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Language = Subliminal Symbolism (Illuminatimatrix)

Believe nothing. Explore Everything.
Ideas are Toys. The Search for Truth is a Game

According to Bryan Kemila at language is just another form of mind control devised by a luciferian bloodline and their secret societies, to keep us pure-awareness being imprisoned in this luciferian holographic matrix of illusionary lies of light. He makes some original and very interesting claims, I'm not convinced by all of it at all as usual, though I consider his ideas very valuable pieces of the puzzle of truth.

This symbolism is not just in words, but in letters and numbers of all languages. Furthermore words can be cut up, mirrored, etc. An understanding of this symbolism, which is heavily rooted in astrotheology (as above so below), helps us to better deconstruct the lies permeating our life. Also if we are aware of the symbolism, its subliminal effect is completely lost and we are free from it.

He claims that the only thing we need to do to wake up out of this is to reconnect our awareness and realize everything we experience here is a lie. The rapid solution to enlightenment? Or Psychosis? :p He even claims 'lightworkers' are part of the luciferian agenda, to a great extent I can relate to this, there's an amazing amount of bullshit in the new age. Note: The Pleiadens call themselves the Bringers of the Light, another Lucifer reference... He says that love alone is not the way, because the love we know is just another illusion part of duality, and simple pure awareness is the key instead. And not in meditation, but in everyday life, so when the heavy shit goes down we don't have to think about our meditation time in some dark room but we know we can reconnect to awareness. (which agrees with Eckhart Tolle's methods, pure awareness without internal dialogue does activate the right brain)
I have to say, I'm intrigued by his theories. It could be possible that (sombunall - some but not all) mysticism and spirituality (or aspects of it) in general are just further devices to trap us here. Though after some serious re-evaluation of my most valued opinions on life (not beliefs, so no attachment) I don't think that's very likely, considering meditation experiences, life lessons, synchronicity, etc. I have experienced non-duality and it felt closer to home and 'love' than any of this here. So I'm definitely not 'convinced' (yet?) by Kemila's theories, at all. Yet I repeat, I consider his ideas very valuable pieces of the puzzle of truth and I keep re-evaluating my views of reality continuously.

"It is the mark of an educated man to entertain an idea without accepting it."

His theories sometimes seem very farfetched - which he claims isn't his farfetched thinking, but simply his observation of the luciferian symbolism which simply seems ridiculously complicated and farfetched for the beginner. Though remember: What the thinker thinks, the prover proves = a human being can think of possibly anything, but he can only prove what he thinks about. Confirmation bias can lead us to some pretty weird theories if we believe in them before we explore them objectively. It could be that Mr. Kemila got a little carried away with the confirmation bias. Though who knows?

Again, I believe nothing, I'll be meditating and reconnecting to awareness both thanks very much :p Yet, on the other hand, this work could very well be the key to getting out of here. Who knows? I certainly don't, but I'm enjoying the search! Remember that life is a dance, and we do not dance to reach the conclusion, but simply to dance!


The Subliminal Symbolism of the Alphabet
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Language and Symbolism
Here is a list of the alphabet, nrs & words with associations a lot of us haven't thought of. This work is not to be considered scientific, more synchronistic, it is just observing and relating. It is very incomplete, please do not see any of these explanations as definitions but as possible hints and possible meanings.

ps: this is a very incomplete, sloppy and sometimes just funny list, I just thought I'd share what I compiled on a whim so far. Most of it is from Bryan Kemila, though there are some Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell and other symbolism decoder's theories in there too.

(Note: You might have to skip around a bit as it's very chaotic. To better understand this article: as there is no G sound in Hebrew the G can be replaced by Y. El=hebrew for god. Finances worldwide are handled by maritime law instead of the law of the land.)

the 1st set of 13 letters dealt with establishing the genetic family link of the triune godhead, the first set of letters is very concerned with the life side of this 3 dimensional realm.

A: pyramid with capstone, alpha, pyramid = peer, ability to see, in the mid/middle of the all seeing eye, atom symbol. 6 of the 7 continents start and end with an a - a pyramid letter.
B: beta, fertility letter, breast, B 90 degrees to the right and female cleavage
AB: say it out loud, what you really hear is abba, abba=father, abraham is the father of jews, christians and muslims, abraham is a name for the luciferian entity.
AM: i am that i am simply first and last letter of the first set of 13 letters.
C: see sea sesame street, shape is eye observed from side with pupil opening to right, symbolizing light or knowledge of the world coming and going out
D: death, the dessert of kings, the all seeing eye O cut in half, the destroyer, desolation, dog, god
E: 3 horizontal lines connected by 1 vertical stroke, 4 next letters are a lie
EFG: effigy(representation) fake
F: fuck, fecundate, fertilize, fornicate under the command of the king = f.u.c.k., father 3 letters in center that speak symbolically of father mother and son.
G: god, generative, sex symbol, opening on right side with penatration of the stroke into the letter. circle = woman, stroke = man.
H: the son, horus, hor-izon, rising son, 2 vertical strokes, man and woman, horizontal stroke the son/sun. h symbolizes trinity
HIJK: hijack, youve been hijacked by language
I: the one supreme being is the all seeing eye, eye= two e's = father and y (sound of i), father e, mother 2nd e, and y son in th emiddle
J: a hook, babylonian fish god = oannes. j=joannes. john - john the baptist, water fish god,
K: kill, 11th letter, death, arrow shape is subliminal, suggesting attack by the a, father pyramid letter, or v virgin vixen victory letter
L: el, hewrew for god
M: mother, matriarch, maternal one, matrix, ma, ma ma, m is 2 pyramids joined together and a reverse pyramid coming from above, symbolizes the father, mother and son being produced by their union, m-erchandising, re-ligion

this 2nd set of 13 letters is primarily concerned with the death aspects of this 3d experience. right from the 1st letter n to the last letter z we have death and war written all over this group of sigil magic forms.

