Friday, February 8, 2008

Some other cool Blogs

There are so many great blogs out there, I'm gonna make a new bar soon that seperates occult blogs. Here are some blogs I recently found on the internets.

is a web site dedicated to high weirdness, the occult, fringe culture, mad science, and anything else its editors find appropriate. It was launched in January of 2000 by Klintron (aka Klint Finley) to organize and share information he found interesting and exciting. Technoccult now consists of Klintron, Fell, and TiamatsVision.

Hatch 23
This blog explores the occult and esoteric references and themes in the ABC television series Lost. I can't believe I didn't catch the Lilly and Wilson hints! Then again, who catches everything in Lost? I don't think the writers even do :p. Another blog dealing with lost is DarkUFO

Toxic Blog
The Toxic Blog Network is the next generation in extreme individuality and collective maddness. A network of Blogs linked under the common psychopathic desire to express ourselves inspite on the toxic effect it has on the conditioned slaves we are forced to live with. Join your toxic blog to the email list and join in the fun... This is the toxic relief from a hectic world... Bookmark this blog on your cell phone web browser and it will give you that break from reality whenever you need it.

Posthuman Blues
Welcome to the official blog of Mac Tonnies, author, futurist and fortean.

If you know great occult blogs, or have one of yourself, please let me know in the comments!

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