Thursday, October 3, 2013

RAW - Religion for the Hell of it & the Disinfo talk

edit: found a complete version all in one

This is the talk from Disinfo Con 2000, watch it while it's still up. All the Disinfo Con talks keep getting removed from Youtube, I really wish they'd stop doing that.

More RAW goodies tomorrow, don't wanna overload you all at once! BTW if anyone knows a site that actually succeeds at downloading a youtube video please share. I tried eight that didn't work so far... update: Thanks to David for letting me know about the Firefox extension downloadhelper for anyone who wants to save vids too.


david said...

Hi, first thanks for your sites, discovered a lot from it! And enjoyed!

I was able to download the 2000 conference using Firefox and the extension called downloadhelper.

Hope it helps.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much David, that does the trick!

Time to save all those vids that keep disappearing from time to time :D

Rob Pugh said...

I use the "Ultimate YouTube Downloader" Chrome extension...