N: connecting letter in its sigil magick strength
Nazi, swastika originally a symbol for good (though still a symbol for the sun god) and reversed for evil in nazi germany, n z overlaid eight pointed star see graphic
No: n connecting to the o the all seeing eye
O: the all seeying eye
P: prince, | is phallic symbol with the all seeying eye
Q: queen, q - r - s - t equals qrst = christ = cursed
QRST = christ = cursed
R: destructive like k, ra, reptile, remember, rebel - resist - revenge - retreat - react - repetition - religion - reflex, repetition.
REverse, rever-s, revere s, satan
RItual, rich (ritual), right, rite, write, spell out the rite and cast the spell, right
RI, ring (bell), enormous amount of ing sound in english, bell beelzebub, baal, bill (clinton and collector), school bell
RO is the ancient word from which we get royal. we also have words like rope - robe - rock (as in ro-ckefell-er, one of the major royal bloodline families). we also have rode - rogue - role - roam - rome - roar - roast - rose (as in the or-d-er of the rose, the organization which takes its name from the petal appearance of the female genitalia).
RU is the sound and shape associated with ruby - rude - rule - ruse - ruin - rub - run - rut - rum etc., and even names such as rudy - rudolph, etc. what should be evidenced as you read the r words, line after line, is a strong feeling of repression (repression - when broken down into sigil terms re-press-sun). the word repression is formed of the repeating pressure sound and shapes which are meant to st-re-ss your system. this r sound is a killer. it is used all throughout our language excessively. why? of course, the desire (desi-re) of the luciferian egregore, master hypnotist group is to manipulate you endlessly, through every waking moment of every day.
RAil road - ra rose of death - the liar door
S: serpent snake form, scale, sacred, spell, 2 s's are 8, caduceus, inifity, eyes of owl, breasts woman
T: in the middle of second set, tammuz babylonian sun god
T-er-ro-ris-m which is t the sun god and re the reptilian brained luciferian thinkers - ro the rose that - ri rises - m always refers to the matrix womb of gestation). this word alone is enough to show who really was behind the world trade centre attack. the sm at the end of words also alludes to sado masochism in acronym form
TT=symbolic of intersecting death cross lines of zodiac light molecule or cross, root source of all religion. double cross, house of lorraine, main iluminati bloodline families of france. deceit or tricked. exxon. attack: atta (mohammed), as above so below, c to see, k to kill
U: u does indeed stand for you. not just you however, it stands for the opposite of you - this is reverse imagery - as in the u-turn - this letter is again referring to the corrupt luciferian mind. the letter u refers to union and united. this is the act of joining things together, through a twist, or change of direction. as in the original 13 states of the american union. also, in the united nations. yet again in the united states, the european union, the african union and so on. the word 'fun' features 2 u's if you turn the n upside down.
UVWXYZ - you v-eye double you hex w-eye see, you (u) are the vessel (v) the winged (w) spirit will attempt to extinguish (x).
U - you - u duality - do-el-eye-t shift
V: v. this is letter is sort of like the thumbs down signal from the roman emporer, as he decided to have the loser killed, or spared, in the forum. v is venom - vegas - vengeance - venerate - veil - venus - vehement - virgin - vagina - vex and so on. it comes to us with a little shroud of secrecy, in that it can be pronounced vay, as in the letter w, (double u), which is a duble vey, or double v. the letter v is just another form of the letter y, with almost the same shape, only more attack and killing oriented, than the letter y. both of these letters have the eye sound subliminal, but one refers to the penta, 5 pointed institutions of death, and one refers to the outright attack manifested through the veil of sex, blood and war. sometimes referred to as love.
W: double your pleasure, double your fun w, like the letter m, is 3 triangles interlocking. this is the mother, father and son trinity of religious thought. only now it is mirrored or inverted. 2 of the triangles are coming from above and one from below. when you combine the v, which is situated right next to the w - or double v - there is an area of the alphabet where the manipulation factor kicks into overdrive.
Worshipful master as used in freemasonry. w from worshipful and m from master are mirror images of each other. when you hear these words together there is a sense of awe and wonder.
X: x is made from the 2 intersecting lines of the zodiac circle that is symbolic of the 4 seasons. this is the shape within the light beam that really perpetuates in our thoughts, the passage of time. the seasons are passing. furthermore, this x shape is the hourglass, another simple form (another symbol of freemasonry), that instills within us the passage of time. from this shape we further get the term, the hourglass figure of a woman's body. the term x rated is derived from these intersecting lines. try triple xxx. i wonder how that's supposed to move us? all this is pleasurable and sensuous stuff, but i don't appreciate the fact that the serpent mind is trying to manipulate me through this symbolism. this word intersecting is also the source of the word sex, as mentioned before, from the sound of intersection. broken down it looks like inter-sex-sun. all this sexual energy is amplified by having the vw (the destabilizing letters) placed immediately before the x in the order the alphabet is written. x - hehex - excite - exhilerate - expel - extreme and so on. a recent blockbuster tv show was called the x-files. this whole show was based on the story of the egyptian god isis and osiris, and the sun god horus. have a peek at the youtube video for a compelling breakdown of the symbolism employed.
X - sex - vex - tex - mex
Y: upside down three pronged beam of light, 3 primary colour pyramid
Y - why - w-eye. y sounds like why, the word that asks a question. it is the hebrew yod - yowd - yode - yud letter. sometimes the hebrew letter for yod is placed within a triangle. (this kind of let's you know who the hebrew god is). it is the 10th letter (the number of intensity and is synonamous with white light.
Y: pentagram, the five pointed star, and flip it upside down, you have the strongest luciferian subliminal associated with this shape. the letter y is derived from the shape formed by the two points at the top meeting in the centre of the triangle and then forming a line to the lower third point of the triangle. this y is then joined from the top 2 points to the lower point. this forms a winged shaped triangle when combined with the letter y in the centre. this wing shaped triangle is then shortened to read as winged angle.the word angel or angle refers to a winged spirit. in this you have the connection to jehovah, the creator god, the eye, and the white light, or y-eye-t light).
Z: z - the doze-iac - zodiac. z is a strange one. it refers to sleep (as in - i'm going to catch some z's) and it refers to the first number zero, which is eros, or sex, (eros is also ros-e), in the number system. however, zero represents emptiness or nothing. the source of creation, the light beam, or something from nothing.
Z is half of the nazi lightening bolt symbol. it is the sword fighter symbol as in the word zorro. notice that z-or-ro has a few royal and rose things going on with it as well.
real strength in this letter however, is the z-ero connection from letters to numbers. they have to make them link. subliminal messaging must not have a weak spot, or break in the suggestion. the connection is again, sexual, as z-ero is the sound and shape of z-eros or eros, the greek word of sexual desire. from eros we get erotic - erosion which in turn is corruption. corruption is not sin, it just means that things die.

