Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fibonacci Sequence in Tool's Lateralus

Fibonacci Sequence in Tool's Lateralus

I can finally play this song on electric guitar since recently too. Words cannot describe how awesome that feels (never took lessons!). Tool are musical geniuses, check out in this video how the Divine Ratio aka Fibonacci Sequence is worked into this amazing song, which is one of the few songs I listened to on repeat daily for months at one time.

For more fascinating Music Explorations check out the HOWMusic(k) Blog and its new excellent Baby Brother. Btw, I'm sure some will enjoy this at the latter: Doomsday Prophet Alan Watt (no S!) exposed. Thanks again Ezra!

The Radical Change Group

The Radical Change Group

Check out the Radical Change Group for inspirational podcasts, blogposts, etc!

The Difference Between NLP Dedroidify Therapy and Conventional Psychology/Psychiatry

With gracious permission of one of my clients, J. who I am helping out of a depression and making the shift from pessimist to optimist, to illustrate the difference he experienced between my NLP and conventional therapy:
"I've seen therapists for the last six years, but it's more of a listening session than anything else, therefore, no help at all."
This is what has motivated me to start NLP therapy, I felt I was good at it, and I haven't heard a single positive review of convential psychologists/psychiatrists, who charged a lot and are not helping their clients. Let's see how J. compares his former therapists to how I helped him:
"Whoa! You covered a lot in this session. Again, these are incredibly new therapies for me. Usually I'd go to a doctor and he'd just sit there and look at me, writing illegibly on some yellow legal pad. What great help that was. Did wonders. I'm kidding of course. The kind of lessons and ideas you present give me a kind of new paradigm to work with in my life."
I know psychologists and psychiatrists learn a lot of theory, and then when they start their practice, they basically have to wing it. Most of them make plenty of money, but little change, therapeutically they crash to the ground instead of soaring with that winging.

The difference between conventional talking therapy and Neurolinguistic Programming, is NLP actually modelled psychologists who knew how to do their job and effect change rapidly and effectively, like Virginia Satyr, Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson. On the difference Richard Bandler, one of the founders of NLP, hilariously said this:
"It's not a therapy group, it's a training session - if you want to go to therapy, well, we can recommend some therapists who are very reliable, why some of their clients have seen them for 20 and 30 years."
Richard Bandler
NLP is a sort of practical training. Often one session is all what it will take to get you confident enough to take care of your own consciousness from then on. I asked J. what the psychologists/psychiatrists he went to see for six years to no avail actually specifically suggested:
"As for my therapy sessions, they suggested once that I get angry. One doctor said, get angry, you should be mad, he told me. I said I wasn't very angry at anything, not very angry person. Then he dropped it. They tried to get me to date girls too, saying I needed someone to keep me "occupied". I wasn't having it."
"Get angry, do some random dating. Time's up, see you next week." Geez. How has this paradigm not collapsed yet? Another example:
"The hypnotherapy might be something of interest to me. I've never had that kind of experience. One of the methods of my former psychiatrists was to put me in a chair and tense up my muscles and then release the tension. He gave me a cassette tape with his voice relying instructions. I guess it was his way of recreating meditation practices. It didn't help very much.
This was a guy who when I was talking about my problems would literally yawn with his mouth closed. Ever seen anyone do that? It's really annoying, especially when your spilling your guts to some wealthy doctor (and he was, he owns like six houses and has five boats and red mercedes benz I see him cruising around town in). My mom went to see him too for a while. She did not like his methods and stopped. I have since stopped as well." J.
So this guy at least used a short yoga exercise and made a poor Hypnosis/Guided Meditation tape, instead of using the expensive time to actually do a personal session that would have been of some use. When you have six houses and five boats, who has the time to care about their clients?

What happens in Neurolinguistic Programming? Well it's not a listening session! The NLP therapist finds out the core challenges, motivates the client to use his/her own creativity in applying solutions, helps the client immediately to rearrange the inner world and experiencing, teaches the client an entire toolbox of techniques customizable to their own needs, and most importantly: applies everything that might help!

