Saturday, March 8, 2008

Terminator Symbolism

Human Intelligence over Artifical Stupidity!

The Terminator series is stockful of great symbolism. In the future, artificial intelligence is so advanced it sees the human species as obsolete. The resistance of humans is losing the fight and John Connor, the resistance leader, sends an advanced terminator model back in time to help in his fight to stop the war from beginning by halting A.I. breakthroughs.

John Connor is a hacker, a hacker is not someone who breaks into computer networks. A hacker is someone who learns a system so well he can play with it. Mystics, are reality hackers. John, his mother and Derek Reese (also sent back from the future) have to work with, but not necessarily trust, the terminator robot they sent to help themselves from the future too. This robot could turn against them at anytime, when her 'programming acts up'.

It also symbolizes our enemy is the robot, the droid within, which overcomes us in this story and wreaks havoc on our planet and species. Our programmed & conditioned automaton responses divide us and keep us from the truth. We are all programmed and conditioned by our 'education', the mainstream media, government and religious authorities, our belief systems symbolize the robot within us. What the Terminator story resonates is: dedroidify
Derek Reese: I didn't know Sayles was tracking her, you gottta believe me.
Sarah Connor: I don't have to believe anything. In fact, I don't.

Sarah Connor: So much danger in this world is hidden behind masks, we tell our children stories of good and evil, while knowing it's not that simple. True evil doesn't give us time to fight, or to be afraid (don't agree with this phrase though :p, far from it). We keep our heads down never bothering to look behind the masks, and in doing so, we resign ourselves to terrible faiths we can never see coming.

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