The Numb-er Cyst-em

0zero z last letter of the alphabet
3trinity son, father, holy spirit
5five pointed star: pentagram, pentum=five, pentagon inside pentagram, sirius, venus, the microcosm, man
6six pointed star: sex pointed, regeneration, cycle completed and new life will spring forth. star of david, male and female, merkaba
666: mark of the beast, not, cause that's 616 from latest translations.
666 is a nr for the heart chakra, also called in other traditions the Christ/Buddha consciousness center.
7seven: completion, seven rays of light, seven candles
7seven: mercury, saturn, jupiter, venus, mars, sun, moon = ancient gods of ancient world, seven lights in the heavens
7sevenpointed star: masonic, thumbs up = aleister crowley developped it, california highway patrol logo, seven days of week
8infinity, ouroboros, 1776/2=888, octagon = chaos, or according to bryan kemila total and complete control, the 8 sided freedom tower, the 8 sided islamic dome of the rock and the 135 degree angle of the octagon, all connect together with the fabricated war on terrorism and al gore's pathetic scam of man-made global warming.
eight pointed star: eight, ate, 2 squares superimposed, double square of freemasonry, (fair and square according to secret societies), double square however: disorder: power over order and disorder, chaos and order, chevron logo= 2 squares (boxes on each other), double square on queen's crown (veel variaties), knights of malta (pyramid from the top, and no capstone), chaos, chaos magick, discordianism, eris
9origin of time
12elite, holy, or main characters pay homage to the great god of hypnosis, and from that we derive the importance of the number 13. this is symbolized by the 6 pointed star, with all it's points and intersections. the 12 elite gods of olympus, zeus being the main god, plus cronus - father time. the 12 tribes of israel plus jehovah - the ancient of days. the 12 apostles minus judas iscariot plus jesus (ye-zeus) - plus the father - yah way, etc.
13:6+7 regeneration + completion, annuit coeptis, steps pyramid, stripes on eagle symbol, points: star of david, arrows, feathers,
'unlucky to the masses', because it's gods son/sun with his chosen 12, divinely inspired jesus+12apostles, sun+12zodiacs, lucky nr

Word List

adam: atom - adom=cut off or divided

al gore: al gore, whose name really means - roy-al. again, there is no g sound in the old hebrew, just a yud sound. say gore backwards with a silent e and you have roy-al.would you believe a thing this all seeing eye guy says? what is going on here is nothing more than mass hypnosis, causing the world to stay focused on a particular topic, whereby the concentration of thought energy actually causes the acceleration of global melting ice. exactly in the same way as holding a magnifying glass up to the sunlight, aiming at a piece of paper, will cause the paper to ignite. the concentration of energy, which is nothing more than thoughts, causes heat to be generated wherever the focus is directed. this is kaballism, demonism, intellectualism, science, religion… you name it, this is how they're making us do it to ourselves. they're doing it deliberately, and methodically. this is setting up the human cull. check out this name al (el or eli - ancient egyption deity) gore (think blood and guts all over the place).many millions and billions of people will be this massive environmental weapon they are creating, in our minds, that will be unleashed ever so soon. it can be stopped by becoming aware that we are in a state of hypnosis and everything in the world system has been herding us for 6,000 plus years to this final hypnotic state of total control. know what they're trying to do, become aware of the duality nature of the luciferian mindset, that plays god and the devil at the same time, but do not react or believe that this thing is real. if we believe this sea level rising scam, guess what, the sea level will rise. the sea is the see, the all seeing eye, and the rise, is the rose, the christ messiah concept who rose from the dead to establish his kingdom on earth. see how this hypnotic suggestion has been implanted mercilessly for thousands of years. we are fully indoctrinated and ripe for the picking. gaining this new perspective, and this alone, and realizing that it's a complete sham, can prevent the devastation of the masses, and a return to our eternal state of awareness.

amen: amon ra

angle: angles are angels - the sacred geometry of freemasonry

armageddon: armageddon - megiddo - mexico. is a play on words with megiddo, the valley where the lord's vengeance will be poured out. george bush sr. also took the name magog as his nickname in the skull and bones society.this is the real battle of armageddon. this last battle is the struggle of connecting to our awareness versus being disconnected by their hypnosis. this battle is within us. however, the hypnotic suggestion that induces the trance state, unfolds in the actual physical valley of megiddo, which is located in the new world. the valley of megiddo is the valley of sacrifice and death. this battle is the day of the lord's vengeance, where he / it, (the luciferian god), performs the cull of humanity. this entity will kill those who do not bow down and worship him / it.

ark of the covenant: not the only one, the egyptians had loads of these things

arrowhead: arrowhead or spear. again notice, ar-ro-w-head and sp-ear. arrow-head is eros-head, or sexual love. this has the further sexual overtone of oral sex, and giving head. the word spear, in reverse, is raeps or rapes, and needs no further clarification.

