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The Life of John Lennon

The Life of John Lennon... Artist, Musician, Humanitarian, Activist, Father, Lover, Husband, Friend, and Hero.

John Winston Lennon was born Oct 9th 1940

To Julia Lennon, his mother ...
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And his father Freddie Lennon.
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At 17 his mother was killed tragically in the street in front of his Aunt Mimi and Uncle Georges home where he lived. Although John's mother loved him, she could not care well for him with his father off to sea, and she gave him up to her sister. Johns father showed up in his life at 5 and tried to re-claim him. His mother then forced John to make a choice and when he chose his Mother and Aunt Mimi his father disappeared again. This time until he was an adult and rich and famous. John's mother was his first musical influence and she also bought him his very first guitar. John was raised by his loving Aunt Mimi and Uncle George. Aunt Mimi would become John's "rock" and, John continued to take care of his Aunt Mimi until his death in 1980. Aunt Mimi loved John like her own son.
They're bond was very special.
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Although John had the love and support from his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George, he was an angry child and often had troubles in school as a result of feeling the absence of his birth parents in his life. John had many fist fights, and many altercations with authority, he was considered somewhat of a bully. His Uncle George died in 1955 when John was only 15, his Aunt Mimi never stopped trying to help John, even despite her own pain and loss.

In 1956, inspired by Elvis Presley's "Heart Break Hotel", John started a band called the quarrymen with Paul McCartney. It was then that the handshake deal to remain partners in all of they're writings took place. John honored that agreement till death. Paul however, did not honor it. The quarrymen evolved into the Silver Beatles, and then into the Beatles, it was then that John gained Aunt Mimi's support to pursue a musical career after writing "Please please me". The Beatles went on to have many chart topping hits, and many many world records.
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The Beatles now under the management of Brian Epstein, would go on to touring Germany. They played the nightclub scene nightly getting closer as a band, and tighter as musicians. On April 10, 1962, the day before the Beatles were to begin their third Hamburg tour, Stuart Sutcliffe, John's childhood and closest friend as well as longtime band member died from a brain hemorrhage. The news devastated John, and he would always feel guilty for his death. He felt that if he had not pressured Stu into staying in the band, a previous fight they had in Liverpool would have never happened and Stu would not have died. (In the second version of this story, John felt guilty because he believed he had caused the hemorrhage to occur from the beating that he had given Stu earlier.)

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John Married Cynthia Powell on August 23, 1962, she gave birth to Julian Lennon on April 8th 1963. Julian was named after his grandmother Julia, and it was during that time John wrote "Julia" which was a song of the memory of his mother, and a confession to the love he held for Yoko. The line "Ocean child, calls me..." is a reference to Yoko's name which translated means "Ocean Child" in Japanese. John and Cynthia were divorced on November 8, 1969 after John had admitted adultery with Yoko Ono.
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He married Yoko later that same year. Johns love for, and relationship with, Yoko Ono created a world of discussion and opinions. Many blamed Yoko for the breakup of the Beatles, however it was not the case. The Beatles broke up as a result of a power struggle within the band, and personal growth taking John in a seperate direction from Paul.
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They're marriage was marred with rumors and turmoil, but they remained together despite a few breakups and much abuse. John learned how to deal with the painful loss of his mother, through the relationship with Yoko, and with her loving support. It was during that time that John wrote songs of healing such as "Jealous guy" and "Woman"
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Sean Lennon was born to John and Yoko on John's 35th birthday of October 9, 1975. John took some time away from music to raise his son with Yoko before returning to music nearly 5 years later.
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The Beatles were the only band ever, to hold the top 5 spots in the charts all at once. Nobody has even come close.

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Although the Beatles did experiment with drugs willingly, John's first episode with LSD was an accident, a result of George's dentist-friend's spiking his coffee. He later wrote "Cold Turkey" as he was kicking Heroine. John's drug use was a direct result of all the pain he endured due to early losses in his young life, and his struggles with intimacy and relationships. Although John wore his heart on his sleeve in his music, there was much he wasn't capable of expressing cleanly or processing until doing some very deep healing inner child work. Yoko was a source of support through these times.

