Thursday, January 3, 2008

Aleister Crowley on Freedom, feat. John Lennon

Question your beliefs, your reason for existence. Question your will. What will become of you in the end? This is necessary for all of humanity, but most of us do not seek out an answer. We merely continue on, conforming to a society that creates a perpetual state of depression and increases the tendency towards suicide.

Ask yourself, what are you doing it for? Take an honest look at the pillars of this civilization, media destroys truth, schools destroy knowledge, religions destroy spirituality, and governments destroy freedom. Ponder the meaning of Your Own existence and what YOU could become with your own self will. Not the dogma of greed stricken establishments. Running along the path of capital gain to be on TV and show how much money they have, rather than pronounce themselves true to their instincts and true to their hearts.

Today our world - (both internal and external) is literally full of hate and war, and this conflict is just a piece in the grand design of the Gods. At the dawn of every new Aeon there is a clash between the old and the new. At present humanity is being summoned along the path of enlightenment, while we must still shake free from the chains of fear and false love.

Secrets are kept veiled from humanity through religion, the governments of the world, and their voice in the media. The absolute most relevant issue of the day is mind control, but those whom we trust to keep us informed are not mentioning this for a reason. They have hidden higher levels of consciousness from all! They continue to halt and erode the intellectual growth of humanity. They lie to you about what they know, consciously telling everyone half truths pertaining to the mind, body and beyond...

The Truth is that we all have to wake up from a hypnotism that is installed in our minds from birth. By accessing the potential of the human mind we all can use many powers in ourselves. Strengths that we have previously been prohibited from developing due to a form of mass mind control.

We have to take control of our minds. Of Our Will! With will power we can de-program ourselves from the brainwashing nonsense that has been installed in our minds by the spiritual and material elite.

The elite know how to use this power and have no problem using it against you. They are extraordinarily wealthy and wicked; their loyal servants are your 'religious' leaders and your government. They control your media, your education systems, and your authorities. They protect you and keep you dumb for a reason. You are their slave. And they are the walls to your prison. There is no better way to keep slaves in slavery than to have them think they are free. Why would you want to escape your current life, the only life you know of, if you do not know a better life exists?

Throughout history slaves have always been a valuable and highly protected resource. Today is no different. You are a slave. You are given one choice from birth - to commit yourself to a system or suffer the consequences. It's true whether you believe it or not. There is a freedom from your slavery, from the cage they have built around your true possibility. It's time for you to know that freedom.

Aleister Crowley

Stuart Davis: Integral Artist

Stuart Davis is an integral Artist, I learned of his music thanks to the great audiobook Kosmic Consciousness by Ken Wilber featuring the amazing track 'ladder'. You can download some free songs here. I absolutely love the track 'Swim'.


The song ladder is a great right-brain description of Integral Theory.

Stuart Davis: Ladder (live)

I've got brains like antique floors
I built each one on the one before
I use all three but they don't agree

One of them wants to love you
Another one would love to club you
I guess my old natures move like glaciers

The fish became a lizard
The shrew became an ape
Will the ape become an angel?
The higher that we climb
The more the ladder sways

I'm the bastard child the one who got
the head of Einstein and the soul of Pol Pot
there's no compassion but I can split the atom

Better give me a microscope for a different eye
Better give me a telescope for the inward sky
and a ladder leading up from Eden

The fish became a lizard
The shrew became an ape
Will the ape become an angel?
The higher that we climb
The more the ladder sways

If Ramana Maharshi came from clay
there's more to evolution than a little DNA!

Cut off the moorings to the inward ark
Aiming it into a question mark

The fish became a lizard
The shrew became an ape
will the ape become a Mother Teresa?
She came from clay
There's more to evolution than a little DNA

Stuart Davis: Swim (live)
download album version from Stuart's site here

The only reason that it's scary getting old
is people treat you like you're too big to hold
and you still feel just like a kid

You call my bluff when I pretend to be at peace
You take the water that I finally release
Close your mouth, open your arms

That is why I reach for you so much
I think I'm drowning until we touch
Life is an ocean we fall in
When you hold me I can swim

In this hospital the beds are made of steel
and metal instruments are all some people feel
What you need is something soft against your skin

So you don't have to pretend to be at peace
I'll take the water that you finally release
Close your mouth, open your arms

That is why you reach for me so much
You think you're drowning until we touch
Death is an ocean we fall in
I will hold you while you swim

Ken Wilber's Integral Theories