Thursday, September 24, 2009

PJTV: The Power & Danger of Iconography

PJTV: The Power & Danger of Iconography

From a republican reality tunnel but great symbolism job nonetheless. (If you filter out the crazy republican bs of course...)


Liza said...

Liked it!
Thanks for sharing.

Mr Panda said...

Whoa, interesting stuff. Was this on TV?

Rob Pugh said...

Sorry, couldn't gag myself past the hypocrisy of the first line - the idea of top level Republican strategists don't use iconography. Not only that, but aren't even AWARE of it. Utter nonsense.

Repubs have mastered the images of holding up empty files - masquerading as alternative plans [a la Mcarthy and his famous list], embraced Frank Lutzian twisting of language and love icons like Bush in front of Mission Accomplished banners. Repubs have been mastering image management. From the Contract with America to their turning Reagan into an icon itself...

More of the bullshit "aw shucks, we just reglar folks compared to those big city elitists..."


What's more, all his "disturbing" iconography all speak, of course, to his own paranoid frame than anything else.

dedroidify said...

Was not on tv, but youtube ;)

Rob, when I post something I assume people can filter out the bs. In this case, the crazy republican bullshit which was so obvious (as usual) I didn't feel the need to point it out at all.

There was some interesting layman playing-with-symbolism going on there for me later in the vid.