Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Cruising

The Cruise ship Costa Concordia crash wasn't quite a scene like the Titanic ending...

Panic broke out amongst passengers and crew alike. The crew first delayed passengers wanting to lower the lifeboats by 45 minutes. Fights broke out. "Women and children first" was ignored. The captain was among the first to flee and was seen drinking alcohol before he had to take over his shift.

Men refused to let women and children go in front, even pregnant women. Most of the crew did nothing to help the evacuation proceed orderly. Sandra Rogers, 62 said "It was disgusting. Big, strong men of the crew just shoved us aside on way to the life floats. Everyone lost eachother. I myself lost sight of my daughter and granddaughters, twins of seven years old. There was a total lack of organisation. Even those who managed to reach the boats wasn't safe. Grown men jumped simultaniously in the boats. I was terrified we would capsize.

Isabelle Mougin from France (38) who was five months pregnant, begged the captain to leave the cruise ship, she was not allowed. "Nobody could leave the ship, the crew just left us. I thought we were all going to die. And the captain just left, I still can't believe he just abandoned ship."

The captain was arrested.

This is why I don't go out much... I don't like to be surrounded by humans, they're a very dangerous species of animal.

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