Sunday, December 2, 2007

Alan Watt blunders on mind expansion IMO

This Blogpost is a response to researcher Alan Watt's podcasts titled: Debunking the "New Age".
I thought I was in for a funny view at the New Age belief system. Instead I found this researcher bashing Mind Expansion in general. His views are defended as gospel by some of his 'followers', notably Christians and atheists who seemingly find their belief systems threatened by openminded mysticism and mind expansion and the mere symbolism (not religion) of astrotheology. Alan Watt has not responded to an earlier e-mail.

If mind expansion is a form of mind control I'd like to know what his thoughts are for saving the planet. It obviously isn't raising consciousness for him, sounds like a conspiracy? :p LOL

PS: this mocking of disinfo got me banned on for... disinfo.
Thanks dimitri, for your reading skills :p

I sent a mail to him: (this is a very light version as I have edited this post significantly to be more openminded myself.)

Dear Alan

your research was recommended to me and I have to say I'm very disappointed. I'd like to know more about you so I can understand where you're coming from. However you seem to be very uninformed about mind expansion in general.
I would like to know then what your solutions are for solving this mess, if raising consciousness through mind expansion is not the way according to you. Have you ever checked out Integral Theory? Or the people you accuse of all kinds of crazy stuff their writings?
here's a rebuttal of two audio mp3s by you I listened to with humor:

As with many of these researchers, a lot of content is filtered through a belief system with insufficient knowledge, and ends up hilarious. I mean really, this is comedy of the highest caliber.

What I understood from these mp3s is, according to Alan Watt: all mind expanding techniques are part of a conspiracy to control you :p LOL

some highlights

"psychedelics were released to induce mass psychosis and fragmented personalities which are easier to control"
LOL, yeah that's what the War on Drugs is about... That's why LSD was made illegal and that's why mushrooms in the Netherlands are on the virge of becoming illegal now. Let's ignore the roots of religions in psychedelics too for a while, and their possible deconditioning effect and authorities wanting to keep the lid on this throughout history.

"Some of these drugs make permanent physical changes within the brain itself"
That statement couldn't be more vague could it?
Yeah, in a good way :p I wonder if Alan has ever heard of "set and setting"
Every experience changes the brain.

"What incredible naivite some of them would end up having for a personality, so naive and they'd be told anything they'd believe, as though the censor part of their brain was simply gone, and they'd be more suggestible and more easily led"
ROFL, wtf, this just in, psychedelics make you easily led.

"gurus and the new age movement were another form of mind control"
I don't trust gurus very much either, or the new age movement. Eastern gurus lack comprehension of the strong Western Ego compared to the Eastern one to deconstruct it and help people get enlightened. Gurus are usually a waste of time and money, their books and techniques might be interesting (online :p) but going further is not advised. The guru is within. The New Age movement can annoy me too, for a lot of people it's just another belief system people have adopted.
Mysticism, meditation and mind expansion in general however, are not simply part of the New Age belief system but stand on their own right and are empowering. Not a form of mind control.

"popular music is a form of mind control"
This I can agree with kinda, a lot of popular pop, hard rock and hip hop are terrible influences to people. It's possible that a lot of music out there is engineered to fuck with our heads. However the suggestion by Watt that Techno music was made because we'd be accustomed to it when the chips are inside our heads was HILARIOUS though :p Where does he get this stuff?

"they tell you to work with chakras and kundalini"
Yeah, they do, I wish he said more about this cause I'd love to hear him debunk the kundalini... Not judging but if you're a cigaret smoker you can't expect much kundalini activation to go on now can you Alan? Cigarets that supposedly stop chemtrails effects lol. Watt has said he knows an insider in the U.N., perhaps he knows an insider in the tobacco companies too lol...

"they tell you can contact 'higher' beings!"
Yes, because that seems to happen. You do an experiment and results follow. They also advise you to 'believe nothing' and take the experience as both projection/subjective and objective to keep sane and openminded.

"they tell you you can become like god!"
This just in: all your satori experiences are psychotic delusions :p We just went back to the beginning of the 1900s. I was expecting him to give Freud's theory of the oceanic lol.

"brainwave entrainment is part of the conspiracy"
Ah yes, controlling your own brainwaves obviously makes you easier to control :p

"it all appeals to the ego"
Mind expansion is about deconstructing the ego, it's about de- and /or reprogramming.

"they give them more confidence in these workshops supposedly"
They have more confidence don't they? I'm sure some (ok, a lot) workshops are BS and moneygrabbing but seriously, to suggest that people who learn more about the human mind don't become more confident is stupid.

"we're all one is the new age mantra"
New age mantra? It's been around since the beginning of time, people who know we're all one are not the same people ready to play the sheep of the NWO. Not a great comparison. Quantum Physics points to us all being one. Just because we're one on an underlying level doesn't mean these people are willing to give up individiuality.

"they're pushing for a one world religion"
People who say "we're all one" are rooting for a one world science, mysticism used to be part of science, it will be again. A one world religion is ridiculous and I don't know anyone who'd support this stupid idea, even the silly new agers. Non-existing connections being made here.

"they want to get rid of individuality"
Yes cause people with the "we're all one" creed are not individuals lol. There's a difference between realizing your interconnectedness and giving up your autonomy. Seriously. 'They' may want to get rid of individuality, but you're gonna have to sell it better than this.

"people like crowley and blavatsky released controlled info"
Theosophy got hijacked when Besant moved in. And Aleister Crowley, controversial indeed! ;p He released so much mind expanding techniques and stressed to keep an open mind and not believe anything, and question authority so by their fruits you shall know them.
Whatever Crowley was, he was a great trickster. Anyone seen those pictures that compare his face to that of Barbara Bush? :p

Robert Anton Wilson on Aleister Crowley.

"blavatsky said her job was to connect western religions with the east"
Really, where? When? Instead from her writings I and many others learned to deconstruct religions, not connect them. Silly me.

"leary took a paycheck from the CIA to tell people to take LSD"
Leary always stressed "Set and Setting", his motto was "Think for yourself, Question Authority". It's already been shown he tried to give the CIA some info to get them off his back but they weren't even interested in what "he had to offer" ;p. Anyone who's read Leary's work knows it's not a sham, the 8 circuits of consciousness is one of the most valuable maps in mindspace navigation and mind control deconstruction. And since when do people with CIA paychecks get landed in jail for a joint they didn't have on 'em and get villified by the media? Oh and nevermind Alan Watt doesn't provide any evidence whatsoever.

Robert Anton Wilson on Timothy Leary (video down)

"crowley was sent out to make psychedelics interesting to youth"
lol, yeah and what a super conspiracy that would have been, it helped spawn even greater rebels like Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and so many more who helped people stay skeptical of any belief system and think for themselves. Really great argument man.

"crowley wasn't so dumb to take psychedelics from a shaman himself but he popularized it"
ROFL, stop it, my jaws, come on. this isn't right! :p