Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy

Another Occult Nazi Documentary, I hope its better than The Occult Secrets of the Third Reich cause I found the fist episode of that on Adolf Hitler's rise a bit boring considering the title.

Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy
In 2 parts on Video Google
And more smaller parts on YouTube

Steve Willner Kentroversy Tapes Interview

The Kentroversy Tapes Interview

Steve Willner, of the Synchromystic website 'The Labyrinth of the Psychonaut' joins 'The Kentroversy Tapes' for an outstanding discussion of all things related to the mysteries of mind and time.

Listen to the interview here

(art by Jesse Lindsay)

Glenn Beck on Law of the Sea Treaty

Glenn Beck on Law of the Sea Treaty

The Wizard of Oz - Illuminati Hollywood

After Daft Punk, more Pyramid symbolism.

Don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain!

The Wizard of Oz - Illuminati Hollywood

More Illuminati Hollywood videos at
111TRUTH111's YouTube Channel

Including: The Matrix, The Truman Show, The Big Lebowski, Children of Men, Ghostbusters, Fight Club, V for Vendetta, James Bond, The Warriors, Hot Fuzz, The Da Vinci Code, Toy Store and more to come I'm sure.

The creator of the videos believes that Hollywood does this all consciously it seems from initial viewings, I'm not too sure about that. I think it could be a mesh of intentional, coincidental, synchronistic connections too. Though his videos make a good case that it's all intentional I guess. The more we see and learn about this the better our ideas about it will be.

Terence McKenna, Andrew Weil & others on Marijuana

Terence McKenna, Andrew Weil & others on Marijuana

Kanye West ft. Daft Punk Stronger 2008 Grammy Performance

Kanye West ft. Daft Punk Stronger 2008 Grammy Performance

Too bad Kanye has to be posing all over the stage and ruining it.
'Nice' symbolism, nice stage, I wonder if it takes a soul to get that.
I wonder how much a soul goes for nowadays... :p
(don't take this too seriously ;p)

Dr. Christopher Hyatt lost to other Realms

Lost, one of the greatest visionary philosophers of our time,
Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt Ph.D.

This marks the end of the 2nd wave.

Alan R. Miller Scottsdale, AZ--Alan Miller, Ph.D., into eternity at 9:09 AM, February 9, 2008, after a heroic battle with cancer.

Alan was Born July 12, 1943, in Chicago, IL to Leonard Miller and Bertha Freidman. At 17 he left High School, and joined the United States Navy. Later he obtained his GED during his military service, and upon separation from the navy, embarked upon his long and impressive academic journey. His academic career began at Los Angeles City College, where he studied accounting. He then obtained a BA degree from Cal State Los Angeles, an MA in Psychology from Cal State Los Angeles, an Advanced M.Ed from The University of Southern California, a Ph.D. in Psychology at Western University as well as another Ph.D. in human behavior from USIU. His specialty was in experimental and clinical psychology, and he practiced as a psychotherapist for many years and operated his own Freudian clinic in Southern California.

Alan was an accomplished, and sea worthy sailor, who once embarked upon a journey to sail around the world. He founded and led the 1st AIDS SAILATHON, which raised money for AIDS research by sailing from Long Beach, Ca to Honolulu, Hi in 1993. He was best known as an accomplished writer; writing under the pen name Christopher Hyatt, Ph.D. He authored well over 70 books, many of which pertained to the "Occult" and "Magick." His interest in the occult began in his early twenties. His desire to further pursue his studies in magick resulted in meeting Israel Regardie in the 1970s. Regardie introduced him to Reichian therapy, which he insisted Alan learn prior to any magickal pursuits. Regardie further instructed Alan in the magickal system of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

'Undoing Yourself with energized meditation' is a great book, and I seriously got recommended his Energized Hypnosis DVD's too.

here's a link with online videos including a near 2 hour interview with the man.