Thursday, February 14, 2008

Join Media 2017

Media 2017
Media 2017 is a network of creative activists & artists
and you can join in.
my media 2017 profile
You can add mp3s, ebmed videos, images, applications and games, blog, forum and create groups and thus your own social network! No corporate bullshit like at myspace, facebook, etc as it's by the counterculture for the counterculture.

Media 2017 TV
a great uncluttered way to check out, discover and share YouTube vids with the network's own comments and no buggy YouTube code.
my media 2017 TV profile

Media 2017 Toolbar
A firefox customizable toolbar with everything you need:
A google search bar. Media 2017 links including the social network, tv and Media 2017 RSS Feeds including, occult of personality, illuminati archives, aeqea, ben fairhall, and of course media 2017. The ability to include useful functions like Outlook express, notepad, msn, etc. A message posting bulletinboard. A webstream radio player.

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