Friday, January 30, 2009

Richard Bandler: 30 years of NLP

"I don't have patients, I have students, so far I haven't found anybody that's mentally ill. Been looking seriously for 35 years I haven't met anybody who's mentally ill, met a lot of people that are very stupid. Especially when I went to Washington DC, place is filled with 'em."

"A lot of people have accused me of being a Guru, I'm just not that fucking sociable. Excuse me. I go off and do stuff by myself and I report back, that's the way I do things. Lots of people wanna follow me but they discover that's really difficult to do."

"How do you deal with habits, you use the truth! That's how you do it. How do you get people to change, you tell them the truth, and then you give them only the alternative of remaining the same and going into unbelievable pain and discomfort. For example: You can keep your bad habit, but I always add 4 or 5 more with it, you wanna keep smoking? That's fine but you're gonna be impotent until you quit, you'd be surprised how many guys change the habit right away. Huhuhuh."

"They brought me into this mental hospital, this guy was into one of the dayrooms. He was walking around, acting pretty weird. But of course they gave him bad drugs to start with. If you want people to be sane don't give them bad drugs, Thorazine is never gonna help anybody to get a firmer handle on reality, it's not gonna teach you to be happy, it's an anti-happy drug. Elleville(?), takes all the highs and all the lows away...
If you want people to be happy, you get the drugs out of their system and give them something to be happy about. The first thing they have to do is to practice. Most of every single day, this is what I found out, all these years and all these clients I found out everybody's practicing everyday to see how bad they can feel."
Richard Bandler
Finally a download of good video and audio quality of Richard Bandler (after a few years of terrible barely incomprehensible uploads!). Thanks Mani!

Chances of an "Athiest" believing in God

From the lol-comments on MyConfinedSpace (original post here):
"I believe in God but I believe he’s an asshole." sutenvulf
What do atheists scream when they come?” Bill Hicks.


Once there was a woman of who was told she had visions of God. She went to the bishop to ask for advice. "Maybe you are only imagining it," he told her. "You have to understand that only me, as bishop of the bishopric, can determine if your visions are real, or fake.
"Yes, monseigneur."
"That is namely one of my responsibilities and duties."
"Of course, monseigneur."
"So you have to do as I say."
"I certainly will, monseigneur."
"All right then, listen. The next time God appears to you, as he has according to you done before, you have to perform a test wherefrom I can determine if it really was God.
"Agreed, monseigneur. And what kind of test?"
"Ask then from God: "Would you please tell me what sins the bishop has in secret?" If it really is God that appears to you, he will definitely tell you my sins. Then come to me and tell me, but nobody else, which those are."
"I will, monseigneur."
A month later the woman schedules another appointment with the bishop. "And, did God appear to you again?" he asked her.
"I believe so, monseigneur."
"And what did God say?"
"God said: "Tell the bishop I've already forgiven his sins."

From Anthony de Mello: The way of Silence

Nasadiya, Rig Veda Book 10, Hymn 129.

1. At first there was nothing
neither existence
nor non existence
space was not yet
and nothing beyond

What was hidden?
By whom?

Was there water
impenetrable and deep?

2. Death did not exist
nor deathlessness
no sign as yet
of night or day

only the One
self impelled
breathing without breath

nothing else.

3. At first
darkness wrapped around darkness
all was shoreless water,

The One, hidden by the void
in fiery heat

4. Passion arose
the seed of mind.

Seers, searching
the wisdom
in their hearts
discovered the bond
with being

5. A ray of light
spread out
what was above
what below?

There were seed bearers
mighty forces
thrust out
moving far beyond

6. Who truly knows?
Who can say?

Where was it born?
How did it come forth?

The gods came later

who knows how this creation
came into being?

7. That source from where
creation came
did it hold or not?

Only the one
who presides over
the highest space knows

He surely knows
or can it be
that he does not know?