Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dr. Christopher Hyatt lost to other Realms

Lost, one of the greatest visionary philosophers of our time,
Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt Ph.D.

This marks the end of the 2nd wave.

Alan R. Miller Scottsdale, AZ--Alan Miller, Ph.D., into eternity at 9:09 AM, February 9, 2008, after a heroic battle with cancer.

Alan was Born July 12, 1943, in Chicago, IL to Leonard Miller and Bertha Freidman. At 17 he left High School, and joined the United States Navy. Later he obtained his GED during his military service, and upon separation from the navy, embarked upon his long and impressive academic journey. His academic career began at Los Angeles City College, where he studied accounting. He then obtained a BA degree from Cal State Los Angeles, an MA in Psychology from Cal State Los Angeles, an Advanced M.Ed from The University of Southern California, a Ph.D. in Psychology at Western University as well as another Ph.D. in human behavior from USIU. His specialty was in experimental and clinical psychology, and he practiced as a psychotherapist for many years and operated his own Freudian clinic in Southern California.

Alan was an accomplished, and sea worthy sailor, who once embarked upon a journey to sail around the world. He founded and led the 1st AIDS SAILATHON, which raised money for AIDS research by sailing from Long Beach, Ca to Honolulu, Hi in 1993. He was best known as an accomplished writer; writing under the pen name Christopher Hyatt, Ph.D. He authored well over 70 books, many of which pertained to the "Occult" and "Magick." His interest in the occult began in his early twenties. His desire to further pursue his studies in magick resulted in meeting Israel Regardie in the 1970s. Regardie introduced him to Reichian therapy, which he insisted Alan learn prior to any magickal pursuits. Regardie further instructed Alan in the magickal system of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

'Undoing Yourself with energized meditation' is a great book, and I seriously got recommended his Energized Hypnosis DVD's too.

here's a link with online videos including a near 2 hour interview with the man.


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Johnny Aeternus said...

Hyatt was the reason I got into Ceremonial Magick. My first Occult primers were Regardie, Hyatt, R.A.W and Crowley. I read Undoing yourself many times, I had it as a first edition way back. For many years I was in awe of Mr. Hyatt until I saw videos of him before his death. I was very disillusioned. He looked like he lived a very unhealthy lifestyle, astonishingly ADHD'ish and decidedly non Magickal (I read that he pretty much gave up Magickal workings). A fellow Initiate felt the same way after seeing his videos. He inspired many, probably misunderstood by more, perhaps even by me, I am sad to see him go...But I really wish i saw that Monkey Guru glint in his eye just once before he left...all i saw was a crusty man that did not resemble the words that inspired me to change and grow.