Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Stuart Davis Show: Hilarious & Spiritual

The Stuart Davis Show: all episodes

A one-man hilarious spiritual episodic talk show, written, produced, performed, and edited by Stuart himself. Integral Naked is proud (and only a little bit embarrassed) to present: The Stuart Davis Show.

Episode 5 Clonely is the Night

Episode 6 Zen and the Zen of Zen

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Don't They Know War Is Over?

Don't They Know War Is Over?

Pentagon: The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy "weapons system"

Article by Brent Jessop

The Pentagon's Information Operations Roadmap is blunt about the fact that an internet, with the potential for free speech, is in direct opposition to their goals. The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy "weapons system".

The 2003 Pentagon document entitled the Information Operation Roadmap was released to the public after a Freedom of Information Request by the National Security Archive at George Washington University in 2006.

In an article by Paul Joseph Watson of, he describes the emergence of Internet 2.: Now Europe Targets Bloggers As Terrorists

"The development of "Internet 2" is also designed to create an online caste system whereby the old Internet hubs would be allowed to break down and die, forcing people to use the new taxable, censored and regulated world wide web. If you're struggling to comprehend exactly what the Internet will look like in five years unless we resist this, just look at China and their latest efforts to completely eliminate dissent and anonymity on the web."

A New Way to say HOORAY!!!

A New Way to say HOORAY!!!

A hallucinogenic/visual interpretation of Shpongles A New Way to say Hooray, featuring the fabulous voice and deep wisdom of Mr. Terence McKenna.

by Tzolkin23