Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Consider this in co-creation

Constantly we are bombarded with conspiracy theories. Doomsday scenarios of the NWO, World War 3, Planet X, Global warming, Chemtrails, Asteroids, Ice ages, Polar shifts, Alien Invasions, bla bla bla!

It's good to be aware of what could happen, though if we keep all this scary bs in our heads that's what we help co-create

so join me in being creative and seeing a world with:

* Increasing networks of people spreading good information without scare-mongering
* New friendships forged synchronistically for all kinds of awareness-creating and other projects which become viral soon
* Mass amounts of whistleblower cops, soldiers, officers, federal agents, covert agents, politicians, etc quitting their jobs and/or coming forward
* Politicians and others being caught red-handed in corruption and their other hobbies
* Corporations changing their agendas after employee and customer pressure
* Mainstream Media agendas leaking blatantly causing no choice but to reform
* Food & drinks becoming healthier again, all the different poisons taken out of the stores and natural and healthy foods taking over again as people regain their common sense
* Viral movies, music, documentaries, visual art and so much more coming out with the specific purpose to raise awareness and consciousness
* Huge peaceful protests in the biggest cities of the world against whatever bullshit is going on at the time with peaceful cops not interfering
* Amazing amounts of religious people and leaders stepping forward with messages of tolerance and compassion
* A reform and re-education of language considering E-Prime, removal of negations of negatives, etc
* Increasing amounts of Enlightened People from all kinds of backgrounds teaching people all over the world
* Entheogens regaining popularity in a responsible movement of coming in touch with nature and spirituality again
* Spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, tai chi etc being practised en masse all over the world
* More people on the lecturing and workshop circuit with excellent information at reasonable prices
* Different kinds of free or renewable energy put into operation
* Fraudulent elections being exposed
* A free internet and the collapse of the mainstream media
* Gentle collapse of governments and the creation of T.A.Z. Temporary Autonomous Zones where kindred spirits can gather.
* Such a mass awakening that everybody has to take notice
* Civil disobedience where necessary, handled peacefully by the authorities having no choice but to cave in
* Civil liberties restored after increasing public pressure
* Unmistakable archeological findings forcing us to reconsider our views of his-story
* An economic shift so the living standards of everyone become much more than tolerable
* Psychology of the non-bullshit kind being spread to collapse dogmatic belief systems gently and give us an openminded world
* The rich and wealthy giving back to society in all kinds of ways
* People becoming less entrenched in ego and becoming more open and friendly again
* Healing modalities becoming extremely popular as people want to be healed mentally, emotionally and physically.
* An open and public scientific approach to mysticism through all kinds of methods (not a world religion! no effing priests :p)
* The demise of shallow, empty, materialistic, voilence driven television, being replaced with meaningful programs on philosophy, spirituality, psychology and much more
* The death of mainstream propganda news and the rise of real reporting and journalism
* Synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) increasing for everybody making life magickal
* etc etc, in other words: more truth and love, less lies and fear!

add anything you like!