Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Recurring Dream

Every night I dream of a house, a mansion of possibility
3 living rooms and 2 many doors providing only entry

Some are open, some are locked but none of them ever get knocked
I swim alone in potentiality with no real urge to choose destiny


Anonymous said...

According to many dream analysis experts the house/mansion/dwelling represents the mind. How many floors are there? Main floor is the conscious mind, basement is the sub/unconscious mind, and the upstairs is the super conscious mind.

Try to remember which doors are locked, open or closed but not locked. Are you aware in the dream, of where the doors lead?

d28m01y80 said...

I keep doing the same kind of dream...
about a house with a lot of rooms/doors probably between 10 to 20, sometime I can explore some of the rooms (I've visited 2 untill today.
One day I found a way out of the house and the house was in fact part of building like a hotel, and I explored both the basement and the upstairs...
This dreams about buildings and doors are recurring as well, I feel like this is part of another dream which is really big in terms of landscape-house-and persons.
what doest it all mean.
When I dream about me in a hallways entering an empty room with a window I always want to jump and fly why is that???
Thanks a lot.

dedroidify said...

Thanks for the replies!

It's kind of self-explanatory I thought. I don't know about the house symbolizing the mind, it's possible though. Though that also symbolizes different paths to take. The doors seem pretty random too.

The house of mine is either on top of a mountain or other buildings (more like a pyramid than a building, though not pronounced or anything)

Once I went down and I came into a rich person's mansion and the butler scared me off. I saw that as being further evolved than just thinking materially.

Last night I dreamt of a sci-fi glass house, here no doors but open doorways, in this one I couldn't get passed my folks to where I wanted to go without being noticed. So I just went anyway and let them notice me. The symbolism of this is too personal to discuss. Though it has a big synchronicity with today.

Flying I do a lot too in dreams, like whenever I can hehe.

d28m01y80 said...

Hey dedroidify,
do you concentrate on concsiously flyging or do you just run and fly?
I live in Tahiti and I had two dreams that were pretty scary. the first one is: me witnessing an airplane crash right in papeete harbour (I was probably 10 or 12 y/o at that time) the ambient light is always cloudy and a bit red or orange.
The second dream is about one of my friend's house who live in front of a reef barrier "Taapuna". He's house is awesome and always bathed in sunlight but I don't know why the cloudy ambient light is still there, somehow I feel that some of my dreams are connected to each other... what do you think?

dedroidify said...

d28m01y80 so sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, I must have missed this, so I hope you check back.

As for flying, I consciously feel my body in the dream and then go up, it doesn't take any effort, I have loads of dreams about flying non lucid too though.

I don't know enough about the dreams to be able to add anything interesting sorry.