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"I've made two 'discoveries' in my life: Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono. I think that's a pretty damned good choice." John Lennon

"Rubber Soul", an album of mostly John's influence, was the very first album ever to allow certain conditions by the record companies. It was the very first album ever where the band had complete control over the song selection, liner notes, and album cover artwork. It was also the very first album in the history of recorded music to NOT feature the bands name on the album cover. They opened so many creative doors for other artists. 20 years past their breakup The Beatles' latest album, "One" a hits compilation, has broken a world record by topping the charts in 34 countries, among other records.

"My role in society, or any artist's or poet's role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all." John Lennon

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"If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliche that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that's his problem. Love and peace are eternal." John Lennon
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John persuaded an entire generation to think outside of the box.

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John Lennon was the very core of the "Peace Movement". There was nobody that had a greater affect on the rising energy of protesting the Vietnam war or the messages of Peace and Love from that era.

It was John Lennon who gave us the words... "All you need is Love"... "Love is the answer" and "The love you take is equal to the love you make"

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In fact, the U.S. government had begun deportation proceedings on John Lennon because they were so afraid that the energy he was creating would cause public opinions and choices to sway drastically enough to create obsticles for military actions.

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John Lennon with his anti-war slogans such as "All we are saying, is give peace a chance" and "Power to the people" caused the government to reconsider their actions.

Everybody needs someone, but nobody was ever more needed by everyone.

John spent much time contemplating over the world. He loved people, and he loved to speak openly about truth. John was perfectly content living among the regular people of New York City's Manhattan section, where he drank black gourmet coffee's in a small cafe' near his home at the Dakota builing. And he walked the streets daily conversing with anyone who came across him.

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John Lennon's "Imagine" originally written in 1971, has had many resurges into popularity by world events. It remains a personal favorite to many many recording artists today, and an anthem for peace wherever there is not. It is one of the most popular, and re-recorded songs of all time.

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This is one of the very last photo's ever taken of John. It was from the morning of the day he was shot. How bizarre that he chose to create this scene all on his own accord. The fetal position, and fully naked, the same way he came into the world, holding the woman who would be the one to help him through his own "mother issues". It is a haunting memory of the pain and subsequent beauty of his life, and who he chose to become.

John Lennon was shot to death on December 8th at 10:50 pm. Approximately 12 hours after laying in the fetal position with his love and companion Yoko Ono.
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Although John Died on December 8th in New York, it was December 9th in John's hometown of Liverpool when he died. It is strange how the number 9 showed up in John's life so significantly.

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The music of the Beatles, and John Lennon, has been the soundtrack of my life. I learned about who I am by listening to Johns songs.... Some of pain and loss... some of love and beauty... some of dreams.... but all of a very deep truth. It's how I learned to embrace my own truth.
He will always be my Hero....
He will always be my hero.

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Bulletin by....Warrior, Dreamer, Shaman...~John B.~

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50 Ways You Can Be The Change

This isn't recent, but quite ok!

50 Ways You Can Be The Change

By advancing our lives in the areas of mind, body, spirit, relationships and environmental awareness we can improve our individual outlook and help the world become an even greater place!

As my favorite Gandhi quote states: "you must be the change you want to see in the world" and here are 50 of the best practices, exercises and philosophies you can begin implementing to "be the change":


1. Be Nice to People
And see how positive energy attracts positive energy

2. Take Responsibility For Your Actions
And stop making excuses

3. Volunteer Your Time
And realize that helping others is the ultimate way to make the world a greater place

4. Ask for Help
And give someone else the satisfaction of having the answer

5. Offer the Best Advice You Can
And set someone off in a new and positive direction.  Do it without expecting anything in return!

