Thursday, February 21, 2008

R.I.P. Gunvor Margrethe Johannessen

Today I said farewell to my grandmother for the last time. I didn't know her very well, that side of the family isn't that close. Though I miss her. Bless whatever for keeping her final earthly suffering to a minimum. She was a true viking. May the viking ship lead her on a nice path through the bardos.
(no more posts today)

8 Circuit Model Vids from the RAW Meme-Orial

I thought I'd share some more vids on the 8 Circuit Model. I'll be making more vids on each circuit but first I need to get the hang of the crappy limited software or find other programs than movie maker, if you have suggestions for programs with great text functionality please let me know!

Circuits 1-4

Circuits 5-8

You can find my vid here