Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Concerned It Could Become the New Marijuana (What now? :p), Lawmakers Consider Regulating Salvia

On Web sites touting the mind-blowing powers of Salvia Divinorum, come-ons to buy the hallucinogenic herb are accompanied by warnings: "Time is running out! ... stock up while you still can.''

That's because salvia is being targeted by lawmakers concerned that the inexpensive and easy-to-obtain plant could become the next marijuana. Eight states have already placed restrictions on salvia, and 16 others, including Florida, are considering a ban or have previously.
Called nicknames like Sally-D, Magic Mint and Diviner's Sage, salvia is a hallucinogen that gives users an out-of-body sense of traveling through time and space or merging with inanimate objects. Unlike hallucinogens like LSD or PCP, however, salvia's effects last for a shorter time, generally up to an hour.

No known deaths have been attributed to salvia's use, but it was listed as a factor in one Delaware teen's suicide two years ago.
"I got some hostile e-mails from people who sold these products,'' Strain said. "You don't make everybody happy when you outlaw drugs. You save one child and it's worth it.''

What BS. Yeah let's make everything that has the potential to be a factor for depression & suicide illegal. Let's start with politics, war, the economic system,... point made? :p

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