Friday, December 28, 2012

Terence! Where's my singularity!

A friend was organizing an "end of the world" party but it got cancelled (too) :p


Damn, on the one hand I love language and always look up a new word asap, yet seem to be using 'very' quite often - on the other hand, I can't stand thesaurus-hipsters that go overboard :p


A comment on this post here is making me wanna talk more about meditation!
"it's so daft, i resist it so much at times, but every single time after i sit i always feel nourished, clearer, calm, insightful and inspired."
I feel the same way! Even when I'm doing great after a prolongued period of meditation I tend to forget I'm doing so great partly thanks to the meditation! I got asked if it was vipassana and I'll share a bit about my practice to hopefully inspire others.

First of all, I usually lay down, as I find that sitting up provides so much bodily distractions I tend to not bother with it - except if I'm at my folks who have a huge sofa which is really fun to meditate in.

I always start off my meditation with ten minutes of very basic pranayama. When restarting my practice it starts off extremely basic. All I do is calm down before I start, and then I visualise white light going up from my root to my third eye chakra while inhaling slowly from the belly. Then I visualise the light going back down the opposite way while exhaling.

At the start this is very chaotic. My mind will start racing, singing, playing tunes or conversations, and I try easily to dissipate all of it while focusing on my breathing and visualisation again. It's like the ego is going HEY I'M RIGHT HERE, and I allow it to be, I just ignore it and then it shuts up by itself sooner or later. Keeping this explanation very basic, when I have an itch, I scratch it! Better to be comfortable. I used to think I couldn't move at all during meditation, thinking that I'd go in a deep trance if I didn't like you can while on a mushroom trip, though I learned that's not necessarily the case. If you're going to have anything peculiar happen they might just be "visions" as if you imagine something regularly in your mind's eye.

After ten minutes my mp3 I created will let off a little gong, and I'll switch to vipassana for an additional twenty minutes. Which means I'll just be relaxing and releasing whatever comes up again. I find this a fascinating practice. I try to let my breathing be, though I have a very hard time just observing my breath while not intervening for some reason. When I read about people observing their breath I tend to regard them as superhero feats cause I just can't seem to do it at all - though sometimes it starts to happen automatically.

There seems to be no limit to how random the human works. The most random thoughts, visualisations, conversations, worries will come up. And releasing them all really helps in realizing how fleeting or insignificant they are. After meditation it's really great to be able to be much more of a clean slate and having a clear mind. Being able to release anything you don't want to occupy yourself with.

I have to say I'm so motivated to keep this up, I feel absolutely great and it's like I never let up my previous practice. Soon I will start replacing some of my twice daily vipassana meditations with Dharana meditation, which I've posted extensively about in the past. Thanks for inspiring me to do this post Clarence!