Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Report Warns Policing is Poised to Move Inside the Body and Brain

A 50-page policy report released by the non-profit Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics warns that the war on drugs may be about to enter a new era that expands the drug war battlefield from the Columbian coca farms and the Middle Eastern poppy fields, to a new terrain directly inside the bodies and brains of drug users.” The report is the first comprehensive and critical analysis of ‘pharmacotherapy, the use of new medications designed to block the effects of illegal drugs. While acknowledging that such pharmacological aids may well benefit people who voluntarily chose to use them, the CCLE report raises concerns about potential coercive use.

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Matrixmasters' Psychedelic Salon also has a podcast called Controlling the Culture up about it too

Thanks very much to Altered States for the info.

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