Friday, March 21, 2008

The Great Bank Robbery

Banking is a ponzi scam. Banking is nothing but a government sactioned, giant multi-level game. It is a pyramid scam that makes all other scams look like child’s play. At the top of the pyramid is the Federal Reserve Board, and their owners. At the bottom are the little local branches of all the different state and national banks. As in all pyramid scams, the small branches at the bottom will fall first, taking most of the heat off those at the top. But eventually the pyramid must topple. In fact, we already hear the rumble of the pyramid starting to fall.

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Of all the crazy shit going on in the world, this is one of the easiest to explain to people calmly (don't go all religious on their hiney). I mean, does anyone think it's normal to pay money... to take money out the bank? Seriously. Today someone I know who's very blue pill said Bankers are the biggest gangsters on the planet. That was only one of the few bright points of my crappy day, but it counts!

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