Sunday, March 2, 2008

Obama is Selling, Naomi Wolf? Bruce Eisner? wtf

Naomi Wolf, Bruce Eisner, etc. It seems seeing through the bullshit of consensus reality on some parts doesn't mean you will on all (well duh, but hey). Who the hell can take Naomi Wolf seriously anymore with her NWO warnings if she voted for a fucking NWO puppet? Even people who are into conspiracy and consciousness still fall for Obama. If you talk to these people as to why, they will either ignore you, censor you, defend their beliefs passionately (not rationally) or start up a stream of bullshit.
I went to the consciousness site forums when I could (cause I was and am still banned for 'disinfo', while I was actually mocking Leary disinfo... but hey, if you can't read...) and a handful of people were in a thread praising a speech by Obama on youtube. So of course, I had to check it from start to finish to see if it could be true. What did I hear? Just the same bullshit about change, nevermind what change. Ripping off earlier speeches by whoever. Incredible. If you still don't know why people have problems with Obama, maybe you could check his freaking voting record and the people and organizations he's associated with.

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Kakulja Evan said...

I've been utterly amazed that folks who want to end the drug war (or the oil-war for that matter) didn't run with their lives to march with Ron Paul. I was so perplexed and saddened to see Bruce Eisner swooning over Obama and falling for the election hoax and I've been confounded by the massive social ignorence and deprived logic demonstrated by scientific communities.
But every time I start feeling hopeless about the majority I start to think about the real progress that IS being made though the interwebs. Of course, after what happened in the gulf with the cut cables I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't log on tomorrow.