Monday, February 4, 2008

Facebook Used to Mobilize Protestors Against Colombia Rebels

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Facebook, the Internet social-networking site, has mobilized hundreds of thousands of Colombians to protest the country's most powerful rebel goup, the Christian Science Monitor reported Sunday.

According to the report, a grassroots movement against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) emerged on Facebook as young people vented their anger against the rebel group. That grew into "One Million Voices Against FARC," a series of planned marches throughout Columbia and major cities around the world, expected to take place on Monday.

The event is another example of how the Internet is being used to rally large numbers of people to a cause.

FARC guerillas, who have been fighting the Columbia government for 40 years, use kidnapping as a political weapon, according to the report.

A public outcry against the Marxist insurgent army has been growing, particularly since two women who were held hostage by the group for six years were released recently and recounted the hardships they and other hostages endured, CSM reported.

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