Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year

I'm sorry I can't start the new year with good news though. I've lost the hosting for and don't have the funds or tech-savviness to set up a new one or temporary one. So for the time being, is dead. All the content is still available via when I did the daily dedroidify series on here, just have to scroll a bit down.

I plan to get my shit together at one point, just don't know when yet. My treatment for Lyme begins next wednesday so that'll be a nice start.

If anyone has any ideas how we can reserve the domain name at least without paying too much I'd really appreciate it.


acraig00 said...

I think I can help. What exactly do you need to keep it going?

Dedroidify RAW said...

That would be nice! domain name registration and some webspace with ftp access is all we need I think.