Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In the name of freedom, Britain is becoming a police state

the partly retarded article can be found here

Actually the title is:
It's a truly terrifying paradox.
In the name of freedom, Britain is becoming a police state.

Wow, fearmonger express is on the way!

Successfully bugging Islamic terrorists ranks among the key weapons to defeat those secretly campaigning to destroy Britain's liberal civilisation. Ever since suicide bombers caused 52 deaths on the London Underground in 2005,
Nevermind all the evidence that it was an inside job, just like 9/11: There were anti-terrorism drills just like on 9/11, Steel from subway pointed upwards can a backpack to that? Supposedly all cameras were malfunctioning, the brazilian man that got executed with the cowardly cover story from the authorities, etc etc...

we have reluctantly accepted further encroachments on our liberties as a necessary evil. Really? I think 'we' did nothing and the politicians did as they pleased.

What annoys me about the article is that people who are waking up are still half asleep and carrying obsolete memes that just fuck with their heads. In-FORM your Self.

The rest of the article is less annoying. As Terence McKenna said:
The datastream is corrupted.

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