Monday, March 10, 2008

Stargate Synchromysticism

In the earlier posted David Wilcock vid, he draws a lot of synchromystic parallels from the Stargate SG1 series. Check the vid for his talk about timetravel and the technology emulating the third eye's workings. (Also related are the movies Contact and others, which get mentioned in the vid)

In latest episode of Stargate Atlantis 'The Last Man' (watch on YouTube here), which is amazing compared to the rest of the season, Colonel John Sheppard is sent 48.000 years into the future to Atlantis which is now partly buried under a desert and the Sun is dying too. Through a Hologram of physicist Rodney McKay he learns that due to a glitch of light bending he was not only sent through space but also through time.

Michael, a wraith alien the Humans in Atlantis experimented on to get him to become human again, rebelled - because he was outcast from his wraith and found no place with the humans either - and created his own form of wraith-human hybrids to take over the universe. He succeeded in the timeline where Sheppard disappeared. Now thanks to McKay's hologram Sheppard gets sent back into time to fix what went wrong. Amazing synchronistic connections between reality & fiction and the timing of it all is what makes synchromysticism so darn interesting! People who think it's all just silly are depriving themselves of worthy information & entertainment :p

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