Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How the credit-card companies killed a Mythbusters segment on RFID vulnerabilities

Mythbusters and RFID

I'm not a big fan of these kind of shows (there are so many), because the little time they have for each episode can hardly make for a truly informative viewing. Though he makes excellent points about exactly that. So btw, RFID is hackable - obviously, it's technology :p So get to the books! HACK THE PLANET!
added: thanks ed for posting this in the comments. Here is an RFID Mythbusters episode, it's basically propaganda. The youtube comments are surprisingly conscious for once.

Thanks grinding.be


Ed said...

Here's another one that won't see the light of day.


They did do an RFID episode where the girl had a chip inserted in her arm.


Starting at 4:34

"you know what though, there are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding these rfid's. Like can you steal someones credit card information? Can you track people? We should test these too!"


"I think we are on enough government watch lists, lets just let this one go."

Dedroidify said...

Thanks ed, the youtube comments were awesome for once in that last vid, not so subtle propaganda, I've added it.