Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shamar Thomas Iraq War veteran vs NYPD

Fucking awesome! An Iraq War veteran lashes out verbally at the cowards of the NYPD who have been brutal to the peaceful Occupy Wall Street protestors.

"This is not a warzone. These are unarmed people, it doesn't make you tough to hurt these people."

"If you wanna go fight, go to Iraq and Afghanistan."

"Where's that in the contract?"

"They are US citizens!"

"There is NO HONOR in harming unarmed civilians"

"How do you sleep at night doing this to people?!"

"You are here to protect them! Protect them!"

Occupy Wall Street - Johnny Cardona is a piece of shit pig

All across the world people are standing up to the Banks and Governments.

NY pig Johnny Cardona punching a protestor in the face, the police wanted to drag Felix Rivera-Pitre away but luckily the crowd took him to safety, fucking pigs. Apparently the police wants to put the protestor in court for resisting arrest and some other bullshit, the man's lawyer wrote to the police "if you want to put the man on trial for wounding the cop's fist with his jaw, better think again" lol. This isn't the first time Johnny Cardona has done something like this, in a video of last month he is shown assaulting a woman with pepperspray.

A belgian cop kicking a cuffed and sitting protestor in the face. Fortunately this cop will be sued for Assault and Battery.

I can't read the comments anymore to these events on news sites and youtube, cause apparently some idiots are convinced that protestors are drawing out these reactions. Now I'm pretty convinced this isn't always the case and even if they were, what gives a cop the right to forget about civil rights and punch or kick someone square in the face? How stupid do you have to be to support that? Don't these idiot commenters and police realize these protestors are fighting for all our future?

Just a reminder of what happened in Canada and how the cops got caught red handed with their Provocateurs wearing the same standard issue riot police boots... trying and failing to depict peaceful protestors as violent rioters so the people "learn their place" and forget about "silly notions like standing up for themselves"... This didn't make the mainstream news, thankfully some of the more recent incidents finally are.