Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Psychology of Pleasure

Nathaniel Branden: Psychology of Pleasure 1of2

Nathaniel Branden: Psychology of Pleasure 2of2


Goddessrocks said...

Awesome and thought provoking... Thankyou

justDVL said...

It looks really nice, but really complicated though, I will have to listen it for many times and stop it many times to fully get it. But for the firs time, it is nice to listen :)
Thx, cool page!

jp3k said...

did a google search on "the One more trustworthy than all the Buddhas and sages" and landed at your site. was pleasantly surprised to recognize that i had been here before. then was superextradoubleplus pleasantly surprised to see that you posted the psychology of pleasure vides that i made. how cool is that. thank you, good work, see you around :)

greg said...

WOW!!! absolutely amazing!