Monday, February 11, 2008

Conspiracy News Roundup

Bush orders clampdown on flights to US
EU officials (act) 'furious' as Washington says it wants extra data on all air passengers. Armed Air Marshals on planes. And a lot more BS related to their own made 'terrorism'. Racists all over the world are making this possible.

Is a Small Island in the Indian Ocean Holding Prisoners in the War on Terror?
The expulsion of the people of Diego Garcia was covered up for years. Now officials block an investigation of its role in extraordinary rendition.

Lockerbie story heads to Hollywood
HE IS already responsible for one Hollywood blockbuster. Now a former Israeli secret agent is planning to turn the Lockerbie disaster into a big screen hit, blaming Iran, not Libya, for the atrocity. Well of course, they're trying to start another war after all...

Freeman: Illuminati Corporate Logos
In the beginning, there was Corporate Logos. This is the very first Freeman Perspective. After you see this, your world will alter forever. Corporations do have an occultic agenda. All I can say is welcome to Earth from the Freeman Perspective.

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