Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chinese Etymology can help with your Sigil Magick

Check out these fascinating posts: The Colors of Language: Chinese Etymologies, thanks to TechnOccult who has a great post up on Sigil Magick. An excerpt: "While I am not too familiar with the works of Michael Bertiaux, I was led to believe him and the Cult of the Black Snake (I think that was their name) were constructing ever larger sigils out of carefully constructed smaller ones. Careful consideration may be placed unto the original sigils, to be wed together on a dreamscape of a sort by the members of the Cult."

Those are called hypersigils and are some of the most fascinating things relating to consciousness I've come across, Grant Morrison's comic book series The Invisibles is one giant hypersigil. There are two great vids, the coolest lecture you've ever seen and an interview with him, on the right hand side here or on the dedroidify.com/vids page.

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