Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leif Johnnson audio 2: Burroughs & Stanhope

Prefuse 73 & William S. Burroughs: Cut Up technique

Doug Stanhope: Free Country

Reaper 2x13

"Cool!... You guys into Magick with a k too? My fairies got me believing in all things supernatural... Always looking out for me, just wish they'd save me from myself, filthy habit (cigarettes). Have superfun with your book on the occult!"
Sam: Is she smoking by the propane tanks? ... BOOM
"I was surrounded by the heavenly warmth of a hundred fairies, message received, that's my last cigaret ever!"

"Do I look like a fairy to you? Whoa, don't answer that!" (Character is gay ;p)
The fairy/angel breaks Sam's hand in six places which makes him lose his contest (arranged with an incantation translated from an ancient demon language) with the Devil, and which makes them lose Andy's soul too, but the orders came from higher up in heaven and Sam, the son of the Devil, is assured that Heaven is looking out for him, with a free lightshow to make it up... Yay.
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