Thursday, December 27, 2012

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Jingle Bells

First World probl- no that's not even a problem... wtf

I got my sis' ditched Iphone 3 this year and am very pleased with it! More importantly I had a wonderful time with my family this christmas! Same as last year! Yes I'm one of those guys that loves spending time with their family and can't wait for new year's day to do it again!

1 out of 2 women in Seoul have undergone plastic surgery

In this picture is a belgian pop singer Axelle Red on the left before her surgery, on the right is the freakish appearance she has now. It's fucking scary.

Just saw a piece on tv claiming how one in two women in Seoul have undergone surgery and how "doctors" are making a fortune of these misguided people whose views have been warped by the media. Personally I find asian women to be among the most beautiful on the planet and really don't understand the longing for bigger eyes and lower cheekbones. I really hope this trend stops in Asia as I can't even understand it. I also have a big nose myself and would never change it as it's an awesome help to keep superficial people out of my life! Finally, I find people who've undergone plastic surgery to usually be... let's face it... hideous. They often end up looking like freaks, and that's no understatement. Wether it's lips, noses, cheeks, whatever, I usually find you can recognize someone who's done it and my god I hope they have the common sense and eyesight to at least regret it. I really hope the bad kind of plastic surgery dies out really fast.

Starting my New Year's resolution early

I stopped meditating just before last summer cause my crown chakra was swirling a lot and I was scared off by what seemed to be the start of an OBE. But once again, having faltered once before, I've started meditating twice daily. Let's see if I can find out what's on the other side that's been beckoning so often until now. Time to finally overcome that fear. I've also started doing some magick again and eager to see the results. You got to love synchronicity, during my first ritual fireworks started outside just as I was beginning. I heard the next day from someone our family knows in the city council that the rain caused the fireworks to be started early! Tired of being stuck in a rut spiritually and I finally wanna see what experiences are out there for me! Wish me luck!