Saturday, March 22, 2008

Buddhism - The Art of Enlightenment

Buddhism - The Art of Enlightenment
The cold hard reality is that Buddhism can be as much a dogmatic Belief System as any other BS. When I went to Thailand the only Buddhism I saw from the common people was praying to Buddha for MONEY before their shift started. I mean wow, talk about missing the point. It was a huge disappointment. Most don't even bother anymore to do that. I asked tens of people if they meditated and the answer was always no. The only real Buddhists I saw were at the temples. Another example a friend told me, about people who 'convert' to Buddhism and blabber on about rebirth and karma, yet don't practice the teachings either. Buddha said "work out your own salvation, do not depend on others." Another whise Buddhist saying is: "if Buddhism practices tolerance for all living beings, it is useless to judge other religions and call yourself a Buddhist."

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Anonymous said...

Easter!: it's a crying shame that much of Christianity has obscured Jesus' actual messages - which are the same as the Buddha one there you mention about finding your own salvation and not relying on others to do it for you.

Some folks have managed to take that, and seek to use the mouthpiece of it as a means for them to gain salvation, "Jesus died for our sins".

At best, wishful thinking; at worst....well, say he is God or was an Earthly incarnation of God - that goes some way to illustrating just how =worst= what they've done is, since it means they killed God then claimed that's what God wanted them to do. No wonder it's so messed up here.

It's just sacrifical really - the idea that if you kill an animal or person that it'll get you what you want indirectly.

Best leaving Easter to Spring celebrations and the kind of paganism that will offer flowers and incense really.