Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Global Warming?

  • Everybody stop breathing, lol: Carbon Output Must Near 0 To Avert Danger, New Studies Say

  • Global Warming doubters grasping at straws (lol really? no actual info to back up that claim)

  • Professor: Big Money Behind Global Warming Propaganda

  • The fact is global warming is waning!

  • New Proposals To Fight Global Warming Would End Civilization, Kill Billions

  • Global-warming doubters strike back

  • Mammoth Global Warming Scam

  • They just don't scaremonger like they used to: Global Warming Talk Leaves Brits Cold, Says New Survey

  • Mandatory disclaimer: These articles serve a purpose in exposing a possible Agenda. I want a clean non-polluted world too. I don't want another fear-based political agenda that is only gonna screw over you & me and leave the polluting companies to run amok.


    Kieran said...

    how about you, me, and all of us just pretend it exists so we can shift our lifestyles to be more greener, pollute the environment less and be better to each other out of a care for something outside of ourselves... denial for the sake of what you believe to be truth is still only denial and comes with no shifts or changes to the way we think about ourselves and the impact we have on the eco-system, i know you like to throw different view points up to challenge us, but this really serves no purpose at all whether it's true or not..

    you may as well be on the board of monsanto, halliburton, bp, and deforestation companies who discredit this not because they think its false but because they don't want a greener lifestyle shift because that also means we start thinking for ourselves a little more, thinking about the consequences of our actions, becoming more independent of these depedency thriving companies who destroy fabulous ecosystems...

    how about providing some news on green technology, communities who practice permaculture and using the small micro eco-system/society as a model for the macrocosm... something positive instead of negative.

    Kieran said...

    having said that, you only posted links, but one has to wonder why and why it's not counter-balanced with positive stories about our advances in how we treat the eco-system and ourselves

    dedroidify said...

    I posted links I came across, criticizing is easy. If you've seen those positive links, you could have posted them in the comments.

    Pretend and believe all you want to, I gave that up a long time ago. Truth is what I'm interested in.

    If you want to save the planet with faulty science using selective data, good luck. I think the truth will get us further.

    "I like the pretty lies."
    Some evil bitch in The Crow

    dedroidify said...

    Earthships: Get off the Grid, posted this month as well.

    Kieran said...

    if you believe there's going to be a big cultural shift, well look no further than the sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle shift because that is ultimately what will cause a shift in consciousness. we are not seperate from our planet, we harm it and we harm ourselves, these "lies" are what is waking us up to what we need to do about our behaviour patterns as a society, and if we wake up and become conscious of these patterns, then we change them and become more conscious, if this whole global warming issue is actually stimulating these changes in culture..
    then whether it's an exact science or not really misses the point, maybe this "lie" will break us free to experience "truth"

    proving something right or wrong is a bit of a game, if you can have some foresight and see that we're collectively changing in the right direction because of the awareness of our destructiveness then maybe you can also see that what lies beyond this truth or false game is the human spirit slowly becoming more and more awake as we realise how asleep we've been through our treatment of the exterior reality outside the observer

    i guess the point is if you're looking for a huge shift in our consciousness (as it seems ur site aims to do, dedroidify) then the issue of global warming is helping to dedroidify people or at the very least, making them aware of the importance of sustainability, caring for the macrocosm is tantamount to understanding the microcosm...

    so what's the harm in a good yarn if it has positive implications?
    remember 10 years ago when sustainaiblity wasn't even an issue, nor green energy, pollution was only really starting to be radically addressed...

    ps i believe in climate change occuring, but i believe it will happen over a very long time span ie a few hundred years..

    Kieran said...

    and we have the power to radically alter our lifestyles, behaviour patterns and thought patterns to re-build the human race into a sentient, ethical and moral species that uses technology to consolidate on what has been lost and re-build a new culture and society suited to what the environment permits..

    i certainly don't think any cultural models that we predominantly use across the board are going to last very long as consciousness change cannot occur with these models, certainly not with consumer capitalism...

    it's all about sustainability baby, technological solutions to live peacefully on the earth as we have been destined to do.. so this whole environmentally-friendly model of external culture is the only model that fits in with this whole dedroidify consciousness shift you think will occur..

    so if this climate change/global warming "lie" actually causes a shift towards truth then that really is the best lie that will have ever been told that free's our species to soar into infinity.

    dedroidify said...

    I don't "believe" in a big cultural shift, I'll see what happens.

    As you can see I've posted related positive stuff too and will keep doing so if I come across it. I understand you don't like memes like this getting spread because you want a green and healthy planet. I do too but let's move from the right data.

    Caring for the planet is important And I support any green energy!

    The vatican has now declared polluting a sin, when it becomes a crime, it will be us, not the companies that will get fucked over, again.

    Obviously we need to stop and lessen polluting the planet, yet if co² is an effect and not a cause of global warming what the hell is this global warming remedying gonna do except fuck up the ecosystem cause we didn't use the right data to move from?

    And I feel we don't need excuses to act rationally and use sustainable energy and stop polluting the planet we live on!

    Above all else: above safety, status, models, opinions, money, fame, a shift in consciousness, give me truth. It is worthless, if it is not founded in truth.

    That's for me to decide Jack.

    Kieran said...

    wouldn't it be grand if after 200 years we discovered the whole global warming thing was a big lie and we'd just gone through many different cycles of weather shifts, 20 years of droughts, followed by neutralization, followed by large rain falls, new tropical regions, new deserts... but ended up becoming very sustainably, this lie had taught us that we need adequate population control, pollution control, corporate regulation, less materialism, production of essentials the list goes on, wouldn't it be grand if this lie created this large shift as it appears to be only slightly spurring on at the present moment.

    how is this worthless? can we call this lie a mistake instead? we learn from mistakes and grow.

    anyhow yeah, agree to disagree there ol buddy :)

    dedroidify said...

    It's not a mistake if you're conscious of it as a lie I find.

    Worthless was too big a word maybe.

    Let's agree to disagree.

    I will post more positive stuff about the planet in the near future ;p