forums for the colbert report... where conservatives really thought Colbert was a conservative and had their illusions smashed by other fans of the show who couldn't believe what they were reading either. The show had been on for a couple of weeks. I shit you not.

Oh Terence

Alex Jones Compilation

Alex Jones Compilation

Funny, over the top, but mostly with good intentions. Maybe. :p

Alan Watts: Images of Man

Alan Watts: Images of Man

Mystic's Haven

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Mysticism: the experience of mystical union or direct communication with the ultimate reality reported by mystics 2: the belief that direct knowledge of God, spiritual truth, or ultimate reality can be obtained through subjective experience
(as intuition or insight).

Strive to be happy

...Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of this universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And wether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.

And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beatiful world.

Be cheerful.

Strive to be happy.

Let's be friends

Let's be friends

Too bad they stopped so quickly.

Individuation and the true Will

We are not to regard ourselves as base beings, without whose sphere is Light or 'God.' Our minds and bodies are veils of the Light within. The uninitiate is a 'Dark Star,' and the Great Work for him is to make his veils transparent by 'purifying' them. This 'purification' is really 'simplification'; it is not that the veil is dirty, but that the complexity of its folds makes it opaque. The Great Work therefore consists principally in the solution of complexes. Everything in itself is perfect, but when things are muddled, they become 'evil.'”

From iao131: Psychological Commentary on Liber AL vel Legis

China hits back at US on rights, says Iraq war a disaster

"The United States has a notorious record of trampling on the sovereignty of and violating human rights in other countries," it said.

"The invasion of Iraq by American troops has produced the biggest human rights tragedy and the greatest humanitarian disaster in modern world."

It also criticised civilian deaths in Afghanistan, secret prisons and torture of detainees.

"'Secret prison' and 'torturing prisoners' have become synonymous with America," the report said.

Tsss, those two.