As for my own offered change therapy, I also teach anything what is of practical use and interest to the client, for instance the psychological use of meditation, practical psychology and much more. If you teach the client how the mind works, they can influence it themselves more succesfully. So when the therapy is over, the client has learned an entire range of new information and techniques that improve the rest of their lives and help them to realize they are the driver and not the passenger of their consciousness. As an incentive to people who are considering my therapeutic services, some more chronological kind words from J:
"Great first lesson."

"Thus far, it's been great."

"Tremendous insight. Very helpful, I appreciate it greatly."

"I must say I've read books on self-help and other philosophy oriented texts that have helped. However, I find this more helpful. It's probably because you can relate to my problems and put the solution in words I can understand and respect.
Thanks again for your time and your kind, inspiring words."

"Whoa! You covered a lot in this session. Again, these are incredibly new therapies for me. Usually I'd go to a doctor and he'd just sit there and look at me, writing illegibly on some yellow legal pad. What great help that was. Did wonders. I'm kidding of course. The kind of lessons and ideas you present give me a kind of new paradigm to work with in my life."

"I did the exercise five times and realized I am the one in control.
Thank you for your kindness and understanding. Great job thus far!"

"I'm glad I came to you. I"m very appreciative that you agreed to give me free lessons. "

"I'm looking forward to it. (Next Lesson)"

"I'm glad you took me on as a client. Regardless of anything, this has helped me tremendously. If you ever need a reference, or feedback, or anything along those lines, I'm your man. "

"Thanks so much again!"
Thanks to J again for his agreement to post this and the wonderful and fast progress he's making. E-mail me at Dedroidify at Hotmail dot Com for more information. If you have any challenges consciousness wise, I'm your man!

"There is nothing permanent or compulsive in your system
except what you believe to be so."
Moshe Feldenkrais

Leaving Babylon/We're Only Gonna Die For Our Own Arrogance

Bad Religion - We're only gonna die

Sublime - Leaving Babylon/We're Only Gonna Die For our Own Arrogance

Say I'm leaving this Babylon. It will not be too long.
I said my people are starvin but your money's running.
Your dollar, dollar drop down real low. You ain't got no one to show.
That's why we're gonna take it right through that door.
Not gonna come back no more.
Early man walked away
As modern man took control
Their minds weren't all the same
To conquer was their goal
So he built his great empire
And he slaughtered his own kind
He died a confused man
And killed himself in his own mind, Let's go!

Biohazard - We're Only Gonna Die (Live)

Obama already exceeding my expectations, and more newsance

Suspending all Guantanamo "trials", the first step to closing Guantanamo (update: this year! woohoo!) and the bringing back of the Freedom of information act and transparancy in government. Most Excellent! That's already more than I expected from the entire term! Heh, he did have to retake the oath, oh oh, I guess I'd have been nervous too. But there's more good news! No more jackets required in the Oval office! Just kidding, here: New lobbying rules and freezing White House wages. Well played! I'll have a tiny slice of that hope-nosis now ;p.
Also, the conspiracynoids were a little too paranoid about surveillance and security of the US governement, check this out: New Staff finds White House in tech dark ages. "Obama officials ran smack into the constraints of the federal bureaucracy yesterday, encountering a jumble of disconnected phone lines, old computer software, and security regulations forbidding outside e-mail accounts. The team members, accustomed to working on Macintoshes, found computers outfitted with six-year-old versions of Microsoft software. But there were no missing letters from the computer keyboards, as Bush officials had complained of during their transition in 2001." ROFL. Appearances, appearances, at the highest peaks and the lowest valleys, appearances.
Though not getting carried away, Hillary Clinton just replaced Condoleezza Rice as the next ugly and batshit crazy Secretary of State.
And the bullshit in the media isn't over either, remember the article that global warming was disproved. CNN is upping the bullshit again, seriously. "Human-induced global warming is real, according to a recent U.S. survey based on the opinions of 3,146 scientists. However there remains divisions between climatologists and scientists from other areas of earth sciences as to the extent of human responsibility." Wow, you just destroyed the title of your article, with the first line. Good job "journalists" :p.
And Pakistan have arrested London Bombings suspects, that's a minimum of three groups being used as scapegoats for the London Bombings, nevermind the "terrorist drills" just like on 9/11, the "malfunctioning of all relevant cameras" in Big Brother London, and the incomprehensible police execution of de Menezes.