6. Smile More
And spread happiness to others with the slightest effort

7. Pay Close Attention to Your Language
And start seeing how your words and actions define you

8. Make a Donation
And feel how giving spreads positive energy and love

9. Ask your Closest Friends and Family "How Are You Doing"?
And let them know you are there for them


10. Do Crossword Puzzles and Other Mind Games
And challenge your intellect

11. Find and Work in a Career You Love
And spend your valuable time in a job that makes you truly happy!

12. Purposefully Deal with Stress
And learn to melt tension away

13. Read Good Books
And stir creativity in your brain

14. Take Classes
And learn more about the things that really interest you

15. Write in a Journal
And let the mind unwind itself through the hand

16. Start Viewing Yourself as Part of a Greater Universe
And see how the first step to a healthy planet is a healthy you!


17. Vary Your Workout Routines
And make your body stronger, more pliable, and resistant to illness

18. Try Ancient Forms of Healing
And tap into human knowledge that goes back many millennia

19. Exercise with Trained Professionals
And push the limits of what you think you are capable

20. Run a Marathon
Again, push the limits of what you are capable.  If not a marathon, find some physical activity that is ultra-challenging for you and do it!

21. Take Long Hikes
And appreciate the beauty of nature first hand

22. Sit in a Sauna or Steam Room
And sweat out harmful toxins

23 Use Medicines and Pharmaceuticals as Last Resort
And have faith in holistic measures and your body's ability to heal itself

24. Love and Appreciate Your Body
And get rid of negative feelings and associations you have with it


25. Treat Yourself to Massages
And literally rub away all stress and tension

26. Start a Spiritual Practice for Yourself
And give yourself unparalleled perspective by connecting with the "true you".

27. Laugh Hard Every Day
And generate happiness for your soul

28. Accept Your Universe
And have unswerving faith that you can handle it, no matter what happens!

29. Feng Shui Your Home
And create a positive energy flow that extends to the external world

30. Listen to Soothing Music
And calm your body, mind and spirit

31. Plan a Healthy Retreat or Vacation
And ensconce your body and mind in health and vitality for an extended period


32. Start Treating Your Food as Delicious Tasting Medicine
And prevent sickness and disease with the nutrition you put into your body every day!

33. Eat Locally Grown Foods
And support your local farms and growers

34. Take Responsibility For Your Health
And understand that only you know what is best for you

35. Drink More Water
And enjoy nature's elixir of life

36. Eat Healthy Foods for the Brain
And allow your thinking organ to work most efficiently

37. Cook More
And really get to know your food; enjoy it in a more complete and satisfying way!

38. Eat Organic Foods as Much as Possible
And understand that natural foods treat the body and the planet as they were originally intended

39. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
And begin learning the innumerable benefits these foods contain


40. Plant trees
And spread clean air throughout the world; donate trees here with American Forests.  Even better, give trees as a present with The Arbor Day organization

41. Buy Carbon Offsets
And support new and clean renewable sources of energy that offset global warming with Native Energy.

42. Conserve Water
And be aware of over-usage at the sink, in the bathroom, and while doing laundry

43. Recycle!
And realize how such a simple step like recycling can do so much to improve our environmental dilemma

44. Save a Piece of the Rainforest
And help the earth's atmosphere by purchasing 2,500 square feet of this precious land for $10 at The National Arbor Day Foundation!

45. Buy "Energy Star" Appliances
And save a ton of energy with every day activities

46. Use the Internet to Shop
And save gasoline and paper by clicking here for a list of 700+ conscious retailers

47. Research Reusable Energy Sources For Your Home
And utilize more sustainable and renewable power sources which are available!

48. Conserve Paper
And send e-cards instead of paper ones.  Start by getting removed from unwanted mailing lists at Junk Busters

49. Take a Stand
And volunteer your time to head an effort to "go green" at your work, school, place of worship or any organization you belong

50. YOU Decide
And start "being the change" based on your most valued beliefs and ideals!