Thursday, April 14, 2011

NLP Testimonial from a satisfied client

"I tried for years to find someting to help me control a persistent memory that would not leave me in peace when trying to relax, sleep or even just shutting my eyes a while. My whole life was affected by this keeping me constantly lethargic, preventing me from doing the things that I had loved to do before, my confidence and general well being was shattered by something from the past. I had counselling, a psychiatrist that visited on a weekly basis, hypnotherapy then eventually relented and gave in to a doctors request that I try so many different medications I couldn't list them all here. For me none of this worked and I gave up hope of ever finding anything that would and just lived with the limitations it placed on me.

It was through a general discussion about sleep and meditation and my inability for either that NLP was mentioned to me. I agreed to give it a try without knowledge of what this was or how it was going to help and obviously no expectations for it to work as so much had failed in the past. I have to say I was immediately amazed at how much I could possibly be in control of something that had been in control of me for so long. From the very first session I learned that by simply using the techniques being passed to me I could remove the fear and anxiety that had plagued me for so long, I can close my eyes now and relax, I can go to bed without begging for sleep to come to me, I can finally sit in a silent room with nothing but my own breathing to hear. I wake feeling refreshed and there is no nagging worry there, I feel totally unburdened and relaxed and know I can face the day with energy.

I can never thank you enough for providing me with the tools to be able to do this and I know I can apply this technique to so many other things in my life. Thank you so much for giving me my peace back."
S. from England

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Sharing some thoughts

Hey everyone, so what happened recently was I helped a friend with an assault trauma that kept her from getting to sleep well. An NLP session of 30 minutes helped her to deal with it and take control over the visuals popping up instead of letting the visuals control her, and she is able to get to sleep much more easily again. At the same time this helped me remember what I had learned to get myself through a rough time.

Last night I dreamt I was facing two vampires, with four people at my side. A fitting comparison to how authority is in the minority and the majority of people just stagnate in apathy. Anyway there is a table between us and on the table are seven chain & ball maces. I'm the only one of the five on our side that picks one up, the vampires do too, and the four just stand there terrified. So while painfully obvious what they had to do was pick up the maces, they did not, and I did not tell them because... well they're right in front of them dammit! So what happens is I fend off the baddies for a while with this crazy weapon, but all of a sudden my chain gets stuck in one of the vampire's chain, so what happens is I run towards the table to get another weapon but by the time I reach it a vampire has leaped and bit my neck, rather obviously I wake up at this point.

So moral of the vampire story dream, all I had to do was help the 4 more actively to use the tools available to them.

And Dedroidify's return is affirmed lol. Expect more posts about NLP in the future!


Saw this band open for the Editors last year, the sound was really bad but I heard such good riffs I had to check it out online and glad I did!

Start the spirit party!

Full session of 21 minutes