arthur: arthur means ra-thur or ra-thor, the god of war

baal: bail you pay bail, ba'al, bill, ball, baal=phoenician god responsible for fertility of land and flocks as is volcanic lava

bank: bench (the judge is owned by the bank), vatican canon law = swiss guard guard the pope = switzerland=banking, pope = banking boss

battery cell: we're batteries, energy stored and transmuted by sun, matrix, morpheus holds up a battery, battery farm of humans, alien ant farm, when you're jailed you're sent to a cell

beehive: human society, pope has beehive shaped headdress, beeziness buzziness, buzzes busses

beijing: begging, beginning

black color: saturn, judges, priesthoods of religions, school, don't care about who wins as long as they get paid

bread & circus: bread = bred = breed = sex. circus = circle = zodiac = doz-iac = doze-ac = sleep. bread and circus is sex and sleep. 2 potent characteristics of the trance state.

brit ish: brit contract or covenant, ish man, british the man of the covenant, man's kingdom, the united kingdom

captain: from the latin capitol, money, capitoline hill where caesar ruled rome from, capitol hill u.s.

christ: christened, oiled, oil, king's anointed = big cock, anointed with pseudo-sperm

church: “…the word church incidentally, is an interesting word. its an english word, okay. its an english word church. it comes from a Scottish word kirk. that’s why we have one of the old hymns kirk of the valley. kirk in the scottish is church in English. but kirk in scottish comes from a greek word circe. circe in the greek mythology was the mother. circe who was able to put a spell on people and to bring them into her house and change men into pigs and eat them .. of course.. so
i don’t know what that tells you.” Jordan Maxwell

cross with a circle: the earth going around the sun in 4 seasons

crystal: crystal or christ all (all christ) supreme god notion.

comet: cometh, come t, welcome to the sun god, t cross sign

continents: notice anything peculiar about these names? of course you do. 6 of the 7 continents start and end with an a - a pyramid letter. these 6 also include an i - eye, within the body of the word. 5 of the 7 include an r - the sun god symbol for ra. there's europe which has no a at either end, but does have an e at each end. this is symbolic of el, the father of all gods. just as the number 15 and the triangle pyramid symbolized, ra, the sun god.europe does have an r and an ro - and ru in reverse - and the word rope as well.
cousins: at least 34 of the 43 presidents to date, (march 2007), can trace their lineage to charlemagne (800 ad). the bush family can even be traced to alexander the great, (325 bc - new england genealogical society and burke's peerage). some suggest the bushes can be traced to the pharoahs of egypt. in other words, all the presidents of the united states are cousins.
day star shines: peter said: continue untill the day star rises in your heart: lucifer=venus

degree: masonic degrees, school degrees, given the third degree

democracy: demon-crazy

demonstration: demon-st-ray-sun.

devil: the evil

dimensional: die men sun all

dna: tree of life, snake, ouroboros, caduceus, collective unconscious,
akashing records, the coiled serpent to unciol toward conscious evolution

dogma: amgod, the belief & control systems engineered by the secret societies, they consider their word to be law as they consider themselves as gods. The moral framework and belief & control systems are unconsciously worshipped by the domesticated primate.

dome: domesticated, domineering, dominican, presence of divine, female breast symbol

double cross: knights templar, eastern, russian orthodox, doublecrossing :p deceiving, exxon logo, v for vendetta party logo

dragon: winged/feathered serpent, the combination of spiritual and physical love, quatzalcoatl, the kundalini

earth: three

egregore: what sets this thing, the egregore thought form, into motion is the gathering of like minded thinkers, who have a similar purpose or thought. this is referred to as the egregore. from this word, through sound and shape association, we get the words con-gregation and gregarious. the meaning of congregation is obvious, it is to con, or trick, the gregarious. these are people who delight in gathering together for ritualistic worship. this word egregore is a little understood concept, that represents a thought form or collective group mind. in actual practise it is witnessed when a church congregation joins together to worship. w-or-ship - also think war-ship. in the christian bible we read that "wherever 2 or more are gathered there i am also." this, i am, is the luciferian group of entities. again, the bible says "forsake not the gathering of yourselves together…" of course, this is so the kaballistic magic can be performed. some call it miracles, some refer to it as signs and wonders. this is actually mind and light manipulation of physical matter in accordance with the kaballistic knowledge based on luciferian principles of creating an illusion.other satanic groups which use this knowledge for powerful effect are sex cults who form a circle, join hands, say a few phrases, get aroused and enjoy the orgasm. all fine and dandy, but don't manipulate me with the illusion of being in touch with reality or wisdom. this egregore is also present at concerts, sporting events, and the like. the audience gathers around the stage or set (set or seth is one ancient egyptian name from which we also derive the term satan), and focus on the action occurring before them. the energy created at an event, in this way, is massive. the hypnotic trance achieved is powerful.the resulting emotional crash after a sporting event, rock concert, etc., is also devastating, as the energy released at an event such as this, is very hard to recover from. quite often at a religious crusade the people will be asked to join hands. or similarly, a relatively new thing at sporting events is the wave, where people throw there hands up in sequence to create a wave affect around the arena or stadium. this is the undulating, hypnotic motion of the serpent, and the serpent mind. this is the pivotal sway of a mystery woman. the result is the same. an immense amount of energy is expended on behalf of this demonic group of entities. ancient rome was known for their bread and circuses which were provided for the common population, to keep them sedated and in a state of stupidity and hypnosis. today it is a perfected manipulation art form.

eiffel tower: the eye full tower, just another pyramid, also symbol of beam of light

eight pointed star: eight, ate, 2 squares superimposed, double square of freemasonry, (fair and square according to secret societies), double square however: disorder: power over order and disorder, chaos and order, chevron logo= 2 squares (boxes on each other), double square on queen's crown (veel variaties), knights of malta (pyramid from the top, and no capstone), chaos, chaos magick, discordianism, eris

ejaculation: jack off, jack in the box: jack is sexual symbol inside the box, which is slang for vagina.

el: Saturn was known as El in the old phoenician language, the 'wise' were known as the elders, the elite, elevated, elevator, electricity

empire state building: the name alone should raise a few eyebrows

entheogens & astrotheology: symbolism: basis of all religion

fascism: god's law, law dictionary: fas= (latin) god's law, the authorities consider themselves gods...

fish god: dagon fish god, christian fish, vescica pisces

forbidden fruit: according to pharmacratic inquisition: the psychedelic experience, the snake is the kundalini representing human drive for truth
forbidden fruit: according to thelema press's sex the gate to eden: the energy of kundalini sex chi energy, which should be preserved and transmuted into spiritual energy, and shouldn't be dissipated through ejaculation if one wants to use this energy purposefully
forbidden fruit: according to michael tsarion: adam's wouldn't listen to the deceiving teachings of the genetic scientists that created them, represented by the snake (dna, science), but eves would

gangster: bankster :p

g: masonic symbol, geometry, generational principle, god, great architect

genetic manipulation origins: "zeus gathered the gods in council to express his concern that these unusual creatures would one day challenge their hegemoney. he was loathe to exterminate them with his thunderbolts, though, because there would be no one to bring the gods offerings. he solved the problem by putting each creature into a trance and then splitting it down the middle. upon awakening, each half only dimly remembered what it had ben prior to being cleft in two. zeus explained to the assembled gods and goddesses the cleverness of his scheme. these creatures would no longer pose a threat to the gods, because they would dissipate their considerable energy by spending the rest of their days searching for their missing halves." plato

geneva robe of priests: 2000 dominated europe, vatican canon law, swiss guard guard the pope, switzerland=banking

god: good

gold: ye old

gospel = go - spell - in other words, go put the world in a spell through religion and science, the rebirth of thinking.

grail: liar, holy grail, hole liar

grail: the holy grail, the amanita muscaria
ground zero: g-ro-un-d gro=roy-al or ro-se u-double cross, u-turn, double back n=eye-n to connect two opposing things together, as in the letter 'n which is the word "and". this is also the sound of the hebrew word ayin, which means something from nothing. the letter n in any word, is just reinforcing the thought that everything comes from nothing, or that everything is simply the eye of the light particle. d=death. zero = ero-z = eros the greek word meaning sexual love. the god of love. this corresponds with the roman god cupid, who shot his arrows at the intended victim. the 2 aircraft hitting the twin towers were the arrows, (the word arrows = eros) of cupid's love. love, sex, blood and war, are always combined.

haarp: h.a.a.r.p. experiments. (high activity auroral research program - patent 4686685 license to control and alter the atmosphere). the purpose of this patent is to control life by controlling the climate. haarp also holds a patent to use large amounts of barium in the atmosphere. when sunlight hits this concentration, electron density increase dramatically. this can then be manipulated to perform the same function as a heath type nuclear device without a detonation. a heath weapon can lift the magnetic field of the earth itself without the expenditure of massive amounts of energy. communication and radar interference or enhancement as well as the ability to totally control the weather are the ambitions of the haarp agenda.keep in mind, this is the luciferian illuminati agenda. this is the agenda of our political leaders running the world today. this is a highly sophisticated electro-magnetic grid in the state of alaska. from this position, high altitude frequency signals are sent into the atmosphere and the resulting reflection back to earth, creates an immense amount of energy which penetrates deep into the earths core. one problem with this little trick, is that the frequency used to perform this deed, is that the same frequency is used by the human brain to function properly. imagine the interference when these little blasts go off.
muse their latest tour will be called the HAARP tour

hale: hail, welcome, hale to be forced to go, eg haled before a judge, comet hale bopp?

hebrew: there is no hebrew language, what we call the hebrew language is a phoenician-cananite language spoken by hebrews. (like americans speak english and not american)

history: his story, the paternal fabrication

holy: whole, complete

horus: horizon, rose, horse (for the 'e'levated or mount(ain)ed ones), etc

hours: 12 steps of horus

human being: monster in 'law dictionary' by james a. vallentine

hur: hebrew spelling of horus

ia: caninites/phoenician (hebrew) mountain of the moon god

ion: ion (the 3 letters, ion, at the end of these words) is an electrically charged atom, molecule or radical (ra-dical - a group of atoms behaving like a single atom).
imagination: i-magi-na-tion or image na-sun: images are magic tricks of the eye and of the sun, imagi-nation: nations aren't real, i-magi-nation: magi, magician

isis: What is is. mississipi

israel: isis ra el, state of israel, the 51st state of the u.s.

jahbulon: jah, One Masonic scholar alleges that the word first appeared in an early 18th Century Royal Arch ritual, as the name of an allegorical explorer searching for the ruins of King Solomon's Temple; while another Masonic scholar believes it is a descriptive name for God in Hebrew; other, non-Masonic, authors have alleged that it is a Masonic name for God, and even the name of a unique "Masonic God", despite repeated statements by Freemasonry's officials that "There is no separate Masonic God", nor a separate proper name for a deity in any branch of Freemasonry. Walton Hannah stated in his book Darkness Visible that the interpretation that Jabulon was a name for God reportedly disturbed Albert Pike, the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, who, when he first heard the name, called it a "mongrel word" partly composed of an "appellation of the Devil"

jehovah witnesses: york mason founded it, symbol of crown with cross through it and more on his grave

jehovah: jesus: jhvh, started with the name eove or eova, ancient egyptian priest, sound and word association developed into jhvh, yah-veh, yaw-veh, yah-weh, yah-way, the way

jerusalem: killer of the prophets said jesus, the city is only 'holy' cause a lot of shit got started there by the elites :p

jesus: ye-zeus, susej, soothsayer, one who divines or predicts future events
esi, same as hindu god

judgment= judg gduj men, duy men, die men

juno moneta: money, where caesar coined his money

katrina: arrina female hittite sun god, superdome = arena, arena arrina

kundalini: sex chi energy, dormant energy that can be awakened by tantra,
yoga, etc, the caduceus, the serpent power

law: there's law of the land, and law of the water, money, maritime admiralty law

light: lie-ght, all seeing eye, lie
light: (sun) latin lucious lux luke skywalker walking across the sky
light bringer: lucifer, jesus, pleiades,...
light: thought is light. thought = words, words = sound, sound = vibrates, vibration = energy, energy = glowing, glowing = light, light = thought

lightning: arrow

love: evol, evil
bryan kemila's view: love: love = loave = bread = bred = sex the bread of life. or love = e - vol = el father god and vol = the abbreviation of volume - volcano - and volt. love has a v so as not to miss the intentional penetration into your thought process and ulitmate manipulation and disconnection from awareness. the mispelled form of love is luv. this is meant to be a sharper and deeper penetrating form. also, as mentioned above, the letter u is a subliminal that is filled with deceit and double cross. in the word luv, we have the symbolism of l - who is el, the father god, and u, the double cross, and v, the thumbs down pyramid.
I personally think it's possible they just associated negative symbols with a positive emotion. Besides there is no good or bad, positive & negative are different, only duality, yin/yang.

lucifer: venus, lightbringer, priests would face the east early 4 o'clock in the morning and see venus rising, the sun is right behind it, announced the coming of the sun, day star, bringer of the dawn, bible: light came into the world but world was not worthy: intellectual and spiritual enlightenment, when you 'wake up' when 'asleep' with bright light you'll be upset/offended that now you'll have to 'think'
lucifer: gnostic christians beleive lucifer to be the bringer of light, because he is the last demon ( ego) that is faced, and then the cosmic christ energy is born within. in egypt seti being the opposition, evil, is eternal, but has to be cut into peices, or overcome.

manna: what is it? (hebrew), mana from heaven: small round waferlight sweet hard melted heaven, mushroom -> you can talk to god, cookshat,

mayday: may 1st 1776 illuminati and us birth dates, means trouble

mona lisa:, lisa=lease, one lease, one contract

moon: moongod caninites/phoenician (hebrew) name = sin

new age: of aquarius, the nazis taught the dawning of a new age, it's possible that disinfo campaigns of today in new age forms could be mixing truth (a consciousness shift?) with fiction (aliens, lizzies, planet x, nibiru, nwo, etc).

new orleans: or = ro(yal) - lean, nael, nile, new nile

new man: "a race of people on the earth who have lost all identity with the old ways of caring about people, love and family etc and they are going to be totally robots, in our hands" paraphrased hitler quote, nothing with god or spirituality, just an automaton, word controlled, this is what we are today (from jordan maxwell)

new world order: novos ordo seclorum: new order of the ages, new world order
jew world order, few world order, new WORD order, new world odor.

new york: york: scottisch (egyptian) and york rite (old york order, supposedly christian) masonry, new york, new world empire state 43ste minuut (maxwell basic slideshow) , york: malta, templar, red cross (!), royal arch mason, most excellent master

nova scotia: new scotland, from the scottish rite of masonry

novos ordo seclorum: new order of the ages, new world order

organisation: this is the origin, the genetic foundation, if you will, of the
number and language system. from this orig - gene - sound we get words like orga-niza-tion. this should actually be spelled org-a-nazi-sun. a form of total control derived from using the sun system of mind control.

orion: subaru = japanese for orion, orion pictures, important to mystical judaism along with pleiades and sirius.

owl: dollar bill, bohemian society, sees in the dark, more brilliant than masses, molech

ouroboros symbol: cyclical nature of time, according to michael tsarion the stargate net that imprisons our planet

oz: osiris, zion, atlantis etc

passing: death, grandpa passed on, egyptians said when you die you left from one world and went into another, passed over into another world. in ancient world northern hemisphere celebration on dec25th: the passover (see season)

person: law dictionary james a vallentine, 'inlcudes a natural person, firm, co-partnership, association, limited liability, company, or corporation

phallic symbol: church towers, obelisks, scepters, crowns (with centerpiece), 2 phallic symbols on each side of door, beer bottles

photon: very similar to thoughts, photons and thought affect dna

pleasure: sure to please

political science: method to control people, not political leaders, but misleaders

pope: banking boss, vatican canon law = swiss guard guard the pope = switzerland=banking, wears jewish yamaka jewish masonry, hinge of door, cardinal, door to god, mitre hat like fish (fish god)

potter: god of egyptians were potters of humans, the potter creator in judaism and christianity, in qu'ran: we created you

priest robe: female because in ancient world only women were priests, pistis sophia, female wisdom

psychosis: psychoasis

pyramid: simbolizes the vanishing point of the eye, the illusion, five sides (counting the base), illuminati pyramid represents horus, the all seeing eye, the sun and sirius.

ra: ray, sun ray, amon ra (amen), hooray, radiant, rationalism, cheer ra ra ra,

ram's horn: moses blew the horn 2000 years of aries, moses comes down worshipping golden (sun) calf, taurus bull

red and white: amanita muscaria

red shield: rothshild, symbol of fascism

red square: eg nazis with swastika in it, fascism symbol

reincarnation: re-in-car-nation =reptilian in car (reversed) ra-c nation

re-ptilian: in ra sun god - (c = all seeing eye) - nation.

what follows are con and pro arguments but I still have to work this out properly:
con-reptilian: Michael Harner talked to a shaman who assured him that the lizzies can be seen in altered states and they only rule out there. Which may or may not be mere mental projection. Reptilian enduced hallucinations could be part of disinfo, mind control ops. 'The insider' claimed that the illuminati tricked David Icke by misusing the concept of synchronicity and leading one "reptilian-victim stooge" after the other to him. A lot of abduction reports include very weird and subjective material suggesting they could be hallucinations (endogenous or otherwise dmt trips possibly).

pro-reptilian: Jordan Maxwell points to the human brain, the two lobes if you open them up there's a smaller brain, the reptilian brain (circuit 1). He mentions Michael Cremo who is trying to show artifacts (chisles) of 4 billion years old, Jordan Maxwell thinks our species is very old and we've been around for millions and millions of years (hmm). When we cut into the crust under the ocean off the coast of England we find made artifacts a 1000 feet under the atlantic ocean. Reptilian visions in altered states could be evidence for or against, though the reptilians are more than extra-terrestrial, they are extra-dimensional which complicates matters further.
Reptilian imagery in religious texts and imagery also can also support both viewpoints. Some religious texts do seem to talk about a conspiracy soap opera more than a religious account.
Genetic manipulation evidence quote from plato, see genetic manipulation in this list.

riverbank: directs the flow of the water, banks direct the flow of currency, merchant mer=sea, cashflow, the juice

rockefeller and rothschild: then we have rot (as in ro-thschild, yet another major illuminati family). is this a coincidence to have two of the major bloodline families with similar sigil symbols in their name? both names, rockefeller and rothschild, have the ro in their name. what this represents, in both cases, is the rose. rock, should actually be read as roce - k, or rose-k. rock is the killing rose. as you read through this site, it will become extremely evident of just how much of a killing machine this rockefeller rose really is.
the ro in rothschild, is symbolic of the rose, but this time representing the god of war, as in thor, which is an anagram of roth, written mainly in reverse form.thor was the scandanavian god of war. the rothschilds are german, very close cousin to the scandanavian families. roth also represents red, as in blood. the main purpose of war is to spill the blood of the people as a sacrifice to the luciferian god. they tell you it's for some other reason, but the primary reason is always blood sacrifice.
the salvation army and their red shield logo, is derived from this rothschild family name. this organization is a front for the real hypnotic enslavement of a portion of humanity. the salvation army was founded and funded through this family. roths-child = red-shield.
the rothschild wealth also funded the jehovah's witness watchtower society and the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, (mormans), based in utah.
rose: this circle is the symbol of the rose - the compass rose - the symbol of the order of the rose - which you will see on this site follows a path around the earth to imprison and destroy humanity. the compass rose points to the north, east, west and south. symbolically included the whole world in its grip.
ro-tation: this should really be spelled ro-tate-the-sun. this is the clock we use with the hands rotating from the centre pivotal point.
royal: ro makes referrence to the royal bloodline and the g makes referrence to the genetics and sexual symbolism of the middle pivotal letter in the first half of the alphabet. both, the ro and the g, are symbolic subliminals referring to the sex rose demonstrated on this site as the light beam particle. to become royal, one must rise above all others. this is accomplished through genetic inbreeding and maintaining the lunacy of the luciferian thought form. to rise above all others, is to become the one who rose above all others, and is to become royal.

saturn: The inhibitor, the one who holds you back and restricts your movement. So the hebrews said then why do nothing on that day, satur(n)day became their sabbath. Saturn was known as El in the old phoenician language, see el for more on that. Planet is lord of the rings, women had to obey their god so they wore ear rings. Wed before your god so you wear a wedding ring. black color: judges, priesthoods of religions, schools, don't care about who wins as long as they get paid.

seasons: first day sun is highest, directly overhead northern hemisphere, each day of first day of summer moves one degree southward each day, when it hits halfway point, crosses over equator, then it falls, fall autumn, fall=spring in southern hemisphere, first day of winter lowest, autumn=scorpio=scorpio kiss of death son (of god) falls. sun rises on lowest degree on 22nd, on 23rd sun rises same identical degree, on 24th rises still same = god son's dead for 3 days, 4th day= dec25: sun moved one degree northward, son is born again

see: sea-d, seed

sex: intersection. this is the source for the word sex. therefore, the messiah saviour notion and eternal life springs from the concept that if we have sex, we create eternal life. however, we have to go through the sex act to have this eternal life. in other words we have to come into the presence of god, through his son, the intersection, the inter-sex-son ritual.
shalomar: s serpent, halo, mar=ram, luciferian lightworker

shell oil symbol: seven lines, rising sun

ship: all female, maritime admiralty law, cause they carry money, captain has to provide for the port authorities a certificate of manifest, the ship has manifested, shipping of goods

sin: moon: moongod caninites/phoenician (hebrew) name = sin

sinagoge: mountain (gog?) of the moon god

solomon: the sun, solo=latin sun, om=hindu sun, on=city of the sun in egypt: heliopolis.

sophistication: sophistry sophistry is often associated with rhetorical but flawed argument

spain: serpent pain, new spain=mexico

stargate: michael tsarion: energy structure that encapsulates our planet, a prison, see u.n. logo, ouroboros symbol

stargate: also a symbol for 2012, altered state of consciousness, enlightenment (also concentric circles or checkered floor), interdimensional travel, water gate, heaven's gate, also see sun door

sun: all seeing eye, son, son of god, sun of god, jesus(son) & 12 apostles = sun & 12 zodiac signs, nearly all major religions are sun-worship in disguised symbolism, maSON. Possible that our sun is not the one worshipped in secret by the ones in the know, texts about RA, the sun god do not follow the course of our sun, possibly the dog (god) star Sirius (or Nibiru? who knows)

sun: light: latin lucious lux luke skywalker walking across the sky

sun door: holy door, heaven's gate, immortality, monolithic gateway, sometimes winged

sunset: seth from egyptian mythology, darkness, darth vader :p

swastika: hindu sun symbol, arians clockwise to east - old arian ancient eastern occultism

tarot: bible based on torah, torah based on tarot, madonna original name taurt, taruth, truth = tarot, charoch, church, thought, toth

television: televi zion, sun worship again

terror: terra, earth, war on terror is war on earth
t-er-ro-ris-m which is t the sun god and re the reptilian brained luciferian thinkers - ro the rose that - ri rises - m always refers to the matrix womb of gestation). this word alone is enough to show who really was behind the world trade centre attack. the sm at the end of words also alludes to sado masochism in acronym form

testify: testicle, if you lied you losed your testicles in commerce in ancient
times :p

thief: feith - faith

third degree: they give you the third degree, masonic

thirteen: 6+7 regeneration + completion, annuit coeptis, steps pyramid, stripes on eagle symbol, points: star of david, arrows, feathers,
'unlucky to the masses', because it's gods son/sun with his chosen 12, divinely inspired jesus+12apostles, sun+12zodiacs, lucky nr

thunder: voice (of god) in hebrew

trance-portation: another interesting event which took place immediately after 7/7/7 on 7/8/7 or july 8, 2007, was the unveiling of the new boeing jet, the 787. boeing is located in seattle, washington, usa. it employs 50,000 people. seattle is a freemason hotbed of activity. the symbolism of introducing a new jet on this day

tree of knowledge: the psychedelic experience, the mushroom, the amanita muscaria, soma, mana

tree of knowledge: according to a documentary by thelema press, sex, the sex energy of the kundalini, abstaining from orgasm and pleasures of the flesh, to feed the spirit with the energy instead

tree of life: dna, kabbalistic system and map of consciousness, spirituality
trinity: abraham isaac jacob, isis osiris horis, brahman vishnu shiva, father son & holy ghost

twin towers: two towers (lotr), jachin (fleetness, strength - divine man) & boaz (founding - earthly man) mason pillars, a lot of churches have twin towers.
These two pillars respectively connote also the active and the passive expressions of Divine Energy, the Sun and the Moon, sulphur and salt, good and bad, light and darkness. Between them is the Sanctuary they are a reminder that Jehovah is both an androgynous and an anthropomorphic deity. As two parallel columns they denote the zodiacal signs of Cancer and Capricorn, which were formerly placed in the chamber of initiation to represent birth and death-the extremes of physical life. In the mysterious Sephirothic Tree of the Jews, these two pillars symbolize Mercy (Jachin) and Serverity (Boaz). These columns had the same symbolic import as the obelisks before the sanctuaries of Egypt. When interpreted Qabbalistically, the names of the two pillars mean 'In strength shall My House be established.'"

2012: plane of solar system will line up with plane of our galaxy, the milkyway, took 26000 years to complete,
consciousness shift, stargate symbolism, mayan calender, timewave zero novelty theory, sunspot cycle, zion numerically equivalent

2012: tarot cards 2012: star (8 stars), moon, sun (16 rays), judgement

USA: 1868 company started=united states corporation, if you work for them you're not a employee but a citizen, maritime law start

vegas: comes from the brightest star in the constellation lyra (think liar because that's all it's really meant to convey). the city las vegas is patterned after just that concept. the fastest growing city in america today and famous worldwide for its dazzling strip. coincidence? i think not. the name las vegas means city of the brightest star. the brightest star, is of course, the luciferian egregore thought form.nevada is actually navidad, the birthplace or nativity location of the so-called saviour of the world. even now, today, they are planning to build a 142 story hotel tower in las vegas. the number 142 coincides with the number 10, the number of intensity, on the 12th clockface demonstrated on this chart. this is a combination of the 10 and 12 times tables, the source of which goes back to the hebrew temple.this tower will be 1,888 feet high. remember, 8 is the number of total control. it will be a few hundred feet taller than the freedom tower. it is planned to be opened in 2012 if all goes well, and they actually need it as part of the necessary symbolism for that year. the name of this structure wil be the crown las vegas. this is symbolism for crowning the king.

venus: sun ev: evening sun, setting sun = satan

victory sign: v peace sign, aleister crowley told churchill to use this symbol to intimidate the german occult elite

volcano: vulcan, vulcanus, velchanos, see hand blessing spock

wall: llaw, el law

water: your mothers water broke, birth certificate, you are now a maritime admiralty product, your mother delivered you, they 'ship' products, birth canal, birth & death certficiate by the 'doc' doctor, dock
word: words, sword, the sword of reason, reason cuts, we are ruled by (s)word

yahweh: volcano mount sionai, pillar of cloud by day & pillar of fire by night

volcano, lightning arrow, thunder=voice (of god) in hebrew, moses face glowing (the hole mountain! :p)

yoda: yuda, jewish wisdom :p

yoga: union, link back, tie together, eight fold system of conscious evolution, not really for 'finding god', but 'finding one's self' and one's connection to source

yoga: yogic systems probably date from the time of lemuria, may have been devised for the express purpose of combating the alien proclivities and for conditioning out the alien dna. basically yoga has to do with cleansing and hygiene

york: scottisch (egyptian) and york rite (old york order, supposedly christian) masonry, new york, new world empire state 43ste minuut (maxwell basic slideshow) , york: malta, templar, red cross (!), royal arch mason, most excellent master

z: nazi swastika, nazi thunderbolt, sigil magic & sound association to suggest sleep

zion: noize - sion - sun - atlantis - oz - tion-suffix
Z(2)I(1)O(0)N(2) backwards is 2012 Numerically

zionism: says jordan maxwell: political movement out of france/switzerland, protocols of the elders of zion - supposedly a forgery - but a forgery has an original :p going back to the Priory Of Sion (= the holy house of sion). France & Switzerland both have a city called Sion. Is not "jewish" at all, but masonic. Has to do with gentile domination of the world (an ancient concept & ancient word).


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    Alot of hard work here, nice rant before hand introducing this...I think little bread crumbs add up to the whole enchilada...nobody, not ever our best minds can agree on what this reality is! Interesting stuff!