Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Economy Collapse? Tic Toc

“As ​​ Ame​​ric​​ans​​ we mus​​t alw​​ays​​ rem​​emb​​er tha​​t we all​​ hav​​e a com​​mon​​ ene​​my,​​ an ene​​my tha​​t is dan​​ger​​ous​​, pow​​erf​​ul and​​ rel​​ent​​les​​s. I ref​​er,​​ of cou​​rse​​, to the​​ fed​​era​​l gov​​ern​​men​​t.”​​
Dave Barry

What you're not being told
The Implosion is Accelerating
Wake Up, or You Will Die Homeless and Hungry
The New Austerity
Debt Reckoning: U.S. Receives a Margin Call
Fragile Dollar Hegemony: Iran's Oil Bourse could Topple the Dollar
Vid: The Petro Dollar

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