Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek Timeline(s)

Star Trek: The Original Series. Life Begins.
Star Trek: The Next Generation. Life goes on.
Star Trek: DS9. Life gets messed up. WAR!
Star Trek: Voyager. Oops, Life going far out and then trying to find Home.
Star Trek: Enterprise. Life begins again.
New Star Trek movie. (spoiler, only select next white colored text if you have seen the new movie: Life splits off into new realities.)Or as Walter in JJ Abrahms (Fringe, Lost, Star Trek) said it in the last episode, before getting taken away by the Observer Alien character: "Each choice creates a new reality."

Star Trek DS9 aka Iraq

Let's go into conspiracy reality tunnel mode and visit Deep Space Nine. (I saw the new Star Trek movie yesterday, YES! New series and movie franchises please! Everything that went so horribly wrong with Enterprise, was done excellently in the movie.)

Some more background info at the provided links, if you're not too familiar with Star Trek DS9, here we go:
Hello, welcome to DS9, aka Iraq. Stargate Included.
Starfleet Federation human commander, Emissary of the Prophets, aka an American Allies president.
This is a Bajoran, aka an Iraqi freedom fighter. Religious too.
This is a Cardassian, aka an Iraqi tyrant and opressor, evolved reptilians, btw.
Jem'Hadar, genetically engineered reptilian footsoldiers for the Dominion, which is a 'secret' (at first :p) society led by...
shapeshifters, the Founders, who want to control all matter.
Don't forget the greedy, greedy Ferengi trying to make as much money there no matter what.