Tuesday, January 13, 2009

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood - Part 18

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood - Part 18

Seven Days, How to murder your wife, The Medusa touch, New York stories, Cube, The Book of Life, The Usual Suspects, The Shaft, Operation Delta Force 3, Lethal Weapon, Brazil, The Distinguished Gentleman, Shakedown, The 10th Kingdom, Meteor, A Beautiful Mind, The Paper (there's also a scene where you first see the towers and then you see a News Paper with "They Didn't Do it" with two black kids on it), The Human Factor, Ricochet.

Obama NWO on Colbert Report

Stephen congratulates John King and the rest of the media on getting Obama elected and at 1.49 (at 15.15 in the full episode with Alan Colmes) John King says "If your point is that perhaps Barak Obama is in for a New World Order, I think you are correct."

Thanks James Ratte!