Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Jericho Social Commentary

Jake: It's not about convincing one man he's wrong, it's... it's a whole system.
Dead Grandpa: You think it's impossible? This has all happened before... if the names weren't 'Jennings & Rall' (KBR) they would be names like The British East-India Trading country, if it wasn't 'Ravenwood' (Blackwater) it would be the Heschen mercenaries.
Jake: Revolution.

Beck: You think they (your father & grandfather, former soldiers and mayors) would have supported the citizens of this town taking the law into their own hands?
Jake: They never would have let it get that far.
Beck: Excuse me?
Jake: They never would have never handed over this town to a mercenary.
Beck: They didn't have to do what I'm doing, stopping Americans from killing Americans. Putting a country back on its feet.
Jake: Hah... Open your eyes, it's not a country it's a company, and you're just middle management. The people of Jericho are gonna take this town back and you're gonna have a revolt on your hands.
*fires light*

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Alain said...

Hessian